September 21, 2020

Sky Ridge Patient Testimonial – Julie Heath

(upbeat music) – My name is Julie Heath.

My husband and I live in Castle Rock with our two boys who are 11 and 12, and I have a step daughter who's a junior, starting her junior year at KU.

I'm a Colorado native, born and raised, I did my undergrad workat CSU in Fort Collins, and then I came down to Denver and did law school at DU and now we live in Castle Rock.

My experience, at Sky Ridge, started at the end of 2012.

I had been sent by my OBGYN to Sally Jo, for mammogram, which ultimately turnedinto an ultrasound.

I pretty well knew, at that appointment, that I was looking atsome kind of a problem.

I didn't know, then, what it was necessarily.

I was diagnosed withbreast cancer, shortly there after and in October, of 2012, I had bilateral mastectomies, with tissue expanders placed andthen I did chemotherapy, here at the cancer center between November of 2012 and about February of 2013.

And recovered for a few months and then I went back and diddeep flap reconstruction, with Dr.

Jeremy Williams andDr.

Christopher Williams, the Park Meadows cosmetic surgery.

And that was in October of 2013.

(upbeat music) what I discovered earlyon, in my process here at Sky Ridge and throughout, was that I had already surrounded myself with the most amazing family and friends.

People that would just goto the ends of the Earth to support and do whateverit was that I needed at any given time.

Whether that was a ride, or a shoulder to cry on, or just somebody saying to me, alright up and at 'em, it's time to get out of the house today.

What I discovered, after thatand in the beginning of this process, was that I hadalso managed to surround myself with basically adream team of physicians, here at Sky Ridge andthrough Park Meadows cosmetic surgery, who gave me absolutelyevery ounce of support that I could have ever asked for.

They answered all of myquestions, they gave me direction, they helped me understandwhy things needed to be the way that they neededto be and gave me support throughout this entire process.

They helped me understand thatalthough it was going to be, probably be a year thatwouldn't be great, after that it was going to turn aroundand I was going to be able to return to life as normal.

Maybe it was going to bea little bit new normal but it was still goingto be life as normal.

My care at Sky Ridge wasabsolutley second to none.

One of the reasons thatI was so pleased, when I ended up here at Sky Ridgeand with working with Dr.

Williams through ParkMeadows cosmetic surgery, was that I knew thatthey were using absolute state of the art technology.

Including the spy programto help me achieve the best results that Icould possibly hope for.

They had everything either here on sight, at Sky Ridge, or at theirto office to achieve what has become an absolutelyoptimal result, in my view.

What I remember most about this process.

One of my plainestmemories about this process happened at the very beginning.

Breast cancer and/orovarian cancer had taken out about 25 people in the last three or four generations on my dads side of the family.

When I was diagnosed I was theonly one, or the first one, in my generation to havethis diagnosis and I was the first one that really had a shot at doing something about it, in a realistic way.

I had access to the bestcare, the greatest technology, the most wonderfulphysicians and the support of family and friends.

And there wasn't a possibility, in my mind, that I was going to go down the sameroad that these other 25 woman had been forced down.

My result was going to be different and I was ready to fight for it.

What I'd like to sharewith you is that you don't have an option of waiting on this.

You have to make yourself a priority.

I understand, we're allbusy, we all have kids, we all have families, we all have work, we all have things that we're dealing with.

You must make this a priority.

Early detection is the key.

It's imperative.

You don't want to be ina situation if you can avoid it at all.

Where you're explaining to your kids why you're loosing your hair.

Or where you're tryingto recover from surgery and you're not able towalk your kids to the bus, on the first day of school.

We can do this.

There's all kinds of options for you.

But you have to make an appointment.

You have to go in.

You have to make sure, ifeverything's okay, then that's great and if it'snot, then there's a path for you.

There are experts here that can help you.

There's no question about it.

This is doable.

Even if there's a problem, this is doable.

(upbeat music).

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