September 22, 2020

Rick Ross goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

what everybody its Joe from complex were in LA at flight club with rick ross the biggest pull-up you let the doors up you just stick a foot out rooms in gonna do some sneaker shopping today we're gonna see what he's feeling what he's not not necessarily those moto

jigs and then i'll hopefully he's gonna pick up some sneakers most definitely let's go please believe me it's only right since we're kicking the show off we might as well set it off with well actually my favorite submit three classic this right here don't care if you got

on the giuseppe sneaker I feel like a knock your girl she's gonna said now these the best right here I'm saying the greatest ever of basketball room saying this represent MJ to the fullest other than the three as you can see I'm rocking is my sixes right you

see so if I was just step back these right here infrared sixes this game move after that but I'm just telling you don't never play yourself when you pull up in that black on black double on you jump out that thing like that there is game over pretty

much you've lost a twin amount of weight does it have an effect on the sneakers you rock it might it might have an effect yeah because the jeans sit and the sneakers the way they need to you exactly it ain't the regular 501 Levi's here might be balm

on it might be something like never know we call them Balmain okay okay sir everyone sees you courtside with another person who was on this show dj khaled right we saw his closet are you competitive with your friend when it comes to sneakers you know dj khaled is

most definitely somebody I look up to in a sneaker game because he is considered a sneaker god okay never soft and he got to put a call in and say yo way you got him from and I won't reveal my plug you know that type of thing you

know sometimes with me you know you know hate on each other that type of friend I resisted real clear soup definitely let's talk about some artists collaborations Kanye had his own shoe Drake has his own Jordan are you a fan of those sneakers um not necessarily those model

J's attends not necessarily yeah not necessarily those even though those was never mind my go-to these might have been so you're more of like a gray color way instead of the white you know I'm arrived with in threes and six okay all the way out and as far

as their the Yeezy zone of course you know the first wave of Easy's I had all those that he did with Nike yeah did you know the new ones you know I got me a couple powders as well you know that's my homie that look you know I'm

supporting we see you courtside at the Miami Heat games crew how tough was it to wear LeBrons now that he went back to green yeah alright y'all you know I love Ron that's still my big homie but when they come to his sneakers you know we got to

acknowledge the bronze the South beaches I think these was by far the most popular in Miami you know Miami dudes we always love bright colors you know what I'm saying they might match the Lambo you understand pull up you let the doors up you just stick a foot

out limbs in you know as well as these court these actually my favorite yeah the cork sir I actually got these as a gift from Stalin okay shout out to Skyler three three okay I'm saying I got these man I rock these actually one time and I put

them up I'm saying I let bran shine them whenever you come by the spot what is the raw spent signature sneaker majority of the time it's a house really to one else slippers US Wall Street whatever it is that I'm around I usually grab but Karachi's I wouldn't

even work out in these these are more casual Rocha is blind Nets you know this this most definitely off today I'm saying layin friend may stop by you want to make sure she's CDs I hear you yeah yeah most definitely that's what these is this is fly apparel

we've talked about everything now's the time you get to try on sneakers you want what you see that you were feeling like I told you at the top of the show I got love for the sixes okay while ah here we are waiting Moroni yeah I gotta have

these I need these in 11 need them in 11 when I walked in i didn't get the kick catching in my hand but I seen a pair easy okay about it register okay I think we need to check those out one thing take my mom pretty much caught

up on the lows it was the boot that got my first one right okay all right so Rick the original adidas Yeezy white maroon sixes I think we got a full day let's ring them up just ring them up in young Rahzel I want to see those uh

clothing that other thing tool for no reason and chocolate M&Ms you know how'd you two the game Rick thanks so much for coming through much more as you guys can see he bought two pair of Yeezys one pair of Jordan sixes everyone go check out black market in

stores now we have supreme supreme is like that girl everybody horner and she my game I've always loved original you know I got like five of these but you got another ten and have eleven I don't make a hollow hollow every album that's not who I am try

to leave my big wheel right-hand run upstairs and get Khalid I'm the best

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