September 22, 2020

Skechers GoWalk Smart Wise SlipOn Sneaker

versions but we've got an incredible opportunity with something else that is brand-new and here at a featured price from Skechers it's the classic slip on sneaker with stretch and give and flexibility I love the detailing way to you slip in and feel the support and the cush underneath

which is where your foot meets the road except it's gonna meet comfort like a whole big feeling of memory foam we've got this in the blue we've got the gray we've got this in black we also have it in bright red so four great basic colors that all

matter and we do by the way have these in sizing ready 5 through 12 so excited about that the other thing I love about Skechers is that they are all machine washable so you don't have to stress I mean you could take these out wash your car get

them all soapy and muddy and go gardening and throw them in the washing machine if you want to just kind of erase some of those little scuffs on the white sole you can certainly do that it will remove by the way a big customer pick on this one

a four point four out of five star customer pick on this silhouette it's a slip-on comfort walking sneaker its iconic from the brand Skechers and Emily Smith is joining us on the phone to talk us through hello Emily can you hear me yes I can't why were you

calling in from I'm in Clearwater Florida oh very nice well you're right down the road but we're all doing the right thing here staying as far apart as we need to until it all gets better but in the meantime thanks for talking us through this brand new sketches

to us style of course yes this is new to all and it is fabulous this is one of my favorite go walk shoes that we have come out with it is very very very lightweight it's got a flatness black knit mesh upper that is so soft and combined

with our new smart technology on the bottom this is just your gonna be a growth to walking to you so talk us through this new smart technology on the bottom yeah so it's gonna have a high rebound comfort tiller technology and basically all that is it's a material

that we came up with it feathers we had designers in California and they said walking and all these different movements and we came up it hi rebound is what you need in your step you need that bounce back that bring back and so these little grooves they make

it flexible and they make it rebound the ball did you get all of that technology working with you as you walk very very good we are so limited on this one off oftentimes we can get several thousand of a new-style from Skechers but in this case we have

less than a thousand to go around at this point so with it being a new style for the season new colors and that new technology giving you know the truth is when we walk unless you've got a comfort shoe you're impacting your body and so many jarring ways

there is and I wish I could have everybody reach through the screen and touch this insole tell us about it because it is so wishy and supportive it feels awesome yeah a little bit so we use our technology with basically our version of the yoga mat you're getting

that bounce that spring that pep in your step nobody made it air cooled so we just perforated it from yoga toe you know almost a cooling aspect and air really flows through the shoe very nicely very true good point it does flow it's it's an airy almost an

aerated stretchy upper in the mesh it's really fantastic it's got a little half-inch heel so it's just ideal and you know black always sells itself because there's so many of us once life gets back to normal if you're in in a restaurant business or you stand on your

feet or you're in hospitality required to wear black you definitely want to jump aboard Skechers you know my experience with it is mostly through my man we went to Europe in the fall for two weeks we took my son and he lived he literally all he wore were

Skechers they are the most comfortable shoes honestly from miles and miles and miles so I know for women the same thing is really important because whether we're walking whether we're running whether we're standing old all day on our feet the support is awesome so we're gonna take we're

gonna take a look at our girls we've created some looks for everybody Emily Debbie's gonna take us through what we call our follow the model segment well this is what I call all Americans so Annette has on this Americana look because she has on the red a little

white and a little blue it's so cute but let's start with her measurements if you're just joining us she is what we consider the apples shape which means she has fuller in the bust area fuller in the shoulders but she's narrow in the hips and very slim in

the thighs so we like to try to define a waist and I love the edgy jacket that we put on so this is a beautiful Colleen Lopez jacket it's faux leather but it feels like lambskin it's is one of my favorite jackets it's a Navy and that's why

I call it that Americana look it's so cute you can wear that color any time of year and then right underneath that we have a cute Juliana T so if you need to stock up on tees a classic white if you don't have that classic white just simple

tee get you a couple of these because everything is on three monthly payments and you pay that out over time and then this is another distressed look in the jeans very very popular this morning this is my skinny girl and this is your cropped version so you see

how cute this is it's supposed to come well above the ankle and it's called the Skinnygirl high-rise struck so you can see we're giving a net a waist and it's high-rise so not your little teeny bopper jeans or it's cutting you know below the navel it's a high-rise

for you and I love the distressing in the knee area it just makes you look cool makes you look hip you know you want to be that hip mom and that hip grandmom you know when I go to Kingston school I don't want nobody calling me a grandmama

okay I'm like look I'm the hip cute mama this so this whole outfit is so cute and I love how she popped the shoes with the color so these Skechers are so comfortable ageless if you have not tried Skechers I mean I got my dad's catcher's and I

got my eight year old Skechers 81 eight years old I'm telling you it's for everybody and these are just really really cute and comfortable but I love this look because right now it's all about being casual we're not going a lot of places but if you do need

to run out of the house what a cute look and what a cute like on-the-go shoe but I say that is all Americana collie Navy the white the red it's perfect it might be I love that look cause it's just really it's fresh I love you're gonna pop

of color on the shoe too so red is a great choice very lightweight I mean everybody knows Skechers it's a worldwide brand it is iconic and you know what it's deserve it deserves that reputation that it has because the comfort is there again Emily thank you for joining

us with the technology I was looking through my detailed card and I mean think about this air-cooled gaga Goga matte technology that gives you the high rebound the dual density that you Mont talked about at stability and support and then that high rebound what's called comfort pillar technology

underfoot that helps it really react to every single step that you make you did a great job talking that through and I know we're gonna support that with some animation Emily is this new to this shoe this year our collection now for a while I know we always

thought that it would make it more fresh this is the biggest update that we had we completely revamped the bottom of the shoe without stitching and that inner woven flexible pattern it's just all totally different in a way as we're moving to light your lighter weight but more

density so you're getting that out that spring back you're not have you to pick up a heavy shoe as you're walking yeah I'm really impressed with it I think it's great yeah all right well we are getting limited on some of the colors the gray is gonna be

the first to sell out we've got a hundred and fifty unfortunately the red is available black is the number one bestseller always is we have literally in any choice I mean 150 in the gray but just a couple hundred in any one of the choices if you love

your denims and you will love you know a chambray this is a denim color that would go with darker indigo lighter chambray or anything in between and the flexibility the support the insole the stretch the machine washability and we do have sizes 5 all the way to 12

oftentimes we can't get the extreme sizes but we do have it at least at this point in this style so it is first-come first-serve on a brand-new style from Skechers it is truly I mean I am such a fan of this brand they're so affordable considering how much

technology and support that you're given I love it it feels like you're standing on a yoga mat almost the entire time yes and you set the price you're getting all these you know I'm spilling a lot of verbiage here all the technology that at the end of the

day it is just a very comfortable shoe that will be working with you so I always get worried the people here on this I think oh you know that's too technical for me I don't need all that but the thing is it's so into the shoe you don't

even know you're getting all of it you're just gonna feel so good yeah your feet are gonna smile right back at you so that is a wonderful treat Thank You Emily so much for joining us I really do appreciate it yes of course thank you so much you

bet we'll talk with you soon great value great shoe brand-new it's just a practical choice that you're gonna in fact I was noticing that you could just slip this in like you know if you want to slip out the door grab the mail take the dog on a

walk run to the grocery store do whatever you need to be doing these days sometimes just getting out there and getting a few you know a couple blocks in can just lift your spirits to just kind of getting the blood flowing this is gonna be that sneaker whether

it's for you know physical activity or for just living your active life I know we're down to our final quantities we have I think total 600 and that goes between the red the blue the black and the gray last call on gray but right now don't forget 5

through 12 all sizes still available we're gonna move into another really special little moment this is a moment because you know what I'm obsessed with makeup and we

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