November 29, 2020

How To Start Sneaker Botting – Ep1 – Best Sneaker Bot (2020)

welcome to this series on how to start sneaker bottom in 2020 in this episode I'm gonna answer the main question and that is which Bowl should you buy now before we begin if this is your first time at the channel click here where you can go and see

my Lyon weekly blogs when unboxings drops live cops and loads of rundowns on the setups I have used the bots and a lot of mistakes along the way I'm Josh aka the lucky Potter let's get into this so just a slight disclaimer before we stop first and foremost

I want to put a massive thank you out there too peachy things if you don't know what you don't know what discord is don't worry because I'm going to explain that on another episode but basically they've helped me today with compiling all this information based around all of

the box that we use and generally speaking most of us have you know all of them there at the market so massive thanks to them and lastly this is going to be pretty region specific we are mainly based in the UK so a lot of the information I'm

going to give you is based on that experience however most of these bots are going to work no matter where you are and they're always going to be highly ranked regardless of what country you're in now the four questions I'm going to answer today is one what is

the best bot that money can buy – what is the best value bot out there maybe you don't to spend too much but you want to get into it question three a bit more risky but what bots are seen as up-and-coming and might be worth investing in now

and lastly question number four a very important question how do i buy these BOTS so question number one what is the best box of money combust I call these the god tier BOTS there are two BOTS no matter who you ask that the ants will come across as

one of these two we have cyber and Ganesh let's look at cyber first so cyber is an all-in-one Bob an all-in-one generally means that it can Bop multiple side it's not just specific on something like supreme Nike or adidas or something like that it has loads of different

functionality and it has loads of different sites that you can actually use it's got a very simple user interface which looks really friendly and it's really easy to navigate around the second boss that you may want to look at as well it's called Ganesh now the difference between

Ganesh and Saima apart from a lot of complexities and I probably don't even understand is the interface cyber has a very plush very easy to navigate the interface whereas Ganesh is something called a CLI this is a command-line interface so think about taking away all the artwork taking

away all the sexiness let's say of an interface and it's just very basic but all of the devil is in the detail basically imagine just uploading a spreadsheet to the bot and in the bot can basically work from that rather than you having some snazzy intimates now some

people out there we're saying that that's better because it's faster there's no frills and it's more around the capabie however no matter which one of these to choose you're not going to go far wrong you can actually see in my videos meat using cyber a lot and often

I haven't got my hands on your neck yet but that's coming soon question number two what are the best value for money boxes out there there are three main best value for money box that really come to mind when we're looking in the UK so first of all

there is solved a IO now soul a IO is a very early pot in other words it came out a long time ago and has a lot of success it's interface is just kind of like cyber where it's very easy to use it's very easy to navigate and

it can pop hundreds of sites shuffle fire I need a supreme etc now what I find with salt ions at their disk or group so the group they compile once you purchase the bots is really supportive the development team really responsive and they really want to help Whitney

you can look at my blog and see me lose soul for a lot of the drops from Shopify and yes the easy now the other good value for money bought at the moment is flee or flee framework pretty good thing about bleak is it gives you the best

of both worlds you can pick between having the general user interfaces I'm like cyber where it's really friendly or a CLI the command line interface just connect so depending on which one you want to use in which one you're most comfortable some people would suggest that CLI is

quicker however I was able to get all of my call purples using GUI on flick the good thing about flick is that supports a lot do be huge shots think footlocker signs etc the only thing is is doesn't bar adding us so if you want to go the

easies let's say splash how you do an ad just release them it's not going to be the one for you but you might want to do what I do and run them both soul and flee and just depending on the situation depending on the drop you might lose

one you might even use back for good thing about freak as well is they worked on both Mac and PC now what are the episodes I'm going to go through the different Mac box and the different PC box out there but I'm also going to go through why

it doesn't really matter wherever you run it for a Mac or a PC because most of the time you're going to be using something from the server anyway the third bot that's really good value for money at the moment is something wrong asthma now phasma and fleet kind

of held in the same sort of you regardless here in the UK phasma is a CLI bomb and they've just announced that they're also working on that think again just likely it's going to be working on things like Foot Locker signs etc etc now the thing is with

Basma just likely it doesn't want anyone so bear in mind if you do wanna body does flick or phasma is not going to be beefed so now we come along to the up-and-coming BOTS now before I get into this on what a birth disclaimer out there to say

most BOTS only and should only be purchased once you see a load of success and you know you can trust the company there are some bots that are in something called beta mode where basis in testing mode and we just don't know where when you come to pay

for it whether or not it's going to get the results that promises or they're not going to scam so bear in mind make sure you do your research before investing into any box and ensuring that has consistent success you can check them out on their Twitter and generally

they'll retweet people and people in the sneaker game pretty friendly so you can with the M sub one and ask them some questions based on the bots just don't get it wrong and Oscar hundred you should be right but two main bots that keep on coming up time

and time again and people get excited about so number one is polar calm now polar cot is an iOS bot in other words it's a mobile I don't know the full site is chimp I've seen most of them and generally speaking it's been a botany or not every

single time within the EU don't think what sunny – yet but we'll see second poem is called Aquila now kylo similar to something like Sol is it GUI bot the thing is with chemo again it works cross-platform both Mac and PC again with these two BOTS being up

and coming make sure you do your research before you buy anything on the secondary market and even primary market when they release it you may want to wait however sometimes if you wait it's basically too late now the price is going to go up on the secondary market

more people are going to want to go through this drop and generally speaking when it comes to the box it's gonna be harder to get one of those then it is to actually get sneakers think about this the block companies will only release every so often generally on

a milestone or birthday or something like that so when I was able to cop Simon this was at a time where they only released ten copies during that ten copy drop when we were watching a screen that basically is holding in a waiting room I saw that there

was over 20,000 people logged on to try and get those ten copies I somehow managed to get one of the 10 copies but more often than not be and actually that is the only time that's ever been able to come as Bob for retail which puts me on

to the last question where can you buy a bottle one of the thoughts that we may have discussed in this video so you found your Bob and now you want to go and purchase it you go on to a website and you try to click buy now and

you figure out it's fully sold out this is always going to be the case unless it's a rare occasion that this drop the product and if they drop it you're probably too late any ones that you're going to get sold out there are even BOTS that bots-bots-botswana drops

above there are actually programs out there that are automated services to try and buy in the pot as well as I said buying and selling BOTS is a very lucrative market and it's actually worth more in my opinion than the sneaker market so if you can't buy it

for retail where can you go first of all if you're part of a cook group you can talk to the members in there and some of them might be selling their box I bought a couple of box from members of Peachy and it's been a very easy transaction

and I've got pretty good deal at home or secondly there are markets on this board that you can join their servers free and think of it like an eBay but for box you know mainly and generally speaking there's by nails but you couldn't negotiate handle the two main

ones are box marked and title now these two groups make it very clear so make sure you read this and make sure you follow this if you're buying from these servers you must use a middle one think about it like this someone wants to sell me the bot

and you want to pay but which one is going to release what first do you want to give over potentially four thousand dollars for Eva Ganesh or cyber or even a couple hundred pound the sole centrum probably not not before you get the key first that that's a

person doesn't want to give you their key because once they do you can run off of it and never pay them again so the middleman for a fee of around ten to twenty dollars will basically take the key and take your money they will check to make sure

the key is Brett and it's not fake and that always about board they'll make sure that the money is clearly and then he would transfer she will transfer the key in the money or open the right blood some people might suggest not going for a middleman because there's

better power or because they're stopped it doesn't matter generally speaking you want to keep safe you want to make sure that you're protected and you want to make sure you do not get escaped so for the sake of 10 to 20 dollars make sure you use a minimum

on the next episode I'm going to go through what are cut groups what is difficult and hopefully of all these episodes put together you'll have a bullet proof plan on how you can stop sneak about it in 2020 but before I go just a word of warning bear

in mind that what brought you by he is never going to guarantee that you get success with the items and you are gonna think about it this way some of the companies might drop to two to three thousand products there are tens of thousands of people the same

software you have the same information the same advice from all of these groups going for these items it is gambling at the end of the day make sure you put your effort and time into it you need to learn what we do is foster your product dip might

take a year it might take a week before you pop some of this you might have a winning streak and and all of a sudden nothing for a month but just bear in mind as long as you put the effort in you should reap the rewards but it's

not given and don't take it for granted I'll see you on the next episode [Music]

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