September 21, 2020

Nike SB Dunk Low Elite Medicom BE@RBRICK QS Sneaker Unboxing

hey YouTube tonight we're gonna beunboxing the 2017 Medicom BE@RBRICK Nike SB collab so let's get to it welcome back YouTube it's mr.

B frompint of stuff if you're new to these parts we kind of sneak around boxing'syes we do but you're not interested in my rambling you want to see the latestunboxing we've got and it is a special one it really is so without further adowe shall grab Monsieur Las trusty Global we all know who he is so I shallplace him there we will get the box now already and if you watch the intro andif you didn't why didn't you you can tell that this box has come fromnike.

com so let's do it right we are gonna speed up about now limey rightright or why I'm sure the global he's gone but we're straight back into thebox of fun first of all let's get rid of a paperwork and okay the right way butit's not your standard Tiffany box more of your black and black and Tiffany I'vegot a few of these just for you people out there on the internet and that'swhere this video is it's a Nike SB zoom dunk low elite quick strike size 12that's a us 12 and these are a UK 11 they are a black black white medium greyall francais wah-wah-wah-wah and the number four all of you statistician oractually just code geeks is eight double seven zero six three zero zero two butwe're not interested in that nothing else no other distinguishing marks onthe box standard Nike box here shiny right so we go we go we open okay so thefirst thing to think about is we've got the woodcut paper we all know we've allseen that before all I'm gonna tease you lot I really amgonna tease you lot and yes so there's woodcut paperSJ there's woodcut paper but look at these look at these okay so we're gonnaput that there we're gonna put this there we're gonna say disappointed inNike in general in just shock in the white laces in Chuck in the white lacesin so I'm going to chuck them in the box put this box aside and we are going tolo and behold take a look at let's take the paper out warm and warm so first ofall packed in a really brother inappropriate manner I feel we've gotthe dunk low elite quick strike now this is the and I think the logo logo for usJake have you got that logo you put in a face I'm not sure so this is the thebare brick or many column this is the 2017 version these things sold outonline in three minutes less than two minutes a lot of hype around thisshoe I think the interesting thing before we go any further into looking atit it's on the lower leaked profile which means that we don't have a thicktongue we've actually got this is approved elite actually when you when Ilook inside we have got that integrated sock liner as before but but just justjust take a look as we spin this round so it's it's like a black gray denim theback is definitely on the laces flat laces there I'm spinning this round I'mgonna put that shoe there for SJ to take a look at and give us some some looksthere we've got like a raw denim I think I think this is like a raw denim it'sunfinished around all of the that the different units of the shoe thedifferent shoe parts here we've got I'm not surprising not surprising hereYouTube and I can get some light on it so we've got we've got that low earlymesh on the front of the shoe it's not really a mesh it's just it's just theway the construction of the fabric is and that's definitely a black and whiteI think now that I look more at the denim this is very much a gray denim ifI feel it I'm just giving it a good rub as you can see fingerprints bring ingrease all over it anything coming off the denim yet that's that's verging onraw denim if we look at the tongue in place of the Nike logo we've actuallygot the bare brick logo there in rubber if I've got anything on the inside nolet's take it the line at this of the shoe so standard orange on that side butnicely on the inside to all of the cameras sj-o you getting thereyep so we've got the bare brick there the better brick logo on the inside I'llput this back in here look at the soul what's interestingversus the other low elites life purchase this year it's a solid gray andI think different about the unit on this nothing different on the inner so theinners on both both shoes are the same not surprisingly this is a soom like allthe other elites this has been constructed nicely I think actually whenI look at it from a finishing point of view it's finished very well from soit's clearly coming out of the factory well this is a nice nice colorway I'mglad I've got this actually you know this is still part of the 15 years I'mquite remember I think Nike did two or three collaborations with Medicom backin the day okay so there's lots of eyes and arms in this which SJ hopefully iscut out because it's the end of my workday tough day today but I wanted toget this video out for you guys out there just because these shoes were sucha hot item I think this denim swoosh is spot-on we think about the the to denimcollaborations that have happened this year that I know of with Nike SB thereese forbes and these what are my favorites Reese Forbes by far but thesecoming in a hot second hot hot second hopefully this is giving you out there agood proper look at these shoes because they are they are nice they are nice andas we if you if you actually actually look if you put the stream last night wewere talking about the dunk low elites we were talking about how we've actuallychanged our mind on them very much because you know initially when theycame out it wasn't it didn't feel like a true dunk but now I've got use of themand I've actually worn them a fair bit I would say that this is the this style ofshoe is it's definitely taking the heritage of a dunk andevolving it and I think if you think about shoe shoe design in general it hasto evolve it can't stand still and I think my keep done a great job withtaking these and actually trying to make them for skaters I've seen people whohave actually skated these on Instagram and they're properly ruining them whichis which is great personally I won't I will wear them butI'm not going to skate them without further ado actually head nod cam SJ canwe move the camera up and down if you like these there that is a manic manicnod as a huge thumbs up from SJ can we get a thumbs up from the the internetfrom from YouTube I hope so because these are these are the absolute bearsbits yes bears bits these are absolutely anawesome pair of shoes i am i hope you all appreciate this to all our newsubscribers thank you so much truly truly appreciate you guys out there andfor watching these videos absolutely love what we're doingloving the streams come along on Sunday night say 8 p.


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in the evening on Sunday so so come along it's fun we talk a lotrubbish and we unbox the occasional box of shoesand if you have subscribed and you haven't bought the notification billwhich i think is yeah probably is here um you could do that now just in caseand finally it comes to that time of the video where I have to beat you or wellso and I'm absolutely exhausted but I'm soglad that we've done this video because these are absolutely amazing.

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