September 22, 2020

Jordan 1 Retro High OG 'Aleali May' Court Lux Sneaker Unboxing

hi guys its SJ and i'm back with a boxand today we're looking at the Women's Air Jordan 1 court lux let's get to it hey guys it's SJ I'm back and todaywe're looking today we are unboxing the women's Air Jordan 1 court luxe before Ido that I'm just going to say welcome if you're new to this channel we do sneakerunboxings and such thing and if you haven't joined us before come along andjoin us on Sunday nights for sneaker streaming Sundays where we talk aboutsneakers and that is 8 p.


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on the East Coast But Mr B on Sneaker cam you don't hear allthat you want to see me pull for freshness don't you lets pull for freshness I love that no more knife nice and easy so these are the court luxewomen's Jordan one as I've said and I'm super excited for these are a bitbonkers to be honest trouble with these boxes is this hat so tight oh dearmaking alright awesome right okay it's getting a sad way let's get this outthis way right what are we got here what have we got herecamera two we have got women's Air Jordan 1 hi oh gee energy code is BV 2 61 3 600 and they are Bordeaux LTR armory blue they're USA eight and a halfEuropean 40 UK six Jordan box nothing exciting there it's open knees up weirdOh dog needs to stay under the table he can't see these right okay I have alittle mo because they're not laced wider Jordans never come laced it'sreally frustrated super frustrated I don't know I don't know it's notChristmas joy no it's not Oh No back to the shear people because you donot want to hear mr.

bee and his pathetic attempt at a Christmas joke sothese are women this Jordan one Kotler so these are Kalev or collab betweenAmerican basketball player mayor Moore who Sports Illustrated havedescribed as the greatest winning female greatest women female basketball playerof all time and us-based blogger stylist all-around cool girlAlec I'm gonna say this wrong I think it's it's said le Lea what I probablygot that wrong may be a terrible thing but these are pretty cool so these aredesigned to sort of represent childhood colors of may more that she liked butyes a bit bonkers in a bit out there not to everybody's taste I've got to say solet's take a proper look at this the suede is really nice so each I'm gonnago in to sneak a cam here so each panel is a different kind of suede so you'vegot this really nice Bordeaux color on the back against the blue against thepale pink against really bright red then against that really nice vivid royalblue and I love that royal blue color it just really pops on these then you'vegot all timid look so inside I'm just gonna take the shoe tree out inside arethese all really nice inside okay okay so inside so I like this buttery coloredsoft leather and that is nice soft leather it's a really nice buttery colorbut it's not as soft as some of the lever that mr.

B has had on his Jordansrecently particularly I think it was a rookie of the year was it did they havea really battery level mister be very confusing them with another sneakerthink you're confusing them with another yeah maybe but my live away that'sreally nice inside and then if you can see mr.

B right on the the actual innerlining it's sort of quilted and then you've got the signature can we see thatthen you've got the signature and I'm not going to say it again le Ali maythere we go I said it right Ellie Allie Mae there we go I'm hopingus at that right policies if not on Eustace with names I really am so I'mkind of guessing let's have a look on this oneno both it says it's got exactly the same signature on both I was kind ofexpecting it to have the signature of both ladies as this is actually a collabbetween the two of them now I just want to point out the fare on these is fauxfur it is not real people it is not real I wouldn't have bought them if it wasreal fur standards Jordan wax laces they seem to be inpretty much every pair of Jordans we're getting at the moment when it's blacklaces there is an alternate lace which here mr.

B if you can see this which islike a but it's the same color blue to pale blue I really like pale blue andstuff Paley's threated I wore ages so I might swap out the black for the blue Imean let's be honest they haven't lace to them so it's not gonna be a huge taskis it now let's have a look at how this comes off Ohso I was expecting this to be Velcro but it's actually a papas look at this mr.

Bcan we see that so I'm just gonna take the whole thing off oh yeah she doesreally nice see now is thinking velcro with the fur could be a bit tricky andsort of ruin the fur but that's really nice that it's done with papas you'vegot four poppers allow you to attach and detach the fur then underneath if youcan see that just as an eye care on the time okay I'm just going to take theother one off I suspect it's gonna be exactly the same but as we've had a lotof surprises wear sneakers recently I'm gonna take a look no it is exactly tosay I mean they look nice without it they really do I think the interestingthing is that the the Jordan wings on the side it's not really that thatprominent at all it's quite discreet really on the sneaker I mean these arepretty punkers but I do like these a lot and again 700 could look looking for thequality they're pretty good quality for a Jordan I think we said this a fewtimes on this channel we find that Jordans can be alittle bit hit or miss at the quality and they tend to have a peculiar smellwhen they arrive from factory now I do have a bit of a cold I'm not smellingthat weird Jordan as' and mr.

B is nodding his his shaking his head frombehind the camera so he isn't smelling it either what do we think of thesecamera number two look at that camera two that is a beauty I really like theseI really do we missed a big Cody's out on the channel god I think it was backin August time it's a long time ago and I was like yeah I would wear though it'sbit bonkers concerned that this is real fur because sometimes on these moreshould I say fashion collapse they do put real fur on things and if I don'tthink Nike do but other brands do and it really puts me off it's a shout out tobrands that no longer use that just back homealso the fact that this isn't velcro hopefully mean to talk company oh wehave a dog that likes very things so guys what do we think of these you knowI know these went up to a size 14 I think so whilst this was a women's drawI know in these dropped in stores Aly Aly put on her Instagram that they werefor women first there any guys that turned out I think they were gonna getmade to wait till all the women bought in which I quite likeso yeah so I know that guys could get these as well so what do you all thinkof these did any of you pick these up would you wear them if you're a guywould you wear if your girl you know what do we think of these cuz they oughtto everybody's taste but I really like these I like these a lot and I'm goingto be wearing these a lot when it doesn't rain he's gonna have to besprayed I think definitely oh that's so nice so nice thank you mister becausethese were from mr.

B thank you very muchso I'm gonna stop rambling now but super nice pick up I'm really pleased to addthese to my very small Jordan collection I have bought quite a few pairs ofJordans this year they slowly grow but yeah let us know what you think in thecomments cop or not bonkers or not you know they are pretty bonkers pretty outthere yeah let us know in the comments and ifyou haven't already and you're not bored by my rambling hit the old subscribebutton and you'll get to the other videos that we do or hit the nextnotification bells that your that you'll never miss one of our uploads and don'tforget to come along and join us on Sunday so sneak a stream in Sundayswhich is 8 p.


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on the East CoastI am gonna go and try these on and hide them from the dog oh yeah so we'll seeyou on the next upload over and out ok stop filming now cuz that probablylooked a bit weird okay they're lovely they are super nice these might wellbecome a favorite pair of sneakers.

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