September 22, 2020

Ozarks FOX AM-Heart Heath with the Wiersema Family Kallie Report-02/01/19

welcome back everybody it is national wear red day for the American Heart Association and Kaylee has a story about a little girl born with a heart defect Kaylee we are kicking off this heart-healthy month of February with an inside look at how one diagnosis changed one local family's

lives forever i sat down with the weir summer family to share their story of hope inspiration and heart whoa like you know an hour ago she was healthy and then this guy comes in and does this test and we found out she's not but she looked fine you

know it's like a doctor that doesn't work here on his day off that came in to look at her and I was like has all these tubes coming out of her and you know like multiple IVs and it's hard to comfort them when you can't hold them alexis

was born with tetralogy of flow it's one of the most common congenital heart defects were four defects of the heart coincide a hole in the wall between the two lower chambers or ventricles of the heart narrowing of the pulmonary valve and main pulmonary artery the aortic valves are

enlarged and seemed to open from both ventricles rather than from the left ventricle only and the muscular wall of the lower right chamber of the heart is thicker than normal according to the CBC this condition affects around one and 2500 babies per year because she doesn't have a

working pulmonary valve there is some backflow with the blood going from the heart to the lungs but they're keeping an eye on that and I think if there was a lot more of an issue with that she would probably notice and be uncomfortable but as far as a

day-to-day basis right now we don't have to worry about it according to the doctor like if she was running a sprinting race with a friend she might be a little bit slower but she and so she would notice that maybe but she can't really feel it Alexis underwent

surgery hours after she was born and most likely we'll need more procedures in the future right now for Leo guys coming she's happily living life as a three-year-old that's another thing that was kind of scary when we were expecting another child we were worried that they would also

have the same party bag and our doctor assured us that you know we didn't have to worry about that most likely she would be healthy and she wise it's something that you live with every day and continually so it's been it's been an adventure but we wouldn't trade

her for anything would we tetralogy of flow may be diagnosed in testan during pregnancy or soon after your baby is born without a doubt alexis is a brave little girl with a bright future ahead others you may know who have this condition include three-time Olympic gold medal snowboarder

Shaun White and Jimmy Kimmel son whose condition he's openly talked about on his show guys back to you Wow Kaylee thank you for that isn't that amazing yes my nephew Joshua was born with a heart condition he had surgery about a week after he was born and still

has up until a certain age he's now 21 yes a sophomore at Texas A&M University doing well however here's what's scary with his condition he got checked every six months for a long time than it was every year and he wasn't allowed to play sports yeah which he

wanted to and then finally the doctors cleared him for I think baseball and he wanted to play sport so bad yeah a couple years ago in Colorado the high altitudes oh that makes a difference he's passed out oh we're all stressed out so we're saying Joshua please don't

play sports we're just going to live a healthy long life so getting your heart checked out it's very important it really is and my niece also has one is she's doing great is she doing well he had a surgery right off the bat – yeah see it happens


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