September 21, 2020


hey guys it's Cassie welcome to mychannel if you're new welcome back if you're a seasoned subscriber today we'regonna be opening up this box and this box has quite the controversial pair ofsneakers inside we're gonna look at them we're gonna see if all the controversyis true we're gonna see

really how gross are the new Gucci screener pre dirtiedsneakers and let's see if there's anything we can salvage of them are they cute can we actually like flex or is this and absolutely notguys if you're new here my name is Cassie I am a self-diagnosed luxuryaddict I put

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areyou ready let's go before we jump into the contents of said box let me talk toyou a little bit about the Gucci screener shoes so a lot of controversyhas been happening online because these shoes which are 615 pounds look likethey've been on the feet of a dirty 14

year old boy for a good six monthsstraight but Gucci is not the first brand to dothis no golden goose the sneaker company which I am not fond of have done thisand made a whole brand out of pre dirty shoes so we're gonna see we're gonna seeGucci's take these

come in four variations I got the most basic onesthere are also ones that have strawberries printed on them ones withgolden cherries hanging from the tongue and one which they have tried to salvagethe ugliness of it by draping it with a crystal sort of necklace okay so the newGucci

box is pretty cute to be honest pop the trunk the moment of truth anyone else think they don't look as bad asthey do online you've got the green Gucci text at the back in a gold momentyou have a green tread with the bee embossed in there just for

a little bitof some something it's giving me I'm getting that vintage vibe we have thiscute little enamel I don't really know what that is thing thing that and thelaces have also been made to look old and worn and weathered now when you lookclosely the they have like distressed

the leather to make it look like it hassome scuffs and whatever or not but obviously you have this overall burntmoment that they're trying to sell us so I must say that I do enjoy how wide thisarea is it's giving me like skater boy vibes they're actually super comfy

damn it they're actually little bit big yeah I would go a half a size down because this was quite the littlebit of movement but let's be honest there aren't the worst things we've everseen my foot feels like it's in a five-star hotel here it is loving lifeinside here

Comfort I'm not gonna lie to you I fully intended to kind of hate theseI really did because I was like really you're gonna charge me 615 pounds forsome old-ass dirty ass vintage looking like they got burned down in a housefire ass shoes you're really gonna do that to

me and then I slipped them onand I had like a kind of Cinderella moment where you know they were just sosoft on my feet and it was it's actually a really cute classic style these areavailable in men's and women's as I said this one that has like a

diamond trimwhich is now I've tried them on I think very cute and that might have to buy I'm alittle bit shook right now I really am because I was like you can't fool me Gucci no not today no no no no I'm not falling for your hoe baggery

andtrickery no I'm not falling for your tomfoolery but I slipped and I fell insaid tomfoolery and I actually think these are really really cute now what doyou think of these are you convinced my judgment might be clouded just becausethese are extremely comfortable like shockingly cozy for the feet

so maybe Ihave just that has just clouded my judgment and actually these are fugly AFlike this video if you liked it subscribe if you haven't already join uswe would love to have you join us and have an amazing morning afternoon orevening wherever you are and I will see

you in my next video mwah bye guys

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