September 21, 2020

Trying Laughter Therapy w/ Zane and Heath 😂 | Spencer Pratt Will Heal You 🔮| MTV

– Hey, guys! I'm Spencer Pratt.

I used to be an angry dude, but now I'm zen as (bleep).

This new me is the result of finding a way to set my mind, body, and soul on the right track.

And now it's your turn.

I'm Spencer Pratt, and I'm gonna heal you.

Doing this with me are the hilarious internet personalities Zane and Heath.

Between them, they suffer from stress and often struggle with focus.

– We're gonna finish this conversation.

– No, we won't.

You're overreacting! – Let's not waste time.

This doctor is prescribinga double dose of laughter.

– [Heath] What's going on, brother? I didn't mean to interruptanything or nothing.

– No, it's just a holy selfie.

– You're gonna tell us something? – No, just getting spiritual.

Thanks for coming.

– Course.

– Thanks for having us.

– Have you guys everdone laughter therapy? – We laugh a lot, butI don't know if it's- – I hope it's as fun as it sounds.

– I'm not a scientist, but I think laughter makes me happy.

– Definitely.

– Yeah.

– [Spencer] And I knowyou guys have some things you wanna work out here today.

– Yeah.

So I suffer from depression, and I have a tendency to get worked up really easily.

Oh, no I don't like that! So I'm hoping that maybe thiscan help me out with that.

– I have a lot of troublefocusing on something that I'm like working on.

I want this (bleep) to end quick! So hopefully this is something that would break that curse.

– The one thing I've already learned on this healing journey issometimes it feels silly and ridiculous, you just gottaopen up your heart and mind.

– Baby, it's healing.

– Yeah, it's healing, so.

(peaceful flute playing) – Okay, Indy has arrived.

He's for real.

– I'm laughing already, it must be working! – [Zane] I could belly dance to this.

(peaceful flute playing) – [Spencer] This is what alaugh healer should look like.

– What's up, guys! – I was waiting for something to happen! – My name is Indy Rishi Singh, and I'm a well-being engineer.

We're gonna get reallyserious with laughter.

– Okay.

– Ready to get serious laughter? – Yeah.

– Yeah.

– Okay! – I'm so nervous.

– Yeah, good, you better be! – Indy is very interesting.

– He was definitely like abig ball of energy walking in.

– Alright, let's do this, man, yeah! Laughter therapy: it'sone of those life hacks.

We all deal with stress and anxiety, illness and disease and aging, but laughter is one of those things that has the ability to changesomebody's state of being, physically, emotionally, and maybe even spiritually.

We're gonna do exercises for laughter, but we're also gonnalearn how to use laughter like a life hack, like if ever we were having negative situations, we can use laughter, and if we know about it, know the science behind it, then we know why we're using it.

Does that make sense? – Yeah!- [Indy] Cool? Let's start like this: sohe's gonna say his name, and when he says his name, he'sgonna say what he does too, then we're all gonna laugh at him.

– My name is Zane and I do YouTube.

(laughing) – [Heath] My name isHeath and I do YouTube.

(laughing) – My name is Spencer.

I sell crystals.

(laughing) – I'm Indy and I'm afigment of your imagination.

(evil laughing) – [Zane] We sound like evil villains this entire time, like I have no idea what's happening.

– [Spencer] It hurtshow hard I am laughing.

This is the most I'velaughed in a long time.

– [Heath] You don't really know why you're laughing.

You just started to fake laugh, and now it's become this giant thing of everybody laughing.

Just everybody having fun.

(coughing) – Oh my god, that hurt more.

– Get that out, baby! Get it out! The benefits of laughter, it releases certain hormones and neurotransmitters, for example oxytocin.

You know that's a love hormone, and we feel love with that, but at the same time, we're dropping cortisollevels when we laugh.

So we're like dropping with stress, but we're increasing in love.

Awesome, right?- It's working! – How do you guys feel? – [Heath] I'm like blushing! And I feel like I'm gonna cry.

(laughing) – Okay, right now we'll keep going.

Alright, let's do thenext one, you guys ready? – Yeah.

– Yeah.

– So there's a really fun laughter.

It's called sumo laughter.

We're gonna go like this.

(grunting) We're gonna open up ourvocal chords, right? Then we're gonna do a powerful laughter.

Are you guys ready? (grunting) (laughing) (grunting) (laughing) – [Spencer] I'm so into this right now.

I'm not holding back at all.

(laughing) – Alright, how you guys feeling? What's going on in your body? – Tired.

– Tired? – Felt like I lost a couple pounds.

– Yeah, you might havebecause one minute of laughing is equivalent to 10 minutes of rowing.

– We don't have to work out anymore! – When my girlfriendsays I'm not working out.

Baby, I was watching Family Guy! All day, baby! I got my workout! I feel really good so far.

I'm definitely laughing.

He's got the energy up super high.

Everybody's having a great time.

Not gonna lie, it's kinda fun.

– Look around in your lifeat anybody who laughs a lot.

Are they good people? – Yeah.

– [Indy] Do you feel good around them? – Yeah.

– Do they make you feelcomfortable and safe? – Yeah.

– Holy cow, so we cando that too by laughing.

What do you feel normally, what gets in your way? – I get like stressed out about like little things, and like get worked up, like through everyday stuff.

Like something small will happen, but I'll let it bother me and I keep thinking about it.

– [Indy] Okay, so let'sdo a laughter with that.

Let's start writing alist, and get frustrated, and turn our frustration into laughter.

– [Heath] Laundry, chores.



– Views.



– [Heath] Bills.



– Likes.



– Reviews! (laughing) – [Spencer] Comments, trolls.



– And then things are just getting funny.

(laughing) I'm gonna scribble, I'm gonna scribble! – [Heath] I just feel like this relief of just stress and absolutely everything.

I just wanna cry it feels so good.

– How did that feel? – Why does it feel good, I don't get it! – So, when you're like getting inundated with so much like work and stuff to do, sometimes just take a moment to laugh at all of it.

Just take a moment! Alright, what about you, what do you feel? – I feel unmotivated at times.

I feel like I need toget all this stuff done but I don't really wanna do it.

Just because I'd rather do something else that is easier to do, like watch TV, or watch TV, that's theeasiest thing you can do.

– Yeah, maybe next time, like you're feeling that, if it's coming on, like hack it.

Do that sumo laughter, and then think about what you wanna do and accomplish.

– Just be by myself in my house.

(laughing) – Just like pound yourchest, dude you know! – [Heath] 9-1-1, what's your emergency? I think there's a gorilla next door.

Something's not right.

– Right now, I feel thisenergy between the four of us.

I just don't want it to end.

– [Indy] Alright, readyfor the next laughter? – Yeah.

– You guys are all on social media? You ever notice when we'rescrolling through social media, like it's very rare that you find things that like genuinely make you laugh.

– [Zane] I agree.

– Yeah.

– There's a lot of ego, there's materialism.

We're comparing all the time.

– That's true, yeah.

– [Indy] So let's hack that.

Can you guys take out your phones? And I want you guys to geta selfie mode going on.

We're gonna start with ourselves, and I kinda want you guysto kinda laugh at yourself.

(laughing) – [Spencer] This is awesome.

This is what healing's supposed to be.

I'm having fun.

– [Zane] This point, I felt like my entire insides were out, and I could not laugh anymore.

– [Heath] It was absolutelyeverything out of us coming out at once.

– [Indy] I got to see them for a moment.

I saw them having fun and getting in touch with their inner child and it was so beautiful.

– [Spencer] I'm gonna go to the doctor.

Too much laughing! Pulled my laugh muscle! – We shoulda started withsome laughter stretches.

Alright, last laughter: we're gonna take our hands, and put it on our heart, 'cause it's heart laughter.

We are all trying to be thebest version of ourselves, and sometimes the best thing we can do is be kind to ourselves.

If we're kind to ourselves, then it'll just transcend.

We'll treat other people kindly.

So let's find a reallysweet place in our heart, and then we're gonna open up, and we'll get louder, and get loud, and thenwe're gonna come back, I'll direct you guys.

We're gonna come back here.

(laughing) (heavy breathing) Alright, keeping your eyes closed, take another big deep breath in.

– Oh man.

– [Indy] Hold it, hold it, hold it.

I want to take a momentto thank all three of you for connecting to your inner child, for tapping into joy, not just for yourself, but for all the people in your life.

All the different ways that you'll bring joy to them because you understand laughter.

That is a tool.

Everybody deserves it.

So blessed to share this with all of you.

Thank you.

(ringing) Thank you, gentleman, really was an honor.

– No, that was great.

– That was– that was a lot.

– [Spencer] Thank you very much.

– [Heath] I feel incredible.

– [Zane] I know.

– [Heath] Overall, what I took from it was laughter really isthe key to happiness.

– That was one of the mostintense moments of my life.

– After everything, it kind of felt like one giant dream.

That's how intense it was.

– It was definitely an experience that I'm really happy that I got to be a part of.

– If you ever need a laugh, send a signal up into the sky.

I'll be there.

(soft flute playing) – And he's gone.

– He said he was a figmentof our imagination.

– I definitely know they left better.

Their reality has been shaken and I think all of us need to shake our reality once in a while, and remember that we're here to have fun, to experience joy, and I know they're gonna be laughing more.

– Literally blew my mind.

– It was unreal.

– I wasn't ready.

– I was, no seriously Iwas not expecting that.

I feel incredible.

– That was contagious, wow.

– Thank you guys so much.

– Thank you so much.

– Appreciate it.

You just changed our lives.

– Oh thank you, well Iam right there with you, I needed that, thanks for coming out and opening up, and getting healed.

(laughing) That actually made me laugh so hard.

– [Heath] That was really funny.

– Woo! Thank you for watching the hottest show on the dang planet: Spencer Pratt Will Heal You.

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