September 24, 2020

Sneaker Botting – Live Cop Ep3 – Supreme Relief BOGO – Yeezy 700 MNVN

[Music] [Music] episode 3 all the drops have been and gone it's been an interesting one to say the least but before we get into it 5 do some unboxings supreme Matt just over there the other ones already gone to the buyer but this one I'm gonna keep for myself and also we got a package from PSTN if you remember from last week with fleek we was able to get a grade-school size of the Jordan 1 core purples these are going up and up and up so I'm really glad I got the slot that ran the guys also confirmed that his ones have come through as well so poor I'll show you this for I'll show you the map as I said episode freeze an interesting one so that further ado let's get into it [Music] [Music] [Music] Jimmy you debride boy [Music] [Music] I've gotta run some errands and get some food so I'm also off to go meet a local buyer to drop him off the supreme Matt they bought and he's also just wanting to buy the cinders that I had as well obviously he's gonna be contact free I'm gonna drop it off at his doorstep he's ready bank transfer me the money so Matt have done well I've doubled my money on the cinders I've only made around 15% profit on that but he's a good buyer he literally takes anything that I get most of time very quick very easy literally a 5-minute drive so I'm happy to help him out and it just keeps him nice and sweet so once we've done that I'll get the supplies for this evening I'm Devin got to go back to setup ready for tomorrow's drop which is the 700 minivan bones and hopefully that goes better than the phosphorus or wherever they're called because that was a shambles [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so that 700 drop was an absolute nightmare you may already know if your new UK pervasively a need a stand that anyone through the queue on the phosphor drop or ever they're called and also they didn't even love to stock on the bones now I'm really certain that if they did and they would have allowed us through and they would allow us UK people to actually find the product then Seoul would have helped and Seoul would have smashed it completely because all over Central Europe and us they absolutely nailed it anyway we move on to a big drop so now we've got the supreme relief BOGO the owner of our group Ichi has basically reached out and given us a massive guide on it and he said Curtis there no can't work unless it's a u.


card however munzo might work so I'm gonna try and sell up for it and see what happens I'm certain cybers gonna smash it it's just whether or not my card will go through I've got a u.


address I can use as well now what I am actually gonna do is only go for a large because that's Curtis his size and he's helped me so much in regards to reselling and bought in and stuff like that that if I get it it's just gonna be a gift to him so as always wish me luck [Music] [Music] [Music] and that ladies and gentlemen is just how it goes look there's some people out there they may not want to put videos like this together and put it on YouTube but the simple fact that I didn't get one thing no sneakers or trainers on t-shirts but I want to keep it really honest with you and I want to show you actually the bots in am resetting and stuff like this isn't as easy as what people make it out to be searched hundreds and hundreds of videos out on YouTube you're gonna see live cops you can see people in 20 and 30 pairs that's just not reality you can't do that week in week out think array like this there are hundreds of thousands of people going for the shoes going for these items there are tens of thousands of people on the same software that you're on getting the same information the same tips and the same advice trying to get these items now sometimes it's not going to go for it sometimes the bots for instance will break down or not work that didn't happen this time my bots weren't to blame sometimes the shoes don't even release in your country even though they're meant to and other times you're going to do a stupid mistake so if you look back on what I did you know I loaded some wrong proxies so I was going for a US drop and iqk properties there I have a US shipping address and I forgot to load in the u.


shipping address so when I was going undefeated in kiss it was actually trying to send it to my UK address and they don't send to the UK the main thing that matters is that you learn from every single drop and every single south of a bot that you do so for instance something that I have learned this time is basically having two different proxy groups where if one proxy gets banned say there's tasks going or whatever rather than having to go in and change the proxies in that group I can quickly just mass edit the tasks and quickly change the group that way and it basically saves a lot of time and a lot hassle not but why did this time was I kind of drew out a timetable in regards to the different drops and next to it I did have even I forgot to do it wherever I should use the UK address or the US address so that's something I'm gonna use going forward as whether it's the proxy groups because it just makes my life a lot easier and I'm not having to scram and around discord in order to find the different timetable was known at different keywords because that's kind of what I wrote down so look this is a reality of it and as long as we learned that's all that really matters so I'll see you on episode 4 hopefully we get something I'm sure we will and as always be lucky [Music].

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