November 29, 2020

Superga Leather LaceUp Classic Sneaker

so pearl-grey sold out a few left in the beige thank you for your calls okay next up Big Daddy yeah all year-round and this is huge this is such a huge trend so the black very very classic you know it's your staple black dress it up dress it

down and then we have the white so the white typically a Memorial Day Labor Day can wear white past Labor Day and it's not true especially when you're seniors exactly so white sneakers are hands-down the biggest color within this hot selling trend and we love it again all

year round you see other brands selling these for 3 4 or $500 exactly have the leathers with an iconic brand being Superga and it's such a great great brands he's talking about there's and you'd know them to the fancy-schmancy Italian European designer brands and they're all doing their

own version of leather sneakers like this and they are 500 bucks they are a fortune so here for $99 this is the real deal like you said this is the mack daddy this is the real it's again free shipping and handling you're hilarious al it's $25 on your

credit card and you have all of the cool things we love about super ago but the fact that's all leather I mean you could rock this with your jeans and a little leather moto yeah right jeans leggings yoga pants pick your boys and of HS it goes with

everything it exactly and you know what else a lot of we were talking about this brides love this you're seeing these right right wearing the white yeah it's changing into these after the ceremony one night away that's it I got married in 2013 and we got married in

Cabo and we were wearing the whole wedding party was wearing suppose my son was a groomsman in a wedding and all the guys were wearing these in black it's great with the choices yes seriously you're seeing that even on the red carpet you see some guys show up

wearing these no we only have the girls today but we have to do guys down the road we should sell both now you're talking my language like where this is going but right now we have I'm gonna find out what's left you're white or black we have all

the sizes and we do recommend you can go down a half size in this shoe you don't have to go up to your next size and I think because you can adjust the laces right yeah you can make it if you have a wider foot if you have

a little narrow foot if you have a high instep that's what's kind of nice about this you can really adjust it accordingly and it has a nice support on the inside where it's what a nice cushion and again that natural rubber outsole it's just yeah it's very very

comfortable yeah and there is something about that thicker so it gives you a little bit of lift just enough they just better on your foot they do thank you yeah and the sneaker trend is just everywhere right yes it is complete explosion sneakers are selling three times faster

than any other category within photo wear and the girl what we're seeing is gravitating toward the vintage iconic brands she wants the real deal she wants the program that's it she does sell fantastic thank you so much okay so let's do the footwork these are going to sell

out with everybody ordering there might be 100 pair total frankly they're almost gone so give me the final like little tour of this one more time let's talk about it before it goes I even like the seeming like the fact that the top stitching matches so there's a

real sleekness to this yeah and with the 2750 classic but we haven't changed the stitch I know you had Whitney on last time with a canvas for the you know 2750 classic in canvas we haven't changed the stitch since 1925 no way no way true story so it's

just again iconic brand and with Avery

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