November 29, 2020

🇰🇷SEOUL VLOG | Sneaker Shopping in Garosugil & My 1st Pair of Jordans👟

[Music] time to move this desk again [Music] hi everyone welcome back to gem day today as you guys have seen in the intro we finally rearranged the furniture and our living room definitely looks a lot different right now I'm just really happy that I could work out in

the living room where there is an a/c because it's been getting really hot in my old office space so I can't wait to show you guys what it looks like but before we get started I did mention in a previous blog that I will be donating all of

the revenue earned from this specific block right here and I'm actually going to edit it in while I'm editing this block because the revenue might have gone up but basically I'm going to screenshot it and show you guys and also round up and donate that to an organization

so thank you guys so much for watching and taking part in the donation I usually don't like to do public donations because I don't I don't know something about like showing how much I donate it's just not something like I wanted to do so this is actually the

only public donation that I've ever done so yeah I just wanted to share it with you guys because I did mention it and I guess I wanted to show you guys that this is where I'll be donating it to without me sad June is officially coming to an

end I am honestly not looking forward to the summer because it's just getting hotter and hotter as we speak and with monsoon season it's just I don't want to leave my apartment and I am kind of okay with that because with this new layout I feel more inspired

to edit because I just feel really good this is why I like to change up my furniture even like my bedsheets often because it kind of changes things up and I just feel inspired by that so yeah with this new layout I'll be out in the living room

a lot more and will probably try to upload two vlogs a week I'm gonna stick with Mondays and maybe Thursdays I'm not gonna make that promise yet but I am gonna try to upload two vlogs a week because at one point in my joan day career i was

uploading 10 blogs a week because i was doing three on my main channel and seven on joan Dave so I don't know like while watching some old logs I just kind of remembered that I guess work ethic so I decided to try to do two videos a week

so yeah enough of me rambling let me show you guys a tour of my new living space alright so this corner probably doesn't look that different because I kept it the same because it is still quite new but the calendar the mirror as well as my dicenio– poster

and my perfume and candle corner is still the same it is still new and I really like this layout so I kept it here and I did put a transparent chair right next to it just in case we had more guests and during the summer it gets really

cold inside because of the a/c and some people get cold so I thought this would be like a good light blanket for everyone and then here we have the living space we kind of wanted it to look like a cafe so we have the marble table as as

the couches and pillows here and then I moved this shelf to this side of the corner because it was just like looking really empty and here is my workspace so I moved the desk to the middle and I also moved this shelf which was over there to this

side so as you guys can see I basically have the same things this part is not complete I am gonna get a shelf for all of these so you guys will see that in like a later vlog it's still on its way so I'm just waiting for that

but here is my workspace I'm very happy about it because it's just so much cooler because the a/c is right there so I don't have to feel hot and warm and I don't have to sweat while I'm editing so this is basically what my new living space looks

like I really like this sofa as well because then I could sit here and film videos so we basically kept everything in mind while we were making this arrangement so yeah I'm very happy with how it looks and yeah here is the full living space alright everyone it

is time to head on out I am going to kado secure with my brother to meet up with IO and her boyfriend we hung out a lot in New York so the four of us got really close io and I were already close but then all four of

us got close because we hung out so much so now that Abe is out of quarantine we're just going to catch up with them and we really want to go to the new Jordan store in kata su care Abe and I have been obsessed with the last danced

documentary and I honestly never really cared much about sneakers but after watching a particular episode I kind of like spent hours just looking online for Jordans and we'll see what they have when we check it out today but I'm really looking forward to it so it should be

really fun because that store I only saw it in pictures look so cool and so yeah I'm going to try to vlog every day [Music] how excited are you to see the new Jordan store in Seoul I'm excited to be in the presence of greatness oh my gosh

here we are you won't find these in here all right let's go meet up with young and on inside cool yellow water I'm just like capturing all of your fanboy [Music] you know that this supreme pocket tech or home decor I wanted to come in and custom the

one loathe the make you only do the custom makes so I'm just gonna buy this like right now yeah just like wow like Michael Jordan you know you know saying Michael Oh baby I'm like I'm such a bad dude you definitely are yeah I watched so many YouTube

videos just on Jordan we've been and Rodman she went down a deep pool like every time he would walk into my room out listening to NBA like like NB podcasts and videos Jordan of us LeBron no no okay Jordan is goat is this Mensa my name's Marty it's

so nice they've opened the dumb dude Lucky's fake nods aiders are like all up on the dogs right now come on the browser Safari joint I don't know where these are the 13 black on black the I love keys behind the kids come on bro [Music] yeah these

are gr none of these are G ours [Music] wait did it fit though yeah all right cool ever say surprisingly it's not yours okay well good okay Kyle I need to be know we're gonna go to Spain club [Music] Oh there was a packet waiting for me at

the door and they are a bunch of new face masks from lush they made these yesterday for me which means I have four weeks to finish them up so I'm gonna need another face to make sure we could use this while they are fresh so a what join

me boy we're gonna do face masks ah dude I just dried my hair I don't care they hooked it up with the face map and let's look through all of them you can pick which one you want to use it is so easy it's time it does not

smell like seaweed it's very fresh we have to finish using the same oh my gosh rosy cheeks that's a pink man smell this one or do that's no rosy cheeks yeah I want to try rosy cheeks oh well huh oatmeal I want to eat this Oh be my

job you basically leave this on for like 5-10 minutes and so after we apply it you can just chill for five minutes and then wash it off yourself and on my shower or so but we'll watch the Jordan documentary today we're watching joy document yeah like a red

one or well you'll know I'll do this what cosmetic warrior no no no no no hey well I mean I would root for the Warriors if there's like no California team available no but Steve Kerr it goes oh yeah we're in honor of Steve Kerr yeah it also

sounds like a Marvel Mass this blue one's really nice yeah it's like avenging your cosmetics no no no so heartily many cheeks cuz it smells good right or should I do a time these all smell so good well you're gonna be spending time with me so don't do

me time no I'm gonna I'm gonna leave it all while I shower and wash it off at the end nice okay you want your NBA game and I'll meet you outside after I have homework this was made by poll this one as well all right let's apply this

what it looks like I look like a bum it's cool oh it's sticky how do I apply it just like that if you're the ultimate beauty guru he rush Thank You forgeting wow it feels so nice right dude it smells like oh it smells so good lose your

smell like cuz mine dude my smells like a hospital obvious I don't know what a hospital office smells I'm like MPD I took psych only going to go in for like a shot this is the smelly smell no really it's not like smells like anything else anyone who

knows what that is if you will know that what it is then you definitely are from California yeah wow this feels really good I like how it feels okay oh it feels good when do i I don't know it's like really sticky and I hate sticky feeling it'll

dry up but it's said in the instruction not to leave it on for more than 10 10 seconds see they say you don't know 10 minutes because um it will like dry out and you know you don't really want that for your skin so no it's a time

your selfie okay I don't really know what's good for your skin actually no I do Who am I kidding what have you been up to usually Legum what have you been using for skincare um a lot of primary products yeah eight it is actually a huge fan we

both carry this is room this is for your viewers this is nightmare fuel oh my god towards the end of joan day dude I am so sorry if you're watching this late at night cuz you not only get to see an ugly me which is like everyday but

like a disgusting clown looking I love this we gotta do this every day no no why come on it doesn't it doesn't feel good nor does it look good it doesn't feel good I mean it just feels like paste although I do like that I do appreciate that

it's very like cold yeah and it actually does feel kind of therapeutic so I'll give it that 5 minutes or 10 minutes 5 to 10 minutes alright some incidents bye bye alright we are now going to watch the final episode of the last dance we actually left early

to watch this and we've been saving the last episode because our hearts were not ready for it but I think we are now especially after my first Jordan purchase I have something to remember this documentary by and honestly I kind of want to get the up tempos which

are also the Pippen shoes but I just don't look good in high tops or like big chunky shoes so I'm gonna have to think about that some more but I am totally satisfied with my Jordan one Lowe's I honestly sound like a sneaker head but I'm not I'm

really not I don't know anything about sneakers I was so lost at that store but Abel is there to guide me you all saw him open that book of ESPYs and I literally had no idea what he was talking about but I'm ready eight right you ready oh

I hate have to be right yeah you have to be we have to watched it how does your skin feel after the mess dude it feels really soft yeah that wasn't real soft yeah your skin feel good yep I know I don't look good but phil's last year

[Music] take it faster than a heartbeat if [Music] like nobody was watching but it's so hard to get so you cuz when you see the Sun and I see them

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