November 29, 2020

Nike SB Dunk High x Antihero 'Brian Anderson' Sneaker Unboxing with Mr B

yo YouTube it's Mr.

B from pint of stuffand today we are unboxing a Nike SB antihero skateboarding collaboration nowin the title it will say what it is right now I'm not sure if this is theDunk or the Blazers so shall we do it.

it hey it's Mr Bfrom Pint of Stuff and today we are unboxing the Nike SB antiheroskateboarding collab not sure which one yet the title will give it away but Idon't actually know so we're gonna do it but if you need to these parts we tendto do sneaker unboxings sneaker kind of foot reviews and every Sunday we streamsneaker streaming Sunday's it's always a bit of mouthful but we'll get back tothe unboxing so I am going to speed it up about now .

okay we're back and asper usual I've managed to open this upside down camera 2 you're well wellfamiliar with this but yeah let's get this out Oh camera 2 – this box looks abit squashed all right okay first things firstcamera 1 camera 2 sneaker cam let's get this bit out of the way so it's the NikeSB Zoom Dunk High Pro it was a quick strike obviously these are a US eleven and ahalf that makes it UK 10 and a half and thecolorway is black black anthracite and the code for anybody who's interested isAH9613-001 but we should really get to it and if you're inthe UK these were £99.

95 don't often get the little price sticker on the box butit's actually stuck on the box so we're gonna get to it and I was looking ohNora I was looking for some black dunks I'm looking for some black Dunks I wantsomething that I can wear and destroy I'm gonna get these straight out therewe go so get rid of the box so the first thing that jumps out with me before weeven go into detail and this is the antihero skateboarding collab Brian Anderson one of their team riders Nike SB be obviously a rider for many collabs inthe past with them I wanted to see what these look like they have actually gotsneaker cam can you come in close yeah are you in close sneaker camp gettingnods from SJ from behind the camera I've actually got the BA so Brian Ansonstitched in and he was effectively the art director on this collab so we've gotit stitched into the heel there into this excuse me into thisI think it's fake tumbled leather it's nice leather I don't know there'ssomething there's something with it that I'm not feeling I don't know I've justseen a little detail that you can't see that no one can see okay so all rightlet's get the paper out this is this secret details on these people rightthis is a terrible unboxing so let's loosen the laces because then you cansee what I've just seen camera one these are a bit special actually for this veryreason and it's it's this type of thing that I really like sometimes on thesecollapse between companies or with riders on these quick strike drops sothe first thing Wow okay so we know Brian Anderson is big fan of kind ofAmericana type thing and so we look at that innersole on this zoom that's a bitnuts is that not nuts have you got that SJ does it look good on camera it lookedI bet it's popping I bet it's popping so that is an amazinginner sole but that's not all wanted to show you so so that wasn't the thing SJcan you come in close look at that now there wasn't like I know it's a sillything it's the kind of the nylon lining I think if we look at the inner solehere it's this wing followed through on inside here and I think actually if youlook at some of the materials that Nikes put out for this collab you'll see thetype of shirt that Brian Anderson wearing and I think that this is that oh is there Ithink there's wings on that shirt so back to the shoe in detail it is theytalked about the soul being hazelnut in some of the the press materials that Iread it's not as brown as I was thinking it was gonna be it's it's kind of inbetween a dark brown and a gum which they're obviously describing as hazelnutor I actually think it's working the stitching is the same color so thestitching that's that there is a long sorry camera 1 I've just flipped myeyes to you I'm talking to kind of sneaker cam and camera 1 and youcamera 2 at the same time the stitching is the same color as the soulas the midsole there if we look on the sole as well we've got black in themiddle okay camera one so earlier I might have said fake leather what Imeant was fake tumbled leather I'm not so sure now and the reason I said thatinitially was they look like if you look camera two come here come here if youlook up here this just seemed I don't know like a bit too much can you get toomuch on that type of leather this actually when you come down onto the toebox you've come down on the toe box camera 1 see what I'm doing they'relike sneaker cam see what I'm doing like that that's actually quite soft likelike look how supple that is I'm gonna people are gonna be dying at home rightnow this mean breaking the toe box and I might look at this it's really soft butlike actually if you look at it and you have a good feel like a really good feelwhatever it is it's nice and and then rather than completing the this blackleather all the way around they've got a kind of I want to call it a rough canvasit's a black rough canvas and that follows through on the heel unit paddingisn't there isn't so much padding around that but that's just typical of theseDunk highs at the moment the tongue so we look at the tongue here camera onethe canvas follows through on that tongue as well and then but obviouslythe lace guard pieces I don't even I don't know what they callthese elements here that's leather as well this canvas it feels like thecanvas that you might get on like a jacket from Carhartt or something it'skind of a rough tough canvas would you say that's correct SJ SJ says that'scorrect so what I want to do is I want to look actually at the other shoe sowe're gonna go in and we're gonna we're gonna plonk that there for our friends onsneaker cam we're gonna have a look at the the alternate laces so first of allthe alternate laces same kind of lace your normal sort of Dunk lace I thinkthat's the anthracite would that work better as a color combination hmm I'mnot sure it was camera to come in come in come in camera 2 black oranthracite I don't know I think the black works better I think that that'sactually a weak second pair of laces but what I really wanted to do is I wasn'tso interested in the laces at that point I'm gonna get the paper out we're gonnadive deep we're gonna dive deep people let's do it let's do it oh they'rereally packing them they're really really packing them so we're gonna go inhere we're gonna pull these laces out because what I want to see first of allI want to see if they follow the same right okay so on the flaps the lace flapthings don't know the technical term it's the same material but and this isthe huge but the inner sole is different to the inner sole on the other foot solet's get this out whoa oh my word right let you SJyou're gonna love these so you know how we couldn't get the Atmos we've got thenext best thing we've got either sole if you've got thatsneaker cam like we have got an inner sole there there's got a zebra or zebrazebra Zed or Z I'm not 100% certain depends on where you live because zebraand black-and-white pictures that's pretty awesome so if we take the twotogether that is a bit far out it's totally trippy trippy as hellI can actually see that these would be a really good pair of Skating shoesrough-and-tough still got solid zoom pieces in if we come back to the shoebecause there is another detail that I want to show you SJ there on sneaker camso we just put this back in here getting that back in there so as I said we'vegot the Brian Anderson on this heel what we've also got is then 18 on this heelyou're getting that sneaker cam yeah got that that's actually for the antiheroso if we looked at these so Brian Anderson antihero skateboarding there'sa nice dunk pretty solid dunk is there anything I'm just checking thetongue people the tongue tabs so not a little detail I've just spotted on thetongue tab these shoes have got little hidden details everywhere you pull themout your eyes it's black Dunk that's nice and then you start looking so onthe tongue tab I don't know if sneaker cams going to get this actually soyou've got Nike SB here embossed underneath underneath it and this is canI come in to you do you want me to come in – you want me to go this way SJ canyou see the Brian Anderson embossed underneath Nike SB getting yeses yesis so I'm wondering I'm gonna look on the other shoe because I wonder if itsays antihero shall we look let's do it hmm it doesn'tthat would have been so cool it says Brian Anson on that one as wellso we've got the Hat there as well I was hoping so actually the only note really- antihero on these which is kind of cool is obviously you know theseelements here and then the 18 on the heel so nice done I think like it's ashame they didn't put like more into this because this is a good skate shoeit's tough it's gonna survive that fabric there that's really nice reallyreally nice I am people I am gonna wear these this is not a shoe that's gonnasit on the shelf I actually want to wear them to work tomorrow so apologies forthe energies in this video it's been a bit of a hectic week but if you made it thisfar awesome gives them massive thumbs up ifyou haven't subscribed and you like what we doI think you could probably do that about there camera 2 what do they have to doto the notification bell to be part in those notification squad they have to gowhich is about there as well I think and as I said before we tend to do sneakerunboxings sneakers cinematic on foot things and we do sneaker streamingSundays every Sunday a p.


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