November 29, 2020

Sneaker socks to match Wotherspoon, Off-White, Yeezy…. + Raffle

Dear folks, let's continue with the next video.

I announced that the output would be huge, depending of course on my time.

Today is about another topic, as you can already see next to me.

I got socks sent to me from a company called Soled Socks.

These are not normal socks but socks specially designed for sneakers.

The company texted me on Instagram a few weeks ago and asked me if I was up for it to wear their socks and if I had matching shoes.

I like to support brands with ideas behind them! I don't know if this is a new idea or if there were other companies which already designed sneaker-themed socks before.

I love them because they have a big range to choose from! I'll put the link to their website on my bio so that you can have a look for yourself.

I received four pairs of socks.

The first pair is for the Air Force Volt you can see here.

I also received socks for the Wave Runner, the Mars Yard and for the Sean Wotherspoon.

These are the 4 pairs of socks I received, fortunately I also have the matching shoes here.

I'll show you the look with the matching shoes soon, in slow-mo and close-ups so that you can get an idea of how it all looks fitted.

Sometimes it is not so easy to guess the matching shoes just by looking.

That's why the additional shots.

I'll get changed and we're all set.

Here are the 4 pairs of socks I mentioned.

Volt Air Force, Tom Sachs, Yeezy Wave Runner and the Sean Wotherspoon 97/1.

Now, I have to choose between the three pairs.

I mean all four pairs, of course, all look superb.

For some of them, I can't really imagine how they will look later on feet as they are still sealed.

I chose size 41-46.

On the back is some short info about the company and also their website, which I will link in the description box, what they're made of and how to wash them.

For those who still don't know how to wash socks – 40 degrees Celcius.

Let's start with the first pair, the Sean Wotherspoon socks.

I'll put these on right away with the matching shoe I have here and then check how the combo looks.

Time to open them and put them on.

I am an absolute professional in sock unpackaging, unfortunately, I often end up with a hole in it.

Here they are.

Loosen it.

Get rid of the garbage.

That's a hard one.

Know your way around.

Good, here I have the socks which are color-coordinated with the shoe.

That's the sneaker.

I have the feeling that the yellow of the socks are a bit brighter than that of the shoe.

That's why I'm putting them on right now.

I also changed my trousers, in case you guys are wondering – I bought them for 50€ at Urban Outfitters, they are perfect to put the sneakers and socks in scene.

You may have noticed it on my Free Willy Instagram post.

You can see this one here.

You'll see how they look when I'm wearing them.

The quality is very good.

I like the colors a lot.

The socks fit very well, very high quality.

Unfortunately you can't see the details on the span when wearing it.

Time to put the matching shoes on.

As you can see, I've had my own patches made, “Willy's Wave” I liked the idea! But that's not the topic today.

Let's put the shoes on.

The socks are on.

Now that I'm wearing the shoes, I love the sock design even more.

It matches perfectly.

Detail shots will follow.

The first impression is very convincing.

Even if my heel's a little free, it's probably my feet.

From the side, it makes a huge optical impression.

Just enjoy the detail shots.

After seeing the Sean Wotherspoon in action, which I really liked, which is already my favourite, even though it was the first pair.

It fits perfectly to the shoe, not too over the top and the waves matched the shoe – fantastic.

Next socks are the Tom Sachs Mars Yard 2.

0, which I fortunately also own.

I got these for a relatively cheap price.

Many people either love or hate the shoe because they don't understand the hype about the shoe.

I like the shoe a lot – especially in summer! I'll put on the matching socks and show you the detail shots right away.

So, my dear friends.



after you've seen Wotherspoon and Tom Sachs, remember them for later, there will be a surprise.

Now we come to number 3, Air Force Volt 1 from Nike and Off-White.

The Volt Socks, at first sight is very good from the matching point of view.

At first, I didn't know what the zigzag was for, but as it is also on the shoe I understand that now.

Here, the seams are reversed and the swoosh is black.

It's reverse with the socks.

It's very simple, but I like it.

There are also stars on the socks, I don't know why but they are hardly visible.

Time to put these on.

The green looks very matching, but this is often deceptive with neon.

I've worn this shoe a couple of times already, I just love it.

Now it's time for me to put on my socks before exaggerating.

Now, have a look at the details.

Last but not least, after the last 3 now comes the most easily recognisable socks – the Wave Runner socks.

These are the most creative in terms of workmanship and design.

I like these the best, aside from the Wotherspoon socks.

The parallels are clearly visible.

Besides, these are my favourite 700 model from Adidas.

This is the OG, not the re-release.

This was my first bulky A.


A dad shoe I've owned.

In my opinion, the socks fit perfectly, I'll put them on immediately.

So guys, after seeing all four pairs of socks.

Like Wave Runner, Tom Sachs, Volt Air Force, and Wotherspoon.

Now I need your opinion, as mentioned before, there is a little surprise.

Namely, you can win these four pairs of socks in one big package.

I'm going to raffle not only one, but two packages of socks to you.

All you have to do is simple, check out the four fits of the four different pairs of socks, and select your personal favourite and leave it in the comments.

For example, “Sean Wotherspoon is my favourite.

” With this, you automatically enter the raffle.

From all the comments on this YouTube video, I will choose 2 winners for the sock package.

I like the socks, check out the website of Soled Socks.

There are many other socks, also for other Off-White models or normal sneakers.

I like the idea so I support the project no matter if there was something like this before.

For me, it was my first contact with socks like this, the designs are almost all perfectly matched to the shoes or at least almost fit perfectly.

My favourite or my two favourites are the Tom Sachs and the Sean Wotherspoon socks, which I liked the most in combination with the sneakers.

Remember to take part in the raffle, simply comment on the YouTube video – which your favourite combination is.

Other questions, suggestions or criticism also leave them as a comment.

I hope you enjoyed the video! The next video will be up next week.

That's it for today – have a good sunny day!.

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