September 21, 2020

WHAT'S ON MY IPHONE (2020) | editing, productivity, socials, fitness, & more!

hey guys! it's pat.

welcome or welcome back to my channel! in today's video, i wanted to share what is on my iphone.

i find it really interesting to watch other people do it just because i like seeing whatapps they use and play around with but now that i'm doing it, it's actually kindof scary because some of my apps are lame and some of them aren't really useful so i'm scared that you'll judge me for having them but okay hear me out i just like to keep them in my phone anyway in case i'm bored.

okay? okay.

so i'm gonna start with the phone itself this is an iphone 8 plus.

i got this roughlyaround two years ago and i don't plan on replacing it anytime soon just because ihaven't really used up the storage that much and it would be such a waste if i replace it immediately i don't have a case.

i just removed it a while ago because it's disgusting already and i don't want you guys to see it but the next time you'llsee my phone, i promise i already have a case that's a promise to myself okay so i'm gonna start with my lock screen first i like to change my lock screenand home screen every once in a while i'm very indecisive, in general, but mostespecially on this part but for now, i have this wallpaper on my lock screen.

there's something very homey, cozy, and refreshing about this photo, which i likevery much especially in the morning when i wake up and you know someday i want tolive somewhere where my house is situated in the middle of nature and ifeel like this photo speaks for that if you've watched the finale of crash landing on you, you know, you know just how beautiful a house is the middle of just nature is.

it's so beautiful.

my gosh.



anyway, that's the storybehind my lock screen and that's pretty much the same with my home screenso you can see when you open my phone, i have five pages and this is basicallythe overview of all the apps that i have i keep the first page empty and i don'tlike keeping my apps in folders, i know a lot of people do, but i don't.

justbecause when i put them in the folder, i forget that i have an app that's like this or that i know that might be such a lame excuse butthat really happens to me okay? so I like seeing my apps upfront so when Ineed something i can easily see it so i basically arranged my apps based on color because that's what's easier and convenient for me so on my dock, i have mymost used apps which are messaging, facebook, messenger, and twitter.

then the first app on my first page or technically the second page is vsco.

vsco is a photo editing app that i used to use a lot because they have a lot ofgreat filters.

so for example i have this photo right here, i remember using M5 alot to edits my photos here on this school and then i just basically adjustit to how i want the photo to look like and then i'm done.

if you want aneasy access to filters, vsco is the way to go but if you need furtheradjustments to your photo, this may not be the app for you because, again, forfilters it's good but for the tools it's still very limited with this app the next app that i have here on my phone is notion notion is an all-in-oneworkspace where you can create, edit, and keep your notes, files, and a bunch ofother stuff.

it's such a powerful app.

you can do so many things with it.

i love it.

i made a video about it with other productivity apps and you can watch itup here if you're interested.

i basically use this to store all my video ideasfor youtube because i can easily access it whether i'm on my laptop or i'm onmy phone, so that i don't have to worry in case an idea suddenly pops up.

next i have beautyMNL which is where i order some of my makeup and skincare.

next is icalendar which is what i use to plot down schedules that will occupymy time, events, and deadlines other than academics next is reminders.

i usethis a lot in school as a to-do list.

it's simple.

it's great.

when you have alot of work to do, you can easily write them down here, so you have a structureto follow, and you just basically tick them off when you're done.

next i have headspace, which is a meditation app.

it's really, really good.

next, i have boomerang.

i only use this when i'm with my family because theyreally, really enjoy it and you know, it's really fun to do it with your family especiallywhen they're at the same level of craziness as you and with my family, our energy's very chaotic, so this is really fun.

then i have gmail, which i prefer more than the regular mail app because i can easily switch between my accounts and then i have youtube and then youtube studio this is where youtubeshows you the comments in your videos, so that you can easily reply to them, youranalytics, and it also allows you to edit your description for your videos.

then I have pinterest.

this is where i keep all my inspirations for my color schemes, interior design, fashion, and painting so for example, you want to collectinspirations for your next room makeover you just basically make a board aboutyour room makeover, and then search for let's say room decor ideas.

you just savea picture that you like.

now, you have a mood board full of inspirations that youcan look at when you're buying let's say furniture or paint for your room.

then i have grab which is where i order food when i'm in the dorm or as a transpo.

then i have snapseed.

this is also editing app but unlike vsco, this ismore advanced and there are more tools that you can use.

i use this app mainlyfor its selective feature, so for example you have a photo and there areonly certain areas that you wanna edit you can use the selective tool.

so forexample for this photo, i have a photo of my mom and my dad and for instance, iwant to make them look brighter than the rest of the photo, so i just use againthe selective tool, i pin it on their faces, and then i just adjust the brightness and you can see there.

see it's so easy to use and it's so nice already.

next i have oak, which provides you with meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxing sounds.

then i have safari, telegram, which is another messaging app that i rarely use.

then i have skype.

i don't use skype anymore.

i only used this when i was stillworking because this is also another platform where you can contact yoursupervisor, your students, and all that.

next i have shazam.

this is a veryuseful app.

so for example, if you hear a music that you like but you're not sosure of the title, you just click shazam and it automatically looks for the titleof that song and also even if you don't have internet at the moment, it alreadysaves the title of the song so when you go online, it's already saved and you don't have to search for it again.

next i have google calendar and then globe at home.

this is so frustrating because I never got to use this.

when i was working and i was still in my dorm, of course the wifi wasn't so reliable.

so i needed a backup wifi, so i bought the globe at home but then it didn't work.

i don't know why.

so i never got to use it.

next i have photos and google photos.

if you want to see how i organize my photos you can watch it up here if you're interested.

next i have google maps and then google classroom, which is what they use for theclasses in my school then i have google drive, which serves as a backup storage for all my files, so in case i need a reviewer, i can just view it herewithout having to plug my hard drive in my laptop then I have the 8mm vintage camera app which basically allows you to take videosusing the film effect and then i have contacts, calculator, camera, settings, andthen gforce dance center this is where you can book dance classes from gforce but now i think they're conducting their class online, so i think there's a differentprocess for that then i have camera connect, which is what I use to connect my phone to my camera in case i need the footage asap.

then I have clock, sephora, who doesn't know this? this is where i order some of my makeup.

next is habits.

this is a habit tracking app that you can use for whenyou want to build a routine of productive habits.

again, if you'reinterested, you can watch the video up here.

next is tiktok, which is my current obsession it's hard to watch on tiktok because when you leave the app, you realize that you've already spent two hours there but tiktok is really fun.

i evenpersuaded my mom to download it and now, i can't sleep at night because she's using tiktok and she even wakes me up just to record a video for her next i have voice memos, which iswhat i use for interviews or for filming when i'm too lazy to set up the mic.

then i have netflix.

i feel like i haven't done anything productive because of netflix.

i feel like i don't have anything else to watch anymore because i've watched everything on netflix already.

and by the time you're watching this, the king: eternal monarch is already finished.

so watch it already.

next i have books.

this is really helpful because you can purchase books online and you can also read pdf files here.

i mainly use this forreviewers in case i have an upcoming exam and i don't have my laptop and i don't have internet at the moment, i can just read it here this is it.

i honestly need to take a break from this app because i feel like it's part of my routine already.

when i wake up in the morning, i can't stop myself from scrolling through shopee.

next i have office lens.

this is alsoanother useful app if you want to scan documents, cards, papers, or even yournotes.

it automatically crops the image to the size of your document.

i think it's aclear copy, although the quality is not that good compared to when you scan it using a scanner of course.

next is tezza.

tezza is a photo and video editingapp and i love, love, love this app so much it has a bunch of filters that areso, so beautiful.

although you have to pay for a subscription to access all thefilters, the free ones are already so beautiful that you can get by evenwithout the subscription.

so for example i have this photo right here.

the filtersthat i love to use are blush and toasty.

so i just switch it up whenever i feellike it.

next I have zombies, run.

this is a really cool and fun app.

so you have a mission so for example, you're jogging and then you have earphones on.

instead of hearing a music playing, you'll hear basically what you hear in azombie apocalypse so it will really encourage you to run.

when you completefor example your goal is 2 km and if you complete that 2 km you basically getsupplies for your survival so it's really, really fun.

it's an immersive gameand of course, zombies.

i'm in love with zombies so i love this game.

next have zaful, which is an online clothing store i haven't really used this but i will soon, i think.

i'm just gonna try it out.

next i have uniqlo and then merriam-webster.

next app is remini.

basically it's a photo editing app thatsmoothens your pictures, so if you have pictures that are grainy, the ones thatyou take on your photo booth on your laptop it's very grainy, right?it basically smoothes it out.

next is phonto, which i rarely use because when Ido need to add texts or stickers on my phone, i usually do them on my laptop butthis still stays in my phone in case i need an easy access to an editor.

next is inshot, which is also a photo and video editingapp.

i use this mainly to put borders in my pictures and you know to also edittiktok videos.

next i have flo, which is a period tracking app for all the girls out there.

next is airbnb.

this is where you canbook accommodations for your next trip next is foodpanda which is basicallyanother platform that you can use to order food.

i've only used this once butit still stays on my phone in case grabfood isn't working at the moment.

next is notes, snapchat, which i don't really use anymore youversions app of the bible.

i usethis for my devotions and, of course, to read the bible.

next is huji, 1988 cam, anddisposable.

huji and david's disposable basically allows you to take pictureswith that film effect, similar to the ones that you take with your disposablecamera.

with huji and disposable, you have to wait for a few hours.

i thinkfor david's disposable, you have to wait at 9:00 a.


the next day to getyour pictures, which is usually what happens of course when you have adisposable camera and then 1998 cam is what i use to add that film filter tomy photos in case i take a photo and then i suddenly want it to have a film effect so how 1998 cam works is basically youopen up a photo, and then I like using the filter F2 for my photos and you canbasically add dust and edit the date so yeah, that's that.

then i have duolingo.

nowthere's something i need to tell you about duolingo that i think not manypeople tell you.

duolingo is great if you're reviewing for a language thatyou've already learned but if you're just reviewing the language now, i won'treally suggest it because it's very limited.

of course if you want to learnthe language, you want to understand the explanation as to why the grammar structureis like that but with duolingo, it's like quizlet, so you won't reallyhave the deeper understanding of the language and it's very superficial.

at least that's how I see at and that's why I don't use it for learning a newlanguage I just use it for reviewing next i have moneylover.

this is where itrack all my finances because you can easily log and categorize yourexpenses and your income next i have phone, facetime and nike training.

honestly, i've been really, really proud of myself because i've been exercisingalmost every single day and if you know me, you know that that's far frompossible.

i think this is also the most exercise i've done in my 20 years ofexistence, so i'm really proud of myself for that.

anyway, i use this app mainly for cardio next is forest, which is now what i usethe track my productivity next i have spotify.

i'm not really aplaylist type of person but lately i've been trying to make playlists of all thesongs that i like.

i know some people prefer apple music over spotify but forme, i prefer spotify over apple music maybe someday i'll try apple music but for now, spotify.

next i have weather, app store, calm is another meditation appthat you can use then i have angkas, which is another transpo service here in the hilippines then i have paypal.

i only have paypal because this is where i used to receive my salary when i was still working.

next i have lazada and bdo, which is where i access my back account, of course.

next is lightroom.

lightroom is the main editing app that i use because this is amore professional and advanced editing app where you can do so many things.

i'vealready made a few presets because that's what i usually use and i like toedit my photos on the warmer side.

next i have photoshop express, which idon't actually use.

i just have this in my phone in case i needed an easy access toan editor and i can't access my laptop at the moment.

next i have viber.

i only have viber on my phone because this is where i contactthe online stores that I buy from next is picsart.

similar to phonto, i rarely usethis app but i just keep it in my phone because this is where you can do a bunchof creative edits.

next i have instagram.

i don't have an instagram.

a lot of peopleare actually surprised when i tell them that but I don't have one.

this is actuallymy mom's instagram and i just use this to view online stores that i can buymakeup or clothes from.

next i have a folder for all of my games.

i basicallyjust download the game and then I never play it for the next four weeks but i justkeep it in my phone in case i'm bored.

next i have a folder for all the appsthat apple decided to install on my phone without my consent and that's basicallyall the apps that I have.

thank you so much for watching this video.

i hope you enjoyed and if you did, please don't hesitate to give it a thumbs up andsubscribe to my channel if you haven't already.

thank you so much and i will seeyou in my next videos! bye!.

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