September 22, 2020

STORYTIME: My First Shopping Trip Out and Heath Challenges with Wearing a Face Mask

– Hi everyone.

In today's video, Itell a story time about the first and, to date, only time I've been out to do any kind ofshopping since this whole coronavirus situation started.

I recorded this videoa couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to add alittle introduction here to say what I talked about in the video regarding some of mystruggles with wearing masks are my own opinions orlife experience situation.

I'm in no way giving any kind of medical or scientific, anythingadvice of that nature.

I will look up a couplaarticles and post them in the description below that talks about some of the challenges for certain people that wearing mask canpose, but like I said, other than that, this wasjust me telling my story and sharing my experienceand somebody watching this maybe can just learnfrom it maybe can relate if you, or you knowalready somebody who has a similar experience.

So with that, let's get onto the video.

Thank you for watching.

So I guess I'll start offwhat I got up to today.

Andrew and I were feelinga little more anxious about the current virus situation, and our personal inventory of both food and cleaning supplies.

I like having options, I like having a plan.

I felt like we really needed to get some first hand account ofwhat it's like out there.

So I thought, okay, well, maybe to help make me feel better, Iwould go down to our corner grocery store, which forus is called Nob Hill.

It's much smaller, but theselection's pretty good.

So that's what I did.

I ended up, I got all suited up, I didn't film any ofthis or vlog any of it, I just knew that if I did go in any store, that I wanted to get in andout as soon as possible, but I did the best I could.

I wore a hat, I woreglasses, I wore an N95 mask I had gloves, I had my jacket.

I was pretty much as protectedas I felt I could be.

And then practicing socialdistancing within the store.

I did kinda score inthe cleaning department.

I got a bottle of bleach anda bottle of Chlorox cleaner.

I got some lemonade, theywere, surely they were out of eggs completely, but I got some packaged turkey meat, some cheese, some gluten free ravioli, some chocolate, I think that's it.

So very random, but these are all things that we'll eat and enjoy.

I should have gone downthe frozen food aisle and I didn't, which leads meto another big data point, which is kinda scary to me to be honest.

So wore an N95 mask for this little brief shopping trip, and bythe time I was done shopping, which I was in and outin about 20 minutes, I had a pretty bad headache by the time I was done shopping.

And you all ask, well why is that? Well let me explain.

So because of my respiratory constriction, from the scoliosis, I havewhat doctors would call a very low tidal volume, meaning I just don't take very deep breath, and I havefairly rapid respiration.

So when I'm breathing into the mask, most people can breathehard enough and big enough to blow out all theirCO2 and take in oxygen.

So I exhale enough, but not enough to get through the mask.

So by the time I'm inhaling again.

I'm actually breathingin what I just exhaled, and you do that enough, and you essentially start to for lack of abetter word, poison yourself.

You are breathing in carbon dioxide and you will start to get a headache, and you will start to get lightheaded.

I'm already a CO2 retainer, so I'm very sensitive.

So that says, going forward, that I will probably not go out shopping this week or next week when we will need to do a larger trip.

Andrew will have to go.

He thankfully can wear N95 masks comfortably and safely, andI'm so thankful for that, but they're not a solution for me.

So the data point aboutthe N95 masks was big.

So after I got home, I wipeddown everything I bought, and then just immediatelywent and hopped in the shower.

What kind of surprised me was like, people weren't practicingthe social distancing that we've been hearing about on the news.

Like, I practiced it.

Like, if I went, wasabout to go down an aisle, and somebody was already down that aisle, 'cause the aisles weren't that wide, I didn't go down that aisle.

And I always kept at least 20 feet from myself and another person.

But you can only do thatfor what you can see, and I was in one aisle, andI went to go right back up, and I could tell in kindamy back peripheral vision there was, and also 'cause he was taller, there was like a guystanding right behind me, and I would have run himover if I didn't stop.

So he clearly was notpracticing social distancing.

Oh and I did do self checkout too.

I wanted to limit the amount of, I didn't use a cart orbasket, just had my bags, and I wanted to limit the amount of things I was touching, anddidn't want anybody else touching my things.

And like, the workersweren't wearing gloves, they did have wipes for our carts, and some Purell, like forpeople to hand sanitize, which I thought was good.

The only kind other person, there was me and one other person wearing a mask.

Nobody else was wearing gloves.

So that was a little shocking and kinda a little scary, actually, but you know, whatever, what can you do? I can only control myself.

So any rate, so I camehome and took a shower, and then I needed to eat, 'cause I hadn't really eaten anything all day.

And I had kind of a to do list for today, but I think I'm just gonna can it all.

Coming home with aheadache and still feeling a little run down, I'm alreadyin my robe for like PJs.

No sense in doing any more laundry for the day that's almost over.

So I think I'm justgonna play on my computer for a little while till dinner, work on a project, clear my mind, and then try to regroup for tomorrow.

I think that's gonna be it for today.

I hope you found some of this interesting.

So I'm curious about where you live, how are you doing, how's your part of the country affected? One thing that's been interestingto me and I've sought out, is when I watch YouTube videos, and anything about the virusor people talking about it, I go in the comments andlook to read what people are writing, becausethat's like real life.

That's not, you know, 24hour news cycle stuff, that's not politicaltalk, that's real people sharing their stories, and it's part of something that why I like to be onYouTube, why I create content.

I just want to tell you thatI'm thinking about everyone.

I just want to give the world a big hug, and I look forward towhen things will return more to normal.

Any rate, until tomorrow, good night.

Alton, do you want a chewy? What's this? Get it! Yep! Good boy! Good boy! (teeth crunching) This is really annoying me.

I'll come back once I'm dried off.

In up to The repsh blblblb (gibberish).

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