November 29, 2020


Hey guys it's Kasey welcome to mychannel! Today I'm gonna be showing you guys my sneaker collection thus far thevery first video I actually made on this channel was about sneakers the Nikeroshes and I wasn't big into sneakers back then I literally just had that oneshoe that I really

liked that I wanted to create content over and I wore ituntil like there was holes poking out of the front of the shoe where you couldsee my toes since then I have gotten more into sneakers I actually purchased8 of the shoes that I'm gonna show you this you're

like a year and a half aloneand you know I've come a really long way from wearing shoes with holes in it sojust for reference I wear a size 7 7 1/2 in women's and a size 6 in men's so thisshoe is my favorite shoe of all time I

remember seeing it for the first time itwas at Best Buy this guy was wearing it and I was just like it is the easy waverunner I love a good chunky shoe with like my thin ankles I don't know why Ithink it looks really cute like the size contrast

this is like your dad shoeupgrading it's a cool dad shoe like a regular mom I'm a queen it's oh there'sI have hair on it I love the contrasting colors and like how many like differentmaterials and textures that this shoe has it's like one of those likechildren's books where

you touch each thing and decide what like animal orobject it is it also has like this reflective you can't see it here becauseit's light but it also has like reflective on the inside I love theselike yellow shoelaces everything about this shoeis amazing so the most recent shoe that

I purchased is the Nike fear of God Iabsolutely love this shoe I got it from Naked CPH I think it's called it is ifyou don't know about it and you're a girl who wants to get into sneakers orlike sneakers you should check it out they have like so

much selection andsince like not a lot of girls are into sneakers they usually don't sell out asfast as like other websites like Nike or adidas so the details in this shoe makeit really great from a distance it just looks like you know a black ninja shoebut there's like

writing over here there's like this nice like blue blockwith the Nike symbol on the bottom it has like velcro to help tighten it andform to your foot and there's also this really cute like adjuster on top as wellso I feel like the details on this shoe are amazing

I think it's so comfortablewhen I wear it and I think it complements any outfit so this shoe isthe easy blue tents these are the very first Yeezy's that I've ever gotten I gothim in a size five and a half which you know I'm a size six in men

I remember Iwas checking out and I had never purchased men's sizes before so I wasn'treally prepared I didn't know my size but I didn't want to lose my spot inline so I was just like uh size five and a half and it was too small I took outthe

sole it's still a little too small for me but I mean I have a lot of goodmemories associated with this sneaker I love how it looks I love the contrastbetween like the red and the light blue and I will have the sneaker forever andas I'm looking at these

shoes now I'm a very heavy right foot Walker doesanybody know why I'm unbalanced in life like mentally and physically so the nextshoe that I want to show you guys is the Air Max 97's this shoe comes in a ton ofdifferent colorways but I transmit roon because when I

purchased it it was fallat the time also and very clumsy as you guys know andlike dark maroon is an easy color to maintain and have it look clean so Ithink a white pair of shoes looks really nice for any summer outfit here are theeasy creams I got this

in a size six so bigger but it's still a little small forme because I have wide feet so I took out the insolesI am so hesitant when I wear this shoe out because I don't want them to getdirty as you can see they are already a little bit

dirty because I left my shoesin the front of our house and my brother bought one of those automatic scootersthat they have in the city and like somebody just rolled over the front ofmy shoe but like what I was scrubbing it it kind of changed the material of theshoe

a little so I just stopped doing that the next pair of shoes is essentialto every basic girl's wardrobe the old school vans you see them everywhere andfor a right reason they are so comfortable I wear them everywhere andI'm not afraid to get them dirty honestly I feel like

the dirtiness is apart of the shoes aesthetic so this next shoe is my most sneaker ish shoe theJordan red toe ones I don't know what order to say that in I bought this shoefor resale for about 280 dollars from stock ex my first and only stock expurchase I

really love the colors I think it looks so like fresh and cleanand when I wear these shoes I feel like so confident and badass and edgy so thenext pair of 350s that I want to show you are these Sesame's I really lovethis shoe they're extremely comfortable extremely easy

to slip on and off andthey're just like convenient for me to wear thank you so much for watching tillthe end of the video guys if you liked this give it a thumbs up and if you haveany suggestions for videos you want to see me do put up in

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