November 29, 2020

Rothy's Sneaker Review // Recycled Plastic Shoes

(music) Hello, friends! Welcome back to my channel!If you guys are new here, hello.

My name is Kristen and thank you so much forclicking on this video! I'm so excited! I am going to tell you aboutRothy's.

Yes, Rothy's and give you a review of their sneakers.

So, let's get into it.

So it looks like you can pull this.

The only plastic are these two littleplastic tape strips there.

This isn't pulling us easily as- here we go!BOOM! Hey, heyyyyy.

Oh, and you can use it again.

Good job, Rothy's.

You're awesome.

Also, I love that they don't put a box in a box whenthey're shipping it.

It's just the shoebox itself.

There's not a ton ofpackaging inside.

So, props to them for reducing the amount of packaging andultimately saving waste.

Look at the shoeeeeee.

Okay, so this is paper, which is good.

Looks like they're sticking true to the sustainable aspect of everything, becausesome brands will like claim they're sustainable and ethical and then you getthe stuff and it's like, not so much.

Then there are these care cards.

Machine washcold 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

What's cool is you can recycle these at the end ofits life.

What up? So let's try them on for the first time.

Shall we?One shoe.

Oh my god.

These are so comfortable.

My shoe is on.

YASSSSS! I'm aweirdo.



(music) So something, that isn't talked aboutenough, is recycling.

Like, yes, recycling is good.

But 91 percent of the world'srecycling doesn't get recycled.

So all of that plastic ends up in the landfill.

SoI love how Rothy's is taking something that would otherwise be going to thelandfill and they're using those materials to make shoes.

(music) So, in threeyears, they have saved 30 million plastic water bottles from landfills.

They've diverted them from landfills and turned them into shoesssss.

(music) So they don't cut theirfabric from a massive piece of fabric.

They're all like made individually.

So itactually ends up saving a ton of textile waste.

So they do really strive for zerowaste while they're making it.

They're all so ethically made because they havetheir own manufacturing workshop.

So everyone's being paid fairly, it'sall ethical, which I obviously look for when I'm buying something new and notused from a thrift store.

(music) The outsoles are vegan, recyclable, carbon-free rubberand TPU.

(music) The insoles are made from bio-basedcastor oil and recycled materials.

So, awesome.

(music) So let's try these out.

Shall we? (music) Okay, so walking in them- they like feelsuper comfortable.

They feel fine.

They feel really good.

They're comfy.

I don'tknow if these would be like an all-day walking shoe.

(music) Now, I do have to say, since wearing the Rothy's, I did get some blisters, when I wasn't wearing socks.

SoI would highly recommend wearing socks with, at least, the sneaker version of Rothy's.

Also, because it is made of recycled plastics, I would recommend checking outmy zero waste laundry video.

I'll have that linked up in the cards.

But, I dorecommend either a Cora Ball or a Guppy bag, just so that it's collecting all ofthe plastic microfibers when you are washing these shoes, just because whenyou do wash things with plastic, little tiny microfiber plastics will get intothe wash and then go down into our waterways.

So that is something to keepin mind, as well.

(music) Let's talk about the pros and the consof Rothy's.

First off, they're really expensive.

They're actually over $100.

So I don't- I KNOW they're not accessible to everyone who's interested insustainability and I think that's why when a lot of people think ofsustainability, they think it's expensive.

They just see the new sustainable brandson the market, rather than thinking of buying things secondhand.

Secondhandshopping and thrifting is the cheapest and lowest cost way to live moresustainably and I'm always going to stress buying secondhand, rather thanbuying something new.

I think sometimes, especially me even, people just wantsomething new, every once in a while.

You know? Especially with shoes.



I have areally hard time finding barely used shoes.

I am just one of those people thatdon't want to buy very used shoes.

I want something that's gonna last a lot longer.

So I want something in pretty new condition.

I will always find things onPoshmark when I'm looking for shoes because a lot of times at the thrift stores, it's really hard to find like new or new shoes in the thrift store.

So shopping onplaces like Poshmark or Ebay or Mercari is obviously going tobe, like, the best sustainable option, when you're trying to find something like new.

But, yeah, that's definitely a downside is the price just because obviously, a lotof people don't have just $100 to drop on some new shoes.

Secondly, the fact thatthe shoes are made out of plastic is kind of a pro and a con.

So yes, it's madeout of recycled water bottles, which is amazing because we're diverting a ton ofplastic from landfills, from entering waters and all of that and creatingsomething that we're gonna use on a daily basis.

It's definitely a pro and acon because they're advertising that it ismachine washable, which is great.

We all like something that is machine washable.

However, every time you put something in a washing machine, when it is made ofplastic, it's going to shed microplastics.

I talked about this earlier in the video, and every time those microplastics are shed, when they are in the washingmachine, they're gonna go down with the water.

They get into our waterways.

Theygo into rivers and streams and lakes and oceans.

Overall, that's not a great thingeither.

But, I do like the fact that we are using something that would otherwisemaybe not be recycled, because 91 percent of our plastic is not recycled.

So, I dolike that sustainability spin on it.

But definitely using a plastic, it just- it'sgood but it's also bad at the same time.

It's a hard thing.

But I think, ultimately, it is great that Rothy's is creating things out of recycled plastic.

But, becareful if you are putting it in the washing machine.

Get a Cora Ball or aGuppy Friend Bag.

Now, let's talk about the pros.

It's obviously supersustainable.

It is made out of recycled materials (the recycled plastic), which iswonderful.

They also have their own sustainable workshop/ factory, whateveryou want to call it.

So they are in charge of paying people fairly, havinggood working conditions.

You are voting with your dollar.

I'm not going to put mydollar towards Forever21 because obviously, things are not ethically orsustainably made.

But, with something like Rothy's, they are making things ethicallyand sustainably.

(music) Thank you guys so much for watching! Ifyou liked this video, please give me a thumbs up! You can follow me on all of mysocial media platforms, including my Patreon.

Let me know if you guys havetried Rothy's and which styles you like.

And if youdon't like them, let me know as well.

Like I said, I just got them.

So far, they'redoing really great and I do really enjoy them, especially the fact that they'remachine washable.

Amazing! So I hope I will see you guys in my next video anduntil then, BYEEEEEEE.


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