November 29, 2020

Trying TikTok Fitness Challenges – No Sweat: EP41

hey guys it's Chen so I've been seeing a lot of tip top fitness challenges lately and I thought it'd be fun for me to try some of them out so as I was scrolling through ticked up for this video I saw a couple of fitness challenges they look really difficult like you almost need to be a gymnast to complete some of them it's a little pretty simple but I was thinking you know they might actually be really difficult to do in practice so I thought I just try them all out today see how it goes so without further ado let's get into it there's this one tick-tock girl her name is Melissa cop and she has a lot of these flexibility and mobility challenges and they are pretty viral she makes it look really easy but I know that is actually quite difficult but let me see if I can do some of them because I have not attempted these videos at all so I'm really going in cold and trying them out right okay so there's like a lunge that she does she holds one of her feet and then she does like us almost like a pistol squat but only her foot is not forward she's like holding on to the bag she means I don't really effortless and easy and simple but I just know I just know that there's a lot more of these moves then it seems on tick-tock so I'm gonna try it out and see how I say who knows I might surprise myself or I might look very silly but anyway okay I'm gonna try it up oh my gosh this is not easier oh I think I requires a lot of anger mobility and ankle flexibility which I obviously don't maybe have but occasionally I'm coming I am determined I think I gotta find my center of gravity and just stand and go like all the way up one last try [Music] I feel itchy then I fell in but that was challenging I think it's possible but with a lot of practice next up on my challenge mr.

hands just watch me let's see how I go down okay and she jumps up oh I don't know you guys are sharing my Craig's but my meat packing three two one and up and then she goes into a pistol squat I don't have the same kind of ankle flexibility that she has and I think he just love you baby like agile [Music] nevermind next up the last Melissa challenge with getting up you can't go on your side or your back try getting up Wow I think that requires like a lot of hip mobility okay hands behind like that hips forward oh my god my hip Blaine you know what I am NOT one to give up but I gotta say that this is a challenge that I am not equipped to do at the moment so yeah pretty much feel all these challenges I thought I might be able to do this first or the last one successfully but gosh was I wrong because it requires a lot of ankle and hip flexibility which I for one do not have at this moment and was it difficult definitely a challenge I don't think it's really like the muscles you need to develop and also do these workouts I feel that you can be very strong or you can be pretty agile but when you don't have that live off sex ability like in your ankles or your hips or even your arms I think that this workout might be a bit more challenging for you to do and also I think it's a development of your slow switch in your package muscles when we are doing a lot of these compound movements that I like to do usually we're doing a lot of big squats deadlifts and that works a lot of your bigger muscles but a lot of these workouts also do require you have those like fast twitch muscles in your body and that really makes you you know do the chums it makes it helps you with the explosive movements that is something that I personally you need to work on for if I want to do these challenges in future I am about to try the tick-tock push-up challenge Wow [Music] energy is pushing from his forearms not from his palms like you would in a traditional pushup anyone makes this video even more impressive than the fact he's doing it like in time and he's just so sleepy and like muscular looking and strong I don't know it might be simpler than it seems yeah but who knows I mean let me just try it out myself up not as bad as I thought I would be honestly this looks a lot more pleasant because he has like developed shoulders and triceps and huge vices for this exercise it definitely looked more difficult than it was but I'm pretty impressed because I was able to do that push with the forearm which I didn't think I was able to do definitely try this on out guys I think it's manageable but do try it with a yoga mat because if not it's quite a lot of pressure and you're risky tik-tok challenges are more fun than I thought they would be though I'm about to try out the plank Jack challenge and it's buggah Lucky's doing it and it's quite popular [Music] okay they're less intense my initial impression of this is there it looks like it requires a lot of coordination that's something that is not personally my strong suit it's pretty much up and down playing with something check so I'm walking with playing jacks I'm okay with up and downs but put it together with music and rhythm we'll see how I fare hey Jack won okay I got it now okay I guess you got to do like playing jacks throughout the entire workout and then just it you're up and downs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 yeah whoo once you've got the hang of doing the thing jacks then your upper body just kind of follows that I think overall this is a really fun one I think it looks difficult but once you kind of get your coordination right again to the rhythm of it then it shouldn't go pretty easy for you definitely you're good ortho you'll feel it in your core your upper body you'll be sweating it's just like good cardio sweat and I definitely recommend you guys give this one a go I am about to attempt the ball squat challenge on tick-tock I've seen quite a few of these challenges and this is one guy who is able to do like nine minutes of wall squats which is insane I'm gonna watch this video just get me a bit hyped and a bit competitive they just kind of like chatting she's like on her phone and texting oh gosh he's made it through okay so just watching it I think I can personally last for a bit more than three minutes maybe shit for the starting with you minutes maybe four minutes I have done like two minutes wall squats before with my clients actually it's always more fun you have more people doing it but let's just try and see how it goes oh my gosh you guys I'm doing it now [Music] burning I'm determined to keep pushing guys I can't even see the time oh gosh oh now you see the time guys okay videos or when you change video before I get like distracted by debate oh shit I should've picked up this I think of the video about walking out okay how about women and moms q10 what's gonna straight me let me listen to the news okay maybe then use my distract me canvas the nigga buck cronut virus oh I feel that my lower back and feel in my hips I feel like my spine hey my ass oh my god he gave me his keys meet your new leg oh my god I think can do 10 minutes guys I'm committed to doing 10 minutes don't tell me I can oh this is home surely where I know I must be gosh I if you can just see how much I am just melting right now I definitely beat my own target or four minutes so I can be proud there was some serious workout that I just did and I probably will have issues sitting on my toilet bowl for the next week well what's everything it was my car my my thighs my quads I just killing me my butt my hamstrings gosh and it just really required me to just find ways to distract myself and it's I guess very similar to like one of those workouts whereby you're just like oh gosh you you just really want to get through it but you can you know it's just like a mental barrier that you need to get through and find ways to distract yourself so the next time we're doing that book peace or heavy scores just I don't know sing to yourself listen to some music distract yourself because it definitely helped me get through that was a really wild challenge so like shaken and also surprised and my own personal vest and I would love for you guys to try it out to see how you fare in the same challenge okay so that's it I am officially done with the tick tock challenges would I do any of these challenges again absolutely especially the flexibility of mobility challenges I think that that made me very inspired to work on my own mobility and my own flexibilities so those melissa cup videos i want to be able to to do them at some point so that's something i'm gonna be working on we've come to the end of today's episode if you're looking for something a bit easier than these tic toc challenges to kicks out your fitness journey then do check out the no sweat app with the new slut app you'll get personalized workouts that are tailored to your fitness goals you also get other parts like one-on-one fitness assessments from me and yes i do personally respond to everyone who writes to me on the air you'll get access to live chats and lightroom workouts and even exclusive invites to our meet and greet session you'll get your fuzzy for free the moment you download the app and after that you have the option of signing up for a one-year three-month or one month set and if you join the one your plan you'll also get a free set of no server system set these bands are also available on the no sweat store so head on over there if you're looking for a lightning compact weight and resistance to your home workout we also meet an exclusive resistance bed Yutaro that you'll have access to if you purchase these bands and as of all other videos please remember to give this one a thumbs up click the subscribe button and hit the little bell so you never miss a notification every time we post a new video or you can download the click Network app to get early access to top videos before they hit YouTube so I'll see you guys in the next one take care [Music].

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