September 24, 2020

Prom 2020 Stuck At Home

(upbeat music) – All right, the time has come.

I couldn't go to the store to get flowers, so I had to find whatwas here in the house, so you've got some sparkly, this will match her dress.

Thinking right there.

(knocks)(door opens) – Hey! – Hi.

– Hey.

How y'all doing? – You ready to go to prom?(Jordan laughs) – Oh my gosh, I got a sparkly (laughs) Sparkalicious (gasps) a golden flower with sparkles.

Yes! Hi guys, it's Jordan andwelcome back to my channel.

If you guys don't already know, you probably already know bythe title, but if you didn't, This is prom! Welcome to my Prom 2020 video.

So as you guys know, we're all in like, shutdown because thenational health problem that's going on right now, y'all know what I'm talking about.

We're all in quarantine, self-isolating but, we figured might as well makethe best out of our situation, because I was so sad, Ihad got all ready for prom.

I had, I bought my promdress and everything and I was like, “dude, this is the last dance “that I can go to, 'causeI'm a senior in high school, “I'm not gonna be ableto go to any others!” So, we might as well do one at home.

– Let's do this! – So let's go ahead and go upstairs, also by the way, I do not know what anythingupstairs looks like, everybody's been like, working upstairs to decorate, and I am so excited, I have no idea what itlooks like, but yeah.

– Do you notice that thebutterfly matches your dress? – I know I'm like, oh look at that! I'm like a disco ball, also if you wanna see the full transformation ofme getting ready for prom and the whole process of the day, of like, the prom day craziness, make sure to check out my earlier video on Jordan Mae Williams.

Self-promo, okay, let'sgo upstairs, you ready? – Let's do this.

– Also I'm really tall, but I'm wearing heels.

(laughs) I'm gonna trip in my dress! (laughs) I cannot walk in a dress.

Oh geez.

I have to waddle upstairs! Also, I'm sunburned.

– I think we were— Tiny bit.

– Are left at the box fort.

– Oh it's a box fort, perfect, yes! Oh! What! Oh my goodness! Thank you! (laughs)- [Dad] Well hello.

– Wow! A Hawaiian! Because I love Hawaii and I love – And you wanted- the beach, – To Hawaii.

I wanted to go to the beach so bad! – So we brought Hawaii to you! – Oh my gosh, 'cause literally, all I wanted for my senior trip was to go somewhere warm with a beach.

I literally just wanted togo somewhere with a beach.

– I think we turned upthe heat in here too.

– Anywhere.

– It's hot.

– Wow! Awe! – Should we start off withgetting pictures taken? This is like, the nice classic picture.

(camera clicks) Wait, wait, where are the other guests? Are we the only ones? (laughs) Are we the only people here? – No, here it is, queue in the background people! – [Jordan] The extras? (Audrey whooping) – Thank you.

– [Jordan] Oh my goodness! – Wow.

– [Jordan] Wow! (Jordan laughs) They're Hawaii, – We're all dressed up.

– [Jordan] Yes! (claps) Wow.

– [Mom] Pictures?- [Dad] Okay, Let's take pictures, here.

– Oh, Photographer's here! – Ready? (camera clicks) – [Jordan] Logan came to the party! – [Audrey] Logan! – [Jordan] Logan's here to party! – [Mom] Do you want me to take pictures on my phone for you? – [Jordan] Oh, it's a table legs! – [Dad] He's going for the snacks! – [Audrey] He has his priorities! – [Spencer] He knows, he knows.

– [Mom] More pictures please! – [Spencer] He knows what he wants.

– [Mom] We want some more pictures! – [Jordan] Oh, more pictures.

– [Audrey] Solo pics now? – Apparently we're doing solo pics.

(camera clicks) – All right-y, all right-y.

– [Jordan] All right, my pictures are done!- [Dad] Okay, extras get their pictures.

– [Jordan] Wow, the extrasgo and get their, (laughs) Yes!- [Dad] They're so excited.

(laughs) – [Jordan] Wow.

Get the back angle.

(all scream) (all laugh) – [Dad] Oh, you're gettinga picture with your puppy? All right, picture with the puppy.

(Dad laughs) – Okay, we need to adjust Logan.

– [Audrey] Pictures of the Log-sters? – No, just Logan, I'm gonna hold him up.

– [Audrey] Logan went to prom! (Jordan laughs) – [Dad] Just Logan? (Audrey laughs) – [Mom] He's so confused.

(Dad laughs) – He's scratching my hair! – [Audrey] Logan went to prom by himself.

– Good boy, Logan! – [Dad] Logan!- [Jordan] I think he liked it.

– [Dad] You gotta go to your– – [Jordan] (laughs) He's wagging his tail! He loves prom! Logie would have so much fun at prom! – [Dad] Have you checkedout everything in here? Look at this! – [Audrey] Look at him, he's so cute! (Jordan squeals) – [Dad] Logan's all decorated now? (Dad laughs) – [Jordan] Awe, he's so cute! – [Mom] Let's get this party started! – [Dad] Okay.

– [Jordan] Yeah, let's go through with it.

– [Dad] Whoa, what's going on over here in this corner? In this area? – Wait, mom isdouble-whammying as the DJ too? – [Dad] Are you DJ Katie? – DJ Katie, with your dog Logan! Mom's date is Logan.

– I say we hit the snackbar before our drinks melt! – [Jordan] Let's do it, I'm actually hungry! – We made fancy drink, we made Mojitos, non-alcoholic.

– Also, flash warning right now.

There might be flashes, I don't know.

Okay, Wow! – Here's your little treats.

– We made them ourselves, we made them all.

Check out my video if you wanna watch it.

Oh, self-promo! – Oh! Wow.

– Here you go.

– Audrey, I can finally getyou back from all these years! I can finally do this to you! – No, baby, no.

– Oh, hi, pup! You wanna know something so cool? Watch this.

– [Spencer] I'm scared that he's gonna, – I forgot to showcasethis in my other video.

Pockets! – [Dad] All right, (Audrey yelling) (Spencer screeches) – [Spencer] Don't drink it!- Cheers, everybody! (Jordan laughs) – Oh, there's not enough sugar in it! (Mom laughs) (Jordan retches) (Mom laughs) – That's a, – What is this! – It's supposed to be sweeter! – Well, I think I taste the lime like, that's all I taste.

– It's bad, but itactually tastes very lime.

– You know what I'm tasting, I'm eating mint leaves, straight-up, mint leavesstraight-up after they soaked in La Croix! (retches) – It is La Croix.

– It's mint leaves that you soaked in La Croix.

– We're gonna need to get more sugar in them.

– Wowza! – Well, that was good! If we drink too much of this, if we drink too much of this, we may not remember the night, so probably better, – If you don't know what Mojitos are, how do you explain them? What are they? – [Mom] Mojitos, thisis a mocktail Mojito, there's no alcohol in it.

– It's mint.

– Yeah, but like, what is, like what, – [Mom] It's seltzerwater with mint and lime.

That's it.

– [Jordan] Oh, I like the music.

– [Dad] I like the decoration better.

– Same.

This is the only dance moveI actually know how to do, so I'm just gonna doit for the entire time.

– This is my favorite dance move.

(bright music) – It's so easy and so cute! Watch out.

(claps) – [Dad] What! – Oh gosh.

(all laugh) – Wait, oh! (vocalizes) – Oh yeah, hold my drink.

– Oh man.

– All right, you ready? I've learned this by doing some TikToks.

Here we go.

– Oh.

(clapping) (laughs) Audrey, go, your turn!- It's a dance-off! – Dance off!- [Dad] A TikTok dance-off! – TikTok dance-off! – I don't know any TikTok, I don't know! Wait.

(clapping) (Jordan yells) I don't know, but I'mdoing the chicken dance! – I was gonna do extra! – Spencer's turn! Spencer doesn't have a TikTok, but he knows one dance.

(Jordan hums) – Oh gosh! (Jordan laughs) (Jordan cheers) (clapping) – I think we all are winners.

Yeah! – [Spencer] Back to the regular scheduled program of halting.

– [Mom] More refreshments? – Yeah, guys, back to the refreshments! Let's go! – It couldn't get any better than this.

– I've, okay, I'm just saying, I'm so proud of this dress for having pockets, I boughtit thinking it did not have pockets, and I'm so happy.

It's so amazing.

(whooping) What is this? – Ice cream! – [Jordan] It's– (stutters) – You guys have to try at the same time, we ate some beforehand so we'remaking it just for you two.

– You ate it? – [Spencer] That is theworst-looking ice cream cone I have ever seen in my life.

– [Audrey] Oh, thanks.

Wait, wait to eat it, wait 'til dad has his.

– He wants a, oh, he almost licked it! – [Spencer] Logan, you do not want this.

(Jordan laughs) – Once again, you can find atutorial on AllAroundAudrey.

– Also, if you want to be a crazy person and eat it with a spoon! – Oh, I do.

(laughs) Yum.

– [Audrey] Tell us how you like, how you like.

– It smells like frosting, the ice cream.

– Why is it like sli– – [Spencer] Where'd the music go? – [Audrey] I gotta put the jams back on! – Okay, ready? (Audrey laughs) – It's addictively disgusting.

(girls laugh) – So gross! – It's better with a spoon, though.

– It's like slimy, it'slike, seriously, like mucus.

– My explanation for it, is it's like cake batter that tried to be ice creamand failed miserably.

(Jordan laughs) Mixed with some sort ofchemical, I don't know.

– Hey, how about this, – Except it has the texture – How about I take a little, – of mucus.

– A little of this mucus, (all laugh) Okay, whoever is on thesnack committee is fired.

– Hey, give us one more shot! – [Dad] Okay.

– Things will hopefully– – No, we have two more tries.

– Oh yeah, hopefully thesewill be actually good.

– So these are girlscout cookies, homemade.

– [Jordan] Homemade girl, wait, why are they so, why are they so like, (laughs) – [Spencer] Well, we have the girl.

– And the scout! – Oh! – Girl, scout! (all laugh)cookies! – Oh my goodness.

Can I dip it in my drink? – Oh! Okay, we're gonna try it, homemade.

Cheers, cheers, cheers, oh I don't wanna cheersbecause it's got the– – “Whoa cookie, ” ready, one, two, three.

– (in unison) Whoa, cookie! – I don't know what that is.

(Jordan grunts) – Chewy.

– They are chewy.

– I have a feeling your saliva's in this.

I don't know why I do.

Did you lick your fingersand touch this or something? – No! – First impression, tasteslike a Tootsie Roll.

– Yes! – [Spencer] Yeah?- A Tootsie Roll.

– Tootsie Roll, – Where's the mint? These are supposed to be Thin Mints.

– No mints, but hey, ifyou wanna suck on this, there's some mint in here.

– That's not mint, that is lime juice! That is straight lime juice.

– Okay, guys, different drink for y'all.

Hold up.

– Audrey, we forgotthe flavored ice cubes! (Audrey screams)(Spencer screams) – Flavored ice cubes? Tastes like a Tootsie Roll, but like, with the texture of like, abrownie bite, but like, way like, thinner.

– Next up we have the mini soda shop.

– [Jordan] Oh, bro, I want it.

– We've got assortment of flavors, we have orange, wehave cherry, orange-cherry, apple, apple and raspberry, and raspberry.

– This is gonna be my favorite one, I already know.

– So what would you like? – Oh, I want, I want Cherry-Orange.

– Okay.

– Or this one.

– I forgot how to do this soI hope I'm doing this right.

– Actually, I think this one's good, we've, this is from an old YouTube challenge of ours, – Which one do you want? – The middle one, and it was actually- I've drank almost all of this.

– good, from what I remember.

Don't you have to put the carbonation in too?- Now put one of these in your Mojitos, it'llprobably make it taste better.

(Dad laughs)- [Jordan] Whoa! – We made ice cubes with the extras! – This is the extra of this stuff.

– Oh my gosh.

– [Mom] That could be yummy.

– Okay, oh it's fizzing! It's fizzing! Oh my goodness! – Does anybody have any Tums? – Dad, what do you want? – I'll take the House special.

– Okay.

– Why did I rememberthis as being so good? Wait.

(Mom laughs) – Oh that gives me so much confidence.

– [Jordan] I think youshould get the grape flavor.

– [Dad] I'm getting the House special.

– House special, it is.

– [Dad] I don't know what it is.

– [Jordan] Oh my goodness! – [Dad] I don't knowwhy you're turning that.

– This is a carbonation.

– You know what it is? It's medicine, straight-up.

– Are we drinking cough medicine? – I wanna try one, I never got one.

– It's like Tums mixedwith like, Benadryl.

– [Mom] Are you guys ready to dance? – Yeah! (upbeat music) – [Mom] Okay, guys, who's ready to limbo? – Limbo? Yes! Yes! (Spencer screeches) – [Mom] Let's do the limbo! – Hold up, I have a disadvantage, I need to take off these heels.

– I have a disadvantage, I'mold enough to be your father.

– Okay, heels are going off, Oh! (beep) – [Mom] (singing) Limbo, limbo, limbo! – Logan, come here! It's Logan's turn! Come here, puppy! – [Mom] Oh, good, he did it! – [Jordan] I have afeeling Logan's gonna win.

– Oh no.

(all laugh) – [Audrey] Come on, dad, go! – [Mom] Wait, that's cheating! – [Audrey] That's cheating! – Let me show you howit's done, hold this.

– Okay, how about you show us? – You're the holder.

– [Mom] Oh yeah! – [Jordan] Whoa! – I can't bend like that.

– [Jordan] Oh!- [Mom] Limbo, limbo, limbo! Nope, down further! – Dad, you have to go past it! – [Mom] Limbo, limbo, limbo! – Logan's got this, easy, he's ready.

Okay, I shouldn't do this in a dress, this is uncomfy.

Okay, – [Mom] Wait! Wait, go or no? – [Mom] No, Jake, yougotta have it down like, right here, there you go.

– Okay.

– [Mom] Okay, ready? – Hopefully those yearsof gymnastics paid off, we're gonna find out.

– [Mom] Oh yeah, okay, David! – Go, “yeet!” (Dad grunts) – [Jordan] Oh no! Logan, (laughs) – [Mom] Oh, yeah! (Jordan laughs) (all cheering) – How low are we gonna go? – To the floor! – [Mom] 'Til one person wins! – I don't wanna trip, I'm so scared.

– [Dad] Okay, here you go.

– [Audrey] Yeah you have a disadvantage in your dress.

(all cheering) – Audrey, how do you thinkyou're gonna get past? – Whoa! – [Jordan] It's scary, mom! – I'm out, boys.

– [Dad] Okay, here you go.

– [Spencer] And girls.

(all cheering) – [Jordan] Come on, Spencer! (all screaming) – [Jake] I thought he was gonna make it.

– [Jordan] So close, so close! – [Dad] So close.

There you go.

All right, here we go, Jordan.

– I feel like Rapunzelwith my like, dress.

– [Dad] Jordan, Jordan, Jordan! – (in unison) Jordan, Jordan, Jordan! Jordan, Jordan, Jordan! Jordan, Oh! (all cheering) – I don't know if it worked- [Dad] Okay.

that time, I kind offell forward at the end, I don't know if it counts.

– This is half my height! – [Dad] Yup, let's see it! Audrey, (in unison) Audrey, Audrey! Audrey, Audrey, Audrey, Audrey! (all cheering) – [Dad] Good job! – I think that's good enough for, my back is gonna break! – Yeah, 'cause I ate, – I have to stick with my flossing.

– I feel like I'm from Wreck-It Ralph, one of those people? – You ready? We're going double-time.

(upbeat music) (Jordan laughs) – Wait, wait, everybodyfloss, everybody floss.

– This is what we do when, (Jordan laughs) (Audrey laughs) (Mom laughs) – Are you having fun? (Mom laughs) (Jordan yells) – [Mom] Now we have Prom King and Queen! – What? – [Mom] Gather 'round, guys- Drumroll! Prom King and Queen! – Prom King and Queen! – Totally gonna be us.

– Oh yeah, it's us.

– Totally us.

– [Mom] It's – Logan!- Logan! Come here, sit down! Good boy! – [Mom] 2020 Prom Queen is Jordan! (all cheering) – Oh my goodness! – [Mom] And Prom King is David Williams! (Jordan cheers) – Wait, no it's Logan! I think you got it messed up, I think it was Logan.

– Good job.

– [Spencer] Good job, you deserve it.

– Thanks!- What's your speech? – Oh, what does this say? – [Audrey] Nothing.

– [Spencer] It doesn't say anything.

– Oh, I thought it said happy birthday! My speech is, (clapping) – [Mom] Everybody form a circle! – Form a circle, let's go! – All four of us? – Square circle?- Square! – [Mom] Put your left footin, put your left foot out, put your left foot inand shake it all about! Do the Hokey-Pokey andturn yourself around, that's what it's all about!- That's what it's all about! – So good at dancing! – Okay you guys! Thank you so much for watching this video, that was my prom 2020, at home, quarantine edition.

Thank you so much for everybody, for helping set this up, Thank you so much!- I had the best date ever! – [Spencer] Sorry the snacks were awful.

– They were so good, whatare you talking about? Anyways, thank you, thanks for watching this video, make sure to give it a big thumbs up, and subscribe and I'llsee you guys next time! Bye! – Bye (upbeat music).

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