November 29, 2020


hi guys thinking my many thanks for clicking on this video and this video is going to be another video of the beginner's guide into secure body which I also called it as culinary 101 and this video we're gonna talk about profiles and before we start the video please

make sure you subscribe to the channel and turn a notification about [Music] culinary 101 profiles in this video I'm gonna go over first how to get more cards for your profiles second how to Jake your profile and third how to easily transfer and set up your profiles for

your box so first I'm gonna talk about how to get more cards because you want to make sure that you used to bring card for each profiles I'm gonna list some of the best VCC services which are virtual credit card services for you guys to get it started

and the first one I want to recommend is the privacy which is most well known among bothers it's really good for beginners and it's really easy to set up basically you have to sign up for an account and link to your bank account and and then you can

set up like a single-use card or like a multiple user card you can set limits to the card as well and once your charges get posted they gonna automatically take money out of your linked bank account so for the new users I think you can set up like

a dozen cars in the effort you can use those cards with different releases but one thing to keep in mind is that these cars are much unlocked if you use the card on full Locker before it's not gonna work on the other site this is what I figured

out so make sure that you kind of made your car – so you know which cards are for which sites you basically get a daily limit and a monthly limit I believe that when you first start it the limits are around like thousand or something and as you

keep using the services and you can you can start contacting the customer support when you hit the limit and ask for increasing your daily limit and I think every time you ask they're gonna give you like 250 increase in your daily limit it gets annoying sometimes about the

limit because even if your bank accounts has tons of money you can't increase a little bit because Dad sometimes stores restock or something you can get as many as you could for example this morning Air Jordan flames free songs I didn't hit my daily limit but I hit

the monthly limit I couldn't get more because of this limit thing but overall privacy is a really good services it's really easy and like it saves you a lot of effort why I think that's really important to remember it's like they don't work for supreme they used to

work but they don't work anymore and one hidden tip a lot of people don't know about privacy is they have a privacy pearl version which allows you to create more cars and have higher limits and you can also get cash back I believe is one person everything you

spent which is gonna be great for people who have a lot of releases it's going to pay back the $10 monthly subscription fee so if you are one of those people please make sure you select this plan over the regular plan and if you're looking to sign up

for privacy today I put the link down below in the description box which allows you to get $5 by signing up so please make sure to check it out if you're interested there are the two cards that are really easy to set up and to use our Democrats

and cash apart for so for vamo cards you don't have to load money to your MMO account it can link to your credit cards and then you can use the limit but the problem with that is memo card you can use for supreme and it also doesn't allow

you to create more than one card but it does help if you're running for sites that allows you to check out multiple pairs for one profiles for assemblé finish line it's gonna be really helpful because it allows you to use as a good source of course because it

helps you to cop multiple pairs using white cards it's really easy for you to get the vamo card as well as on and so you have the memo account you can just apply it on the website and also put a link down below if you're interested in many

more cards and want to know more about it you can go check it out so cash app card kind of works like memo cards it also doesn't allow you to create a more than one card and the difference between cash-strapped parts and Memo cards instead for cash F

cards you have to load money in there first before you can use it the good thing about cash-strapped cards is it works for supreme and they helps you create one more profile for supreme so why not try it I also add the link down below if you want

to check it out and it's really easy to apply to set up as well so so besides all these services that I just recommended to you your bank might also allow you to create virtual car using your credit cards it depends on what pink you have and also

their virtual person created by different banks works better at different sites the best ones I'm going to recommend to use are the City Bank the Capital One Bank so for city bank credit cards allows you to create a mobile virtual credit card that can use almost every site

except for supreme and these clothes are not much lot to me which means that the same cart can used on different sites the virtual cards that created by Capital One which we called it as he knows they are created using the Chrome extensions and these cards are amazing

they work perfect for supreme and almost every site that I know of but the thing is that this purse our kind of merchants locked so it's best not to use them on the same site and I believe you can create twenty a day and you can kind of

like accumulate all the cards you created on different days on the really [Music] so the second part I want to go over is checking your profiles and I'd have highly recommend to Jake your profiles for certain size including supreme because this allows them to not knowing that it's

a 5 or like if the same person that's getting multiple items and if you do this Ryan you're gonna lower your cancellation rates for different releases what I mean by jigging the profiles is that you want to make sure that your profiles look different from each other they're

not the same this includes different addresses different cards as I mentioned different phone number different emails and maybe different name for some sites so for the phone numbers I always use my random numbers she's created like a 10-digit phone numbers and for the emails what I can recommend

you is to use catch-all amounts which are the emails that have different like names but they go to the same email address for example if I have email that says something and snicker mommy dog if you put different things in the beginning all these emails are still gonna

go to my main email it allows you to have all the some types of emails without having to create so many different accounts so the last thing I want to talk about is how to set up your profiles and transfer your profiles easily to your bot which is

important because you don't want to take all day to Jake your profile to take all day to transfer one by one to a different box that's why I'm recommending a product called easy mode which helps you to transfer your profiles to different BOTS really easily and automatically drink

your profiles easy mode is a profile converter which really helps people like me who also robots to transfer my profile easily I remember you know this but different bata actually as different formats for their profiles imagine you have to do all your profile and upload it one by

one to different but it's kind of taking you so long that's why I am and I that's why I found easy mo so useful and help me to save so much time it because all you have to do is just click one button and you can upload your

profiles to different bugs so quickly and I have to say I've used this service for several months now and I'm really glad that they decided to partner with me on this and offer my viewers and a discount code so if you want to try it out you can

use the discount code sneaker mommy to get a discounted price for this first month subscription the service is pretty cheap anyways it's only ten bucks a month and I feel like if you are really successful with spotting and you're making a lot of profits this is gonna pay

off it's gonna save it a lot of time with setting up your BOTS I put the link down below in my description box and make sure you check it out so I decided to show you a clip of how to use easy mode and this is a spreadsheet

that you use so what I'm doing here is to add Chris mf9 and % l name and % 3 number and this is gonna help you to give you a rendered first name last name and three last digits and I use this to help me to check my

emails same thing here with the car name it's gonna give you a render name and then you put your real card so for the addresses for example my address is 1 2 3 Maple Street what I do is to put % to character between the line and this

is gonna generate two ending letters in the line for example 1 2 3 a B Maple Street then you put in the real city named real state name and the zip code in the country as I mentioned for the phone number it doesn't really matter they're not gonna

check if it's real or not so usually I do % 7 number it's gonna give you a seven random numbers and then easy-mode gonna do its magic so when you drag it down you don't have to copy and paste anything it's gonna be the same but when you

import all the profiles in the easy mode app it's gonna check all the profiles by itself so you'll have to go through that by yourself it's gonna make it like so much easier here I select code I and I click Next you can see the profile is converting

itself to match the format for code I and all you have to do is click one button so now I'm gonna open up code I and show you guys the profiles have it have been completely transferred over and then you try to find the profiles that converted by

easy mode on your desktop issue says easy mode to code I and interest transfer like that and then after that your profiles will be completely transferred to code out how easy is that so that's it for today thank you so much for watching this video and I really

hope it was helpful to answer some of your questions related to profiles and if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to leave a comment down below I will try my best to get back to you and lastly if you liked the video please make sure you

give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and turn that notification down and that is it thank you

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