September 24, 2020

Song of the Mountains with Ken Heath

a stellar line-up of bluegrass Americana Appalachian piano and fiddle and dance will highlight the song of the mountains this Saturday November 2nd at the historic Lincoln Theatre and Mary in Virginia and normally Tim white would be here with a preview of this event but we have a very special guest stepping in for Tim today and he has his own hits some music and dance around the world it is our good friend can you see alright speciate you being here absolutely yeah Tim could make it in you're gonna be here because your aunt possum Marian is your stop it is there we go in Timpson can you do this that's it always happy to be damned right this is going to be a big night of music and a little dance thrown in there as well it is you know the headliner wayne henderson and jeff little hip you everybody knows wayne he's legendary guitar maker guitars for eric clapton for Zac Brown for Ricky Skaggs for Vince Gill and he's a virtuoso on the guitar look Jeff little if you've never seen him play the piano it's like water falling out of his fingers it's just amazing the way he plays be in I've never heard that put that way you have to see it when you see but let's run down the rest of the lineup there you got Joe Mullins coming in as Jim Owens on the radio Ramblers they were they point six I be amazed they were the Hobby Entertainer of the Year right at the 35 EMA over in Raleigh and they had the 2018 IBM a song of the year so these guys are legendary that bad you know they got Jason Barry and my Terry and Duane sparks and their Randy Randy bards all these fantastic absolutely and you not a miss in the in the in the crowd I'm not I miss it all there's not one like you're I know no no thank goodness thank goodness and then you know and then opening up the show is a young lady Hilary Klug and I hadn't seen her so much growing on the Internet and obviously a lot of people have 60 million viewers right and she started out when she was eight years old she learned how to dance and she does like an Appalachian flatfoot and then when she was 12 she learned how to play the fiddle and somewhere along the line she decided to him both of the same it's a high-energy kind of thing in if you've been around Nashville you've seen her she's a busker she goes out and she dances plays the fiddle so she's one busker awards us she has one busker Busker of the year Danna Buster Keaton that's a whole other hook that's a whole nother movie out but it's going to be so much fun and I can't tell folks enough about the Lincoln Theater I mean we came up there in the Sunday so far and had such a great time and great hospitality but the Lincoln Theater is a fantastic venue for the song of the mountain it is you know it's one of three mine revival theaters left in America the only one that's been restored in 1929 so when you walk in it the way I explained it to current generations it's like walking into Indiana Jones the Temple of Doom I mean because that's what it was made to look right and when I was a kid we'd go to Lincoln Theater for Halloween so it's really appropriate this week for us to be down here because that was my earliest memory of downtown as being in the Lincoln Theater I like the fact that it's big enough to get a good crowd in there but it's intimate enough that you can pay attention and you can hear everything that's going on the window riders in the sky were there when they open up the theater after had been shut down for several years and remodeled it and they kicked in and they said turn off all all the amplification right because the acoustics in here are so perfect they can just sing and you can do that it's just not a bad seat in the house what does it mean to Mary and had the official television show of the Commonwealth of Virginia right there in Marion Vance that's something that one of the one things I'm really most proud of is being able to be a part of that it is so cool to do that but when you talk about song the mountains and the history of bringing of the years is put in there but also folks look at it barter theatre being the official theater right now we have the official television series right there in Marion it's pretty cool for all offices going on this side of Rhoda absolutely can't he thanks so much hey we got the information for you right now it is song of the mountains it's happening November the 2nd 7:00 p.


right there at the historic and beautiful Lincoln Theatre right there in Marion Virginia.

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