September 21, 2020

Mr. Olympia (Phil Heath) és a világ legerősebb embere( Brian Shaw) találkozik

Phil Heath and Brian Shaw may not be household names but if you run into them you won't soon forget it and this week Vic found out big guys like them yeah they do like to take a lunch break hi I'm Phil he I'm from ours out of Colorado and I'm your mr.

Olympia champion hi I'm Brian Shaw come on straw I live in Thornton Colorado and I'm the world Strongest Man who's that boy how's it going okay good going good man how are you good I'm going to do some food absolutely cool who's always good gentlemen welcome to a brewskis we're doing pretty good it's not often you get the World's Strongest Man and mr.

Olympia in the same city let alone the same restaurant so we want to take care of you guys okay who's the menu enjoy whatever you want and I can only imagine how many calories you guys consume in one city let's have fun with this okay let me know if you need anything I would say around nine thousand nine to ten depending on the guy so basically you could eat me yeah I'll leave on that note here yeah I grew up as an only child so I like reading by myself yeah so I trained predominately 98% of the time by myself obviously with what you're doing with the stones and with the truck pulled economy some encouragement or maybe Sam I'm working with your technique well the hardest I think the hardest part is the setup like the setup the Train I bring in guys like other competitors from like world Strongest Man all to fly over this you're gonna like so kind of like boxer like how FAR's you would fly and get you before his training campus yeah we make it look easy sure but you know because we're smiling all the time we're not this Brunton cus guy you're gonna want of the gym and you know unapproachable but you know if you I don't know how what your experience is all but I know with mine you're like well is that all you do and I'm like then you don't understand bro like my day the minute I get up to the minute I rest is all about body board I've seen these stones yeah how heavy are they actually owned the heaviest that was thrown in the world is uh 558 pounds and I've loaded that over a 4-foot bar and then the heaviest one I've ever lifted off the ground which I haven't loaded yet is 629 so I want to I really honestly one of my goals is I wanted before I'm done load a 700 pound Atlas stone so that's that's on the list of things to do so Phil I've seen I've seen some competition video from you and like different pose down and like the the facial gestures that you make so like is that is that something that you would practice the crowd goes nuts soldier so I think it just shines through there so I have adjust certain poses where I'm smiling and stuff and there's other poses like a when I say is usually during like a most muscular and I'm thinking well no one really smiles doing at most must be R so you're just giving them the I don't know eye of the tiger look yeah it was neat because you can say I can say now that oh yeah I played against that guy all right or sure that guy drained the three right my face or series you know but I mean you have some cool stories looking back it's been really good like for me going into strongman because um like the athletic base that I had to get to play basketball like you made me transferred really really well into strongmen like gosh how much you guys eat here this is a cheap all right here's our we're going to handle the bill we're not going to have a arm wrestling match everybody expects that we're going to go back to your roots free-throw contest free-throw contest best of five let's go mr.

Olympia mixes we have a tie if he misses the world Strongest Man emerges victorious Oh feel free to glow already got me as long as we have the world Strongest Man in mr.

Olympia here got to have a an entertainment center I got to move upstairs I thought there was a reason we were coming over besides these shots yeah I hope they charged him to move that entertainment center actually I hope they made him do it by himself we're about you.

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