November 29, 2020

How to Tie Dye Shoes & Sneakers | Tie Dyeing

this project I'm going to teach you how to tie dye sneakers sneakers can't be really tie-dyed in the perfect sense of the word would be really hard to scrunch them and to tie them but they can be painted to pretend that they were tie-dyed so for my sneakers

I took out the laces I soaked them in water and I also already soaked them in the dye activator solution which is made by water and washing soda for five minutes and then I ringed out so they're ready to be dyed I selected five colors and I tested

them out in a paper towel so you see I'm going to go for the sort of rainbow gradient look from yellow to pink to purple to aqua blue and ending in green so we'll see how this will go one suggestion that we'll make to you and this is

what oh I'm going to do my work is to work on both sneakers at the same time and that's also to avoid having one sneaker look different from the other so in that way if you make a mistake you can kind of replicate a mistake in the other

sneaker so I think that's just a good tip I'm going to start with a brush and I'm going to start with the yellow so the way I'm going to address this the way I planned it is that the top of my sneaker is going to be white and

then I'm going to have yellow in this part and then towards the middle I'm going to start working the purple color pink and then towards the yield the Aqua and the green okay let's get started you can use any kind of brushes to do this technique I'm starting

with a smaller one because I want to have more control over the quantity of dyeing that I'm putting I'm unsure how the dye is going to run in these sneakers so I want to make sure that I'm not putting a lot of quantity at once but so far

so good and it's looking great and the feather edges a kind of data tie dye each look will happen just by the dyeing running in the sneakers material so don't really worried about having rigid lines of course you can always work it out with your paintbrush somehow like

pulling the dye towards more the front but I'm kind of happy how the yellow is looking in the front right now so I'm going to move to my pink color for the pink color because I don't know really well how this transition is going to end so instead

of starting it right where the yellow ends I'm going to start a little bit backwards to like give space for the dye to run you could decide while dyeing these sneakers that maybe you wouldn't want the top died and that would be a cool look too if you

wanted to go for that would be a good idea to put masking tape on the areas that you don't want to die to go in this case I'm actually want to dye them all including the parts where the laces will go so I'm not worried with that okay

I'm going to work a little bit on the second shoe and again in this technique is really important to test other colors mix with each other because that's what you're trying to make in the transition areas so always test the colors especially if you unsure about them and

you never worked with them before and better to prevent that than having a garment not as pretty because you didn't like the colors in the end I'm done with pretty much all of the colors I did a yellow the pink the purple the blue I went back a

little bit to work the transition area and I just did that by going with our most dry brush and just kind of like pushing the dye into the areas that I wanted I'm ready for my final color which is green and that will go in the yellow part

and I'm really happy with how these looking so far and as you can see was pretty easy so again I'm working the transition area by just pushing the dye okay if you think that some areas are a little bit lighter than you want it to them to be

you can always go back and just apply a second layer of dye and again I just wanted to remind if if you wanted to make a different pattern or if you didn't want to die all the sneakers you could have walked certain areas using masking tape I wanted

to dye them all and I did and this is the final result and this was our two tie-dye sneakers

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