September 22, 2020


Yo, what's happening DNA fam issue boy DJ here back at you with another one This is another very commonly asked question that I get in my DMS And as you see from the title, this is telling you how to store your collection and keep everything very very organized so in this video I'm gonna tell you and break down the processes of what I've learned over the years and Then hopefully you can use this for your collection and get a little bit more organized.

So Let's start it off with how I started collecting and just give you guys a little bit of history of What I've learned over the years so it started in 2007 is when I really started Heavily collecting and I started to stack my shoes and slowly stack and I was a sophomore in high school By the time I got to junior senior years when I got to a hundred pairs of shoes So I had got a hundred pair of shoes and I was like I had kicks everywhere But I always kept them organized.

I had all my Air Force Ones all my Nikes on my J's different things like that And here's a picture showing you just my Jordan walk um You could see the difference between the areas with the face boxes and in the black and silver boxes the CDP's Different things like that just to show you how I kind of kept things organized in my room To allow me to know where my stuff was that the next thing I did was put pictures on the boxes I know this is a step that was done a long time ago Because back then they didn't have these clear boxes like they do now so we had to take pictures From the internet or take a photo and put it on the front of the box It made life so much easier having that on the box.

Oh my gosh.

It was amazing.

But now we got this Oh, we don't even have to worry about that if you're still into that Hey, go ahead and do it cuz it links to open.

It's easy way to find your shoes first things first Organization I'm gonna keep saying that over and over again because that's how I like to keep my stuff Organized to the tee.

I know where it's at.

I know where to go to find it I could send somebody into my room and say hey go to the third row look down right there and it's gonna be right there Especially when you have a lot of shoes it gets hard because you kind of forget about what you own Where things are at and sometimes you want to just be in the rush come in grab a shoe and go But you don't want to spend all day looking all around for the shoot.

I where'd I put it? Was it a card? I hover over here stay organized.

So for those that I have in troubles keeping things organized in life This is a great way to practice that discipline because I'm telling you it will relay to other things in life So first, what I'll do is go buy Nikes Jordans adidas and other which is you know Different designer brands timberlands you name or whatever all that stuff falls in that category? Within that then I go by the era of the box So I will take any shoe that comes out in that era or has the same type of box I put all those boxes together so that way I can make sure that everything is together and I know hey I remember this shoe came out around this time.

So I know it comes in this type of box It's easy to find and locate right here.

There's my options.

Ok, cool, read the tag.


I got my shoe It looks aesthetically pleasing when you see a bunch of orange boxes together a bunch of Jordan boxes together and different things like that Instagram everybody wants to dope photo for Instagram.

It's always gonna look dope when you have everything organized It's in in tact and everything is just where it's supposed to be It's a clean photo for the beginners for the people that don't have the money to afford shelves racks clear containers these are the essentials that you need to know make sure that you stack the boxes very neatly and Get the corners to match each other and stack them all the way up keep everything very Organized along the wall.

And as you notice the boxes won't lean to the side I know a lot of people have the problem with the shoeboxes leaning you have to Strategically kind of place the boxes in the right spots the box.

Does that have weaker sides or weaker tops? Always put the weak boxes on the top and put the stronger sturdy boxes at the bottom.

It creates.

No lean and It allows it to look a lot nicer I see a lot of people make their mistake on they take a box and they just stick it in there and then They realize all my whole collections leaning to the side What's yeah? Look at the bottom box is broken in Go ahead and put that bottom box down up to the top and then it won't lean in any more and you won't have that problem That's the easy simple fix that you can make Here's another one people always wonder why don't my shoes get messed up if they're in the box and they're still brand new Would you throw the boxes around so that's an easy way to mess up the shoes because the shoes are always tumbling around in the box Don't throw the boxes around be careful with the stuff take the boxes move them gently do those things and Do not do not do not make the rookie mistake of pulling the bottom box out real fast Thinking that all the shoes aren't gonna crumble and come down.

Come on, right? You got to move the ones from the top first and then take the bottom box out Don't just try to pull the box out real fast each box roughly weighs about four to five pounds, right? So now you have 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 pounds 50 pounds of pressure On those boxes landing down each and every time you don't realize it but that's what's damaging the boxes and this what's making the shoes shake around inside the box that could potentially Mess up the suede make the back of the shoe look bad, whatever you may be so those are some quick tips on just simply just taking care of your stuff and now let's talk more about organization and different options for those people that want to venture into the Shelves or the racks or the clear containers? So the first thing let's talk about shelves A lot of people see it online on Instagram you go to Ikea you get the little shelves It's like six shelves or something like that and you put your shoes on there.

You line them up on the wall It looks great.

That's a dope option.

It's the dope.

Look I think is something that could go well for somebody's room me personally I don't like the style because I don't like the shoes to be sitting out and Exposed like that to the dust and all those different things, but that's just me and that's my preference.

Is it a great look? Yes, if you want to try it and do it take go do it because I'm still like I said I'm a fan of it.

So go ahead and try that.

I think his dope Okay So the next one I want to talk about is the clear containers not obviously you see these on Instagram all the time you see These everywhere if you have any questions on where to buy these check out the link above I have a specific video that tells you everywhere to go To buy the clear containers and how to get them for a really good deal and save money over time The number one thing that I love about the current containers is obviously it looks dope for Instagram It's easy to get to your shoes All you have to do is pull down the front and then pull out the shoe Put the front back on and it's just perfect like it's so convenient You're not ruining anything around the boxes.

Everything is on point crispy and clean So now let's go into the racks.


This is something that I definitely want to talk about now You have two different options.

You have the plastic and you have the metal I mean personally I went with the plastic because I got mine for free but I do have options that are very similar to the ones that I Have linked down below in the description go check those out they're available I think these are something that you should definitely use me personally I still use these to this day and I think it's well well worth it to have these racks The reason why I like the plastic racks more than a metal racks I'm gonna tell you right now is because the plastic racks detach a lot faster They're easier to break down with the legs and then the top the metal racks You have to pull all of them together Put the corners in and then slide the rack down have it all standing up and it's just too much work For these ones you can get more versatile with it.

You can stack one two racks put two next to it Go one down two over, you know, it can be kind of like a little Tetris vibe, you know Making it all fill out working around with whatever that you're working with with the metal racks You just got a straight up metal rack stands up in one spot doesn't move.

You can't adjust it And you know, it's just I'm not really a fan of it But it is a good option for those people that have it fitting in a certain spot that they need Everybody has different things that they need I'm just telling you my preferences and what options I do think are the best but like I said It all depends on how the room is how you want the aesthetics to look how you want the collection like all these different things like It's up to you.

So these are like I said, I'm just giving you guys options.

There's no right or wrong So let's just keep going so with the plastic racks You can put usually two two three boxes high and in two to three boxes wide usually is 3×3 Siliceous a 3×3 will use the Jordan ones for example, so you can see on here You have one two three across one, two three high and if you fill it up That's nine shoes in one pocket.

Now each level obviously is nine different shoes.

So I have remaining pairs of shoes you have Do the math you figured out how many racks you'll need.

I wear a size 13 So my boxes are huge and sometimes I can't fit three boxes across I have smaller I have to put two boxes across Two high stuff like that just because of certain boxes and that's that's the issue that I have but people have smaller feet Yo its clutch definitely be able to fit nine pairs of shoes in there and it saves the boxes and it saves the shoes because you don't ever Have to worry about pulling out the stack anymore because now you just have two boxes hi easy to access way better than having the shoeboxes all stacked up because now you're protecting the boxes and It's a dope look so when it comes to the metal racks, I want to talk about One thing I would say get the metal rack with wheels on it because it's a lot easier to move And people some people don't like it with the wheels I know they have the wheels with the locks on them and everything But I think it's better with the wheels on it because then you could take the whole rack move it over to a different wall Compared to having to try to take everything down And move it over here and then put it all back together and do all it No, it's just a lot easier that way go ahead and get the one with the wheels on it I think it's a lot better.

But like I said, I don't use the metal racks I just think that's a better option and it just sounds more functional and proper to use to me in my mind I don't know.

Maybe I'm wrong if I'm wrong comment down below what you think is the best I'm not sure So most of this stuff that I'm talking about today Will be linked down below if you have any questions on where to get it go Check it out go purchase it.

And the next thing is please show me your collection.

I want to see your Style your your aesthetics the things that you add to the collection to the supreme around it the the arts the paints the bare Breaks the the things that you add to it.

Show me your collection Give me some inspiration show me something that I should do to my wall how I can change Change my style of my look of my room because I as you can see the collection has evolved over the years So please tag me on instagram bj sneaker and tag me on instagram Shoot me a DM say hey, I saw the video I want to show you my collection tag me in a photo send me the photo whatever it is I would love to see you.

I'm very excited to see people's collections images I think its adult thing to see how other people store their stuff as you guys remembered 423 is back.

Like I wanted to be on that website so bad Like I have I had a few hundred pairs of shoes and I was like yo I should be on this site and I never made it to the site.

So let's let's create that new environment now and Let people share their collections.

I think it's really really dope.

I remember when I got close to 700 pairs of shoes I was like I need to be Showing all this off and I never really did and I never really took pictures because there were shoes everywhere and now I'm doing it Because I'm I'm down to a lower number now But I'm like I got to do this I got to show people so Don't be scared to show people show you a collection show what you got I mean, that's the point right like we want to wanna share this dope love for the sneakers in the community Go ahead drop a comment.

You guys got any questions if I missed anything, please let me know and I think that's it R.



Nip you guys already know what's up.

What's happening in these streets? Stay safe.

I love y'all Let's have another great day.

I'll see y'all later.

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