November 29, 2020

Is the ugly dad sneaker trend dead yet?! ft. Model Keenan Gyamfi & Pavel Dler

[Music] so you call yourself sneaker and as long as I could get my hands on a pair shoes from like this big to now um she's always been the shoes make an outfit for me and it's an excuse exclusive or just anything that I thought I could wear

with something yeah then I'll always want to get my hands on them so I think I'm like nearly 30 deep when it comes to shoes my collections from off-white the Travis Scott the Jordan ones yeah so like Easy's I'll try and get it which one is your favorite

the minute I've been rocking these and I just got Jordan 1 turbo groans so what do you think that ugly that shoe is like in general the dad strength for me that that trend is the bass is a very it's always a simple shoe search the New Balance

and I nineties or Nike monix to me that's the to statement Dad shoe it's almost like dad would wear it's the branding living so that makes it a luxury piece ended limits are observing what do you think makes these sneakers so popular it's almost the the simplicity of

it it's like you can do so much with something so simple so it come round off and look safe for New Balance a lot people away and just a plain white shirt of a pair of Levi's blue jeans and then just had them on never too much happening

but you could still look at everybody know what that's a good outfit I think into the ground is definitely with influences wearing them as though it almost breaks that well with a ugly dad trend natural phrase it's dying I think if does everyone want the tag with this

shoe they wouldn't let people know what the shoes yeah no people just get hold of it and it's like yeah I've got that now so do you think uncle is becoming the new core yeah I think definitely because I think a lot of people almost don't wanna don't

wanna fit in they're just new almost like the era of whoever can stand out the most if I'm doing the show always like the loudest look for me is the one I want because that's the one that everyone pays attention to yeah so it's almost like if the

look is is loud and is almost obvious to everyone involved colors then for some people it's getting their attention with everything being massive and loud so it's almost creating as much noise to get as many people listening think if a company can get it to go viral then

as I said it's about the more noise you make the more people listen what do you think of traditional menswear now I think it's good I think it creates and almost an allowance for a lot of guys to express what they will wear yeah because obviously a lot

of guys are always to a simple enough but now we've everything been allowed to be you can almost be who you want for your clothes yeah even if you was to choose a simple out for over a loud outfit no need to be formal exactly I think yeah

the Kanye doing a nobody suit with spiders yeah it's almost like in this day and then you just breaking the mold did you see this knee created by own boy yeah means get attention and that's how a lot of companies have branded something there and campaigns for mens

and yeah stuff like that and then it reaches a new audience that wouldn't have seen it before especially a mean means of the that's a different world in itself so when fashion starts to leak into that so we should do more mean yeah I think maybe there is

a massive there's so many people that follow them that isn't related to fashion maybe maybe a crossover that your favorite TV show doing across over that's almost waist like more recently though we see brands like Society for example doing traditional and we were pretty looking things with more

street style how do you feel about those trends it's more to do with people wanting to do everything they can to kind of be seen everyone wants to wear suits and like it's my tragedies all the time there's almost bringing again together two welds yeah to create two

different looks people everyone sneakers we've seen sleepily dresses native outfits that wouldn't normally people would expect them to wear so what a new products deep thing will come along with a sneaker trend I think no I can with off whites they've done they've done countless collaborations along with

Adidas Puma and a lot of other brands are coming into it now as well music is also having an influence yeah on fashion and minutes they've seen that with Travis Scott I think they've noticed that and one it brings a new that hasn't been done before so the

biggest street star trend is here to stay or will that fade out as well I don't think it will fade I think the look of streets doubt will change anything saying that could leave there's so many different those that are thrown under that if you look alcohol off-white

and all them other brands they all involve themselves in there where DC Street where in a few years hopefully Street star will bring itself to lockup Quinn of set everyone knows what it is and hopefully hopefully one day it'll be more reasonable for everyone to get a hold

of that with Kanye West where exam lady wants to make his brand more affordable he was he was everywhere across the world to have users which is kind of that idea of what street and true stories so what item did you imagine to never wear and it's now

become popular I think there was a phase where I wore trousers that were far too skinny and I just just can't see myself doing it now I think I have like six pairs of cargos different colored stars and browns cuz I'm just I can wear skinny trousers

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