September 22, 2020

Sneaker Steal in Beirut | Inside The Box | Anders Schans

Hey! It's time for a new episode of Inside The Box.

We are visiting Anders today.

Who was a part of Hypetrade back in the day.

We will take a look at his collection.

We are excited.

We are in a newly developed area.

In Nordhavn.

It's was a little difficult to find.

Thanks for having us! I'm looking forward to viewing your collection.

You've bought some stuff from me.

Yes I have! I have some of them here.

Perfect! I know you have some good stuff.

How did you end up in the sneaker game? .



and why sneakers? I think it started .



as early as in 97.

So all the way back to when I was super young.

I remember my mom came home with the originale – not exactly like this – but the '97 Silver Bullet.

With the classic 97 sole.

I used them as running shoes.

Back then, it wasn't like all 16 year olds just had to have it! It was just for functionality.

As a young kid .



I enjoyed the silver colorway.

The Air-bubble, you know.

And from then and cut to a few years later where I began visting the local shop, Ski Shop.

Yes! So dope! OG Hellerup! They had the most dope releases.

C1RCA and DC.

And Osiris.

Old SB's.

And a big leather couch, where you could sit a watch videos.




Yes! I started wearing skater shoes.

C1RCA and DC.

Et par år senere blev min stil mere raffieneret.

And adidas Tobaccos.

Stuff you could skate in.

More foot-shaped stuff.

And eventually is became more like .



something that looks like this.

So I've been into it for a long time.

Many different fases.

Looking at it.



It's not a huge collection.


Did you cut it down? Do you have some stored? Yes and no! I cut back a little.

Some that are too beaten, I have put away.

And then I have some in storage.

In boxes various places.

But I'm a nomad.

I travel around.

So I have those I bring with me here.

The ones I wear.

I like to put .



a little extra energy into wearing them.

I don't just buy .



because of hype.

But I buy to actually wear! That's good to hear.

What pair kickstarted your passion? For your collection? I think it was this one! What was just re-released for the first time.

Air Skylon 2.

From '92.

Around 2010.






2010-2011 is when I noticed it.

And I was infatuated.




You had a shoe that was .



18 years old the time.

And you just couldn't find it! You couldn't find a pair! I'm a US 12 – there are hard to find! And now.



years later, they are back.

et par år senere, er den kommet ud.

For the first time since '92.

It's dope! Unfortunatly, I think .



that it lacks a little quality wise.

Or maybe I was .



looking for such a long time.

And finally I found it.

But it started that Grail Craving.

Where you really had to look.

For sure! Looking in all the corners of the internet.

Where you shouldn't really be.

You have a lot of .




Are you looking for something particular.

Or is it just by coincidence? I think.



collabs work so well .



because they take a huge brand like Nike, adidas, Asics, New Balance.



and take it down and place it super locally.

Those are the successful ones.

They are many shitty collabs.

I has something to it .



when you take something that's local like a shop.


lile en tiny Copenhagen.

And allow you to put your mark on a shoe.

That is made by one of the giant head quarter brands.

Nike in Portland.

And all of those.

And connected to that you have these a lot of.




WOOD WOOD collabs.

Let's take all three pairs.

From different years.

The first one here.

' I think they exemplify a collab that is super successful.

This is from 2006.

I think Karl Oskar said afterwards that it was the the ugliest shoe they ever made.

That's fair enough.

But I like it.

It's is personal with many details.

If you look on the side, it is old .



embroideries from their former .



collections up until 2006.

If you look at the tongue.




you have their address.

from Krystalgade – 4 and 7.

The lacelet with the old WOOD WOOD logo.

I think they have mastered in taking a shoe and placed it in the culture that formed themselves.

I think that's the interesting part about collabs.

They are really allowed to go back to a culture that created the hype.

Then this one released.

From 2009.

LunarWood ACG.

ACG what has a new push.

Well deserved.

It's a dope shoe.

They helped design the silhuette.

And named it LunarWood.

And there came some ACG colorways afterwards.

But I think this one is clean.

It has moons inside.

Super fresh! It's just super nice and looks like a .



a workwear shoe.

That's what most people see when they see it.

But those who know it, know what it's all about! And last but not least.

One of the more new ones: Nørrebro.

Super cool and inspired by the old Berlin.

Yes! The old Neighborhood Gazelle.

With the Madness and Mayhem.

At the heel, which is inspired by football.

The stadium atmosphere.


Where I had my store.

So that's extra nice.

It's clean.

Cool materials.

Exclusive inner in leather.

And again the .



local touch which stress the ability to collaborate successfully.

So they sort of showed where they are from.




Is there another pair.



which means something special to you? A model you always come back to? Yes! It's not a very fun one.

This to me, has it! I have two pair.

An Air Max Burst from 1994.

The upper is from an Air Max 1.

And the sole from a Air Max 93.

It's been hiding behind all the more well-known ones.

Such a shame! It's super dope.

Eminem made a collab on it.

in 2003.

It kinda got lost in it all.

When Nike and Footlocker made a ban in 2001-2003.

Footlocker stopped selling Nike.

Beacuse they were force to carry certain shoes.

They stopped producing this one for the American market.

The last one that was made was Crepe Pack.

Also super nice! With a teal colored bubble.

And after that they stopped making it in the US.

This one came in 2007.

I think I bought it from you.

Back in the day.

Dammit! But now, as you can see, they are both beaten.

I have 2 pairs – I bought another pair.

The sole is falling apart.

Too bad.

I think they'll be back.

I hope so! I hope so! At the same time, it's this feeling of you wanting to be the only one to rock them.

It followed me through thick and thin.

An other one it this one.

I haven't really worn them.

But it's fun! I bought them when I lived in Beirut.

And in Beirut.



the sneaker culture is not that big.

That have something called Souk al-Ahad.

The Sunday market.

A huge market.

Under a highway, where you make you way through all these small shops that sell everything from electronics to birds.

And in the middle is fucking heaven with old men who sell sportswear from the '80s and '90s.

Somethimes even from the '70s.

I found these for.



First he wanted the equivalent to 200 DKK.


000 Lebanese Pounds I got a little stubborn.

Because I knew what it was.

It would be a good price.

But I didn't wanna be that dumb Danish kid who got fucked.

So I tried to bargain in bad Arabic and negotiated it down to 50 DKK.

Then I came home and researched a little bit.

It's from '98.

A Germany release.

Which is 650-700 Dollars.

On resell platforms.

That's a steal.

It's like a trophy.

Go to Beirut! Explore the market.

And find the good stuff.

Write Anders! Sneakers are going well.

The market keeps on booming.

And the brands fight.

What brand does particularly well right now? I think that Nike shows us again and again .



that just when adidas is about to claim the throne, They pull out this crazy back catalog.

And they reinforce their position.

A couple of years ago adidas did really well.

The UltraBoost.



The use of Boost-tecnology on everything.

I will dare to say they were on top in '16.

But after that they started to fall behind again.

Nike seized the moment.

They made a collab with Virgil.

Tom Sachs and Sean Wotherspoon.

They do what others lack.

The ability to to just take something.



They have a huge archive and things that haven't re-released ever yet.

Things that are to die for.

And then they made this one.

Was it in 2011 they made the first Tom Sachs? They produced in a material that wasn't durable.

They made it again last year and modified it.

So now you can actually wear it.

It was super hyped.

It surprised me.

I looked at the old one on eBay.



I thought it was a .



over the top to pay 2000 for a pair I knew I couldn't use.

Because of the material.

Then this one released and they cost 14 all of a sudden.

That's crazy.

But again.



a sign of Nike's superiority.

So if you had to choose, you would go with Nike? Yes, most likely.

They have a perfekt balance between refinement and retro.

At least if you go for the right pair.

Here you have One pair of Reeboks, ASICS, New Balance.



The rest is Nike! And then your adidas, which are Wood Wood collabs.

Yeah, it speaks for itself.

I end up having one pair of each that I wear.

Always one pair of New Balance.

One pair of Reeboks and PUMAs.



I have more that I have never used.

I am full.

I just a lot of Nike.

Cool! You have been in the game for a long time.

You really, which I like, get into the history.

It's not just hype, as we can see.

What do you think about the evolution of the game? Som vi altid snakker om frem og tilbage? Is it positive that it keeps growing? What do you think about the way the young boys buy sneakers today? and GIRLS! I have to be careful now.

And consider what I say.



I think a sneaker head has gone from being something you had to know something about.

To being something for everyone.

It a word you can use to describe you have a handful of shoes.

But I somehow think, after being in the game for some time, we have to see as positive.

These boys have taken it in.

A new generation thinks it is just at available as we did.

Both your generation and mine.

I try to view it positively.

The reselling game though can be a little annoying.

I can't just walk into Wood Wood and buy what I want.

Because 12-14 year olds are line to get them.

But I get.

When I was 14, I had a new paper route.

And made my money that way.

They can go to Wood Wood 5 hours before.

And make 1000 kr by hanging out in line with their crew.

It might be bad for me, but I think it is fair enough.

I get that a 14 year old thinks that there are money to make.

So you repect the hustle? Yes, somehow I do.

As long as they just buy one pair.

I have a hard time with those who buy a whole size range.

and go: “Let's push this to Singapore”, or where the hell it all goes.

The guys who buy a pair and sell it and then buy another pair.

That's cool.

I've contributed to this scenario.

Yeah, I was about to say.

You were a part of Hypetrade.

One of the first in Denmark to do resell.

You are not in it anymore.

Explain the development from when it started to why you are not in it anymore? When we opened the first store in january '15.

The trend was to find FB groups.

And buy and sell shoes there.

It worked out well.

You could dodge the middleman.

But at the same time we needed a place where you could psychically go in and and see the shoes and try them on before deciding whether to buy or not.

It's a market where where a return policy is non existing.

Go or no go.

Either they fit or they don't.

At that time, we saw a market for seeing and touching the product before buying it.

And you could come in with your shoe and sell through us so you didn't have to deal with meet-ups on train stations.

We did that for some years before I quit.

I did so because of my passion.






having a fulltime job where your hobby becomes passion.

It's too much.

Overwhelming! I paused and thoughto: “Now I need to do something else”.

Learn new stuff, travel, study.



That's what brought me to Libanon.

Was it – and is the Danish market stable enough for such a store? Do people get it? Or do they prefer to sit at home behind the computer? Yeah.

I think there is a market for it.

You will never have a store like Flight Club in Denmark.

Not enough people care about the history of each sneaker.

But a shop that sells just YEEZYs Sean Wotherspoons, Air Max's and the alike, yes! But to take in a pair that some dad has had lying around for 10 years and finally pulls them out to sell through us.

No, you can't do that in Denmark.

It a fluctuating market.

Few years ago, all hype that released was collabs.

They were sold and re-sold for at least the double.

Today we see a more continuous market where there are a few that stand out and rise in price.

But most pairs are possible to get in the stores.

I think that Virgil Abloh and Tom Sachs are great examples.

They have received that hype.

And cost 2000 Dollars.

And a lot of other pair are just on the shelves.

The original Air Max 1's.

93's and 180's.

They are all back.

And that's my luck.

I can get those at retail price.

You don't have any Off-Whites and YEEZYs.

All these tendencies that we huge last year.

Is that a deliberate choice? That's a clear choice from my side.

I would like a pair of Nike YEEZY 1's.

That's a dope shoe.

They are from before sneakers became a thing.

They represent af different part of the culture.

I can't defend the way YEEZYs are being sold today.

And Off-White.

They both have great design.

Especially Off-White.

YEEZYs are more shady.

I can't defend spending such huge amount of money on one pair, Unless they have the right story.

And they don't.

Fair! Are they are grails that you got a hold off? One you are still looking for? You mentioned before how Wood Wood and the 2017 release had a connection to Neighborhood Gazelle from 2006.

That had Berlin written on them.

I really want those.

I am moving to Berlin soon, so now would be the time.

They are hard to find in my size.

In good shape and at the right price.

They had a pair in Hypetrade at one point.

They are still there, but I'm not getting them.

In your size? Yes! Really? Yeah! It's a paradox.

No, I won't get them.

I hope to find a pair that are used and less expensive.

At some point.

But that is one of those pairs.

I also think -as you saw before.



I like Wood Wood collabs.

New Balance 670 Npo.

96 pairs made.

That's cool! I really want those.

If anybody have them in 11.















I also have the Berlin.



But I don't think you can have them.




They are so fucking ON! It's dope! It's the climax of Wood Wood.

Because it's so hard to find.

I remember that they wanted to buy some back to have them in the archive.

The colors are so good.

Crazy! I think they came with pair of socks.

Spot on! I don't even know if I would wear them.

It's a mad colorway.

There is just something about them.

They complete the Danish collab tendency.

Do you have nights in Beirut or wherever the fuck you are.



where you go on eBay? And look around? For sure! You dream about finding those old grails.

That people forgot about! And to buy them for nothing.

The lastest was this ASICS.

The old Surface To Air collab.

From 2011.

People don't know it.

It really is a frontrunner for all the sneakers trends we see today.

alle de sneaker tendenser vi ser i dag.

It's dad-like and a little bulky.

It's a '90s runner.

And it looks like the ASICS Kiko Kostadinov.

That released this year.

People sell them at crazy prices.

But Surface To Air have stayed in the front of all these trends.

And this pair is legendary.

The cool thing is they just look like a shoe from their runner archive.

Exactly! They have put their logo on.

And eyelets in metal, where it says Surface To Air on.

That really just it! It's a super dope sneaker.

And super comfortable.

You don't Boost-technology.

And Air and all that.

A '90s Foam sole.

Is all you need.

Where did you find it? I got it from a guy from Vienna.

He bought it back in the day when it came out.

In Paris where he lived.

He just had it lying around.

Again, a dad who just had too much stuff he didn't use anymore.

I just wrote him.



and asked if we could make a deal on it and some other stuff.

He just said 'OK' right away.

So I got it for around 300 DKK.

That's great! That's a great deal! A great example.

There aren't many left anymore.

A lot of people know what they are doing now.

They have an eye for it so a pair of old Air Max will be bid up so high.


In that very last second where you think “Now I got it!” And then someone swoops by and goes.



“No you don't”.

It happened for me with a pair of Air Max 1 Viotech's.

I tried to by them for 80 Euros.

Then in the last second someone outbid me.

My max was 200 Euros.

It went for 201.

Crazy! We usually finish with.



You say you've slowed down.

But is there anything in the near future you are getting? Well, I think the Element React 87 is super nice.

And Undercover! I have a weakness for Japanese streetwear.

Those Harajuku brands.

Undercover – I'm looking foreward to that.

Both in black and Sail.

I think they have 5 colorways.

4 or 5.

I don't know if they are releasing or not.

But if they do, I'm ready.

I think they will.

In Fall.

September – Oktober.

Let's hope so.

I will be ready.

In a chair in front of a store? No, I'm over that.

Even though I'm not that old.

I think I have moved on from that phase.

I can't se myself standing in line anymore.

I might do a raffle on Sneakers'n'Stuff.

And hope for the best outcome.

Otherwise I'll have to dig deep afterwards a go for a re-sell pair.

Name of the game! People might sleep on it! I hope so.

Maybe the difficult colorways.

There are a lot.

You could expect that one would fall out different from people's taste.

That's cool, because even the weak colorways have a kinda ACG vibe about them.

With some of those vibrant colors.

I really like ACG.

Let's hope so.

Anders! It's been a pleasure.

Thanks for having us! As always.



Check out Anders's Instagram.

He also takes photos.

He shoot cool images from his trips and so on.

Once in a while still some sneakers.

See you!.

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