September 21, 2020

Logan Lerman Has Amazing Gifts from Co-Stars Heath Ledger and Renée Zellweger

-I want to say thatyou've done some great work, but you've also workedwith a lot of great actors.

I just thought it would be funif I showed you a photo.

Maybe you cantell me something you remember about that shoot or that movie?-Let's do it.

-All right?-All right, I'm down.

All right, let's try this out.

-This is a cute one here.

This is you and Heath Ledger.

-What is this? -“The Patriot.

“That's you right there.

-Oh, my Lord.

[ Audience “Awws” ] -So you were young.

-That brings me back.

That was my first movie.

That was my first experienceon a film set.

Wow!That's crazy.

-What was Heath Ledger like?-He was like 18 at the time.

And I remember –I remember that I was — was so upset that I didn't getto shoot a gun in the movie.

And it's like — you know, it'slike a Revolutionary War film.

You know, everybody's shooting muskets.

You know?-You were 5 years old.

[ Laughter ]-Yeah, yeah.

-Yeah, I was really — -They're not gonnalet you do that, no.

-Any 5-year-old would be upset that they're not ableto shoot a musket.

So, I remember, at the end of filming, he gave me a present, a wrap gift, that was like a gun, like an 18th-century weapon that was filled –He had the armory department fill, like, the —So it wasn't a real — -Yeah, yeah.

Where you put the gun powder in and stuff like that.

I still have it.

I keep that in my living room.

I check it out all the time.

-Isn't that wild?-Yeah.

-I love that story.

-That's crazy.

-How about — this is — This is you and Renee Zellwegerin “My One and Only.

” -Oh.

Man, I haven't see her in maybe 13 yearsor something like that.

-Isn't that bizarre?You spend so much time together when you're doing these movies.


-And thenyou don't see each other.

-But I think about her every day'cause she gave me a guitar.

I was learning how to play musicaround that time.

And I play music every day.

It's a big part of my life.


-And — -Whoo!-And, uh — Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ] -She gave you a guitar?-Yeah, well, she encouraged, like, my — my interest bygiving me this beautiful guitar that I play every day, still.

I'm sure she has no ideaabout this at all that I cherish this guitarand play it.


Like, everyone's giving you stuff.

[ Laughter ]-They do! They give you things.

-I have nothing to give you.

I'm trying to think ofwhat I can do.

[ Laughter ]-Come on.

-I don't have anything hereto give you.

-Nothing?-I have nothing.

-Can I keep the mug?Because I love mugs.

-Yeah, you can have that mug.

-Can I keep the mug? -Have a fake pint ofBen & Jerry's ice cream.


[ Laughter ] No way, “The Tonight Dough”! -That's “The Tonight Dough”ice cream right there.

That's fake.

There's nothing in it.

-“The Tonight Dough.

“Look at that.

-I got a Hashtag the Panda doll.

[ Laughter ]-Yeah.

-That's pretty fun.

I got that.

And, uh.



Oh! Oh, this is –You know what? This is a good one.


-I almost can't give you this.

But do want to see what it is? -Yeah.

What is that?Is that a temperature — -Yeah, this is a thermometerthat everyone at “Saturday Night Live” gotfrom Lorne.



-No way!-.



in 2008.

-That is so —It's a cardinal.

It says “'SNL' 2008” down there, and everyone on the cast got it.

And just —No, don't give me that.

What are you — No, please.

[ Laughter ] What are you thinking?That's so cool.

I don't need any –No, no, please, no.

I can't, I can't.

-Yeah, you can take it.

-I would never –I would never — that's so cool.

-Stick it on your window.

-Are you kidding? -Yeah.

You got some suction cups.

-There's no way.

[ Cheers and applause ] I have to return this to you.

This is no –This is so cool.

-No, I want it –That's a story.

Now you have another storyto tell somebody.

-This is amazing.


Well, I had nothing to give you.

I didn't know everyonewas giving you things.

I thought you were gonna say, “Renee is nice, ” you know? I thought you were gonna say, “Heath Ledger's cool.

” I didn't know that everyonegave you things.

-Yeah, you know.

-Logan, you got to do that.

You got to get that.

-Give me something, I'll go on the “Tonight Show” and talk abouthow generous you are.

-Yeah, that's a –that's a good one.

Yeah, that's a good –That's a cool thing.

-That's really cool.

Thank you.

-I stole that from someone.

Yeah, it's not even mine.

[ Laughter ] But I want to talk aboutyour new show, “Hunters, ” because I am so looking forwardto this show.

-Thank you.

-Everyone is buzzing about this.

-Oh, thank you so much.

[ Cheers and applause ] -They know about it.

-Thank you.

-You and Al Pacino.

-It's crazy, yeah.

-What is the show about?For everyone.

-The show, it takes place in 1977.

It's about a group of peoplethat are working to locate and identify Nazisthat are living in the U.


, that have assumed new identitiesafter World War II.

And they're seeking revenge.


-Seeking justice.

-And how was — how was Al Pacino, hanging out with him? -It was so cool.

-Is he great? -He's like –He's — He's — He's so humble and so sweet.

And I just love him so much.

-Has he ever given youa thermometer? -Highlight of my career.

No, he has not given mea thermometer.

He's given mea ton of good advice.

And —Enh! -And a bunch of chocolate.


You need to know whatthe temperature is outside.

-I mean, look –now I have this.

[ Cheers and applause ]This so cool.

-Some things are good.

Some — -So cool.

Thank you very much.

-I love you, buddy.


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