September 24, 2020

How to Buy Nike Roshe One Sneakers to Resell on Amazon FBA for a Profit [Online Arbitrage Tutorial]

what's going on guys welcome to thevideo so today I wasn't planning on creating a tutorial like this but Istumbled across a product as always in the morning like I usually do when I wasdoing product research here on slick deals which is a bulk deal site foronline arbitrage and I figured I'd show you a good example of a product that youcould buy because I like to show you different fields right I'll hop on acoupon website I'll show you example coupon products I'll hop on cashbackwebsite and pretty much all the cashback products are good so I like to show youexamples of that as well and same thing with liquidation pallets you know youknow books and here specifically with bulk deals so what I did is I have tounselect deals sourcing in the morning it's about 906 a.


right now I alwaysusually source early in the morning get it out of the way I do it for like itmaybe an hour hour-and-a-half max usually sometimes two hours if I'mreally on a roll and I'll sort through like all the sites that I go over inonline arbitrage Pro right so that's the course where I basically teach all sortsof arbitrage she got cashback arbitrage liquidation all those good playliststhat you see on the channel they're all covered in depth in this actual courseand 3.

0 for those of you that were wondering I got a lot of emails aboutyou know when the new updates were coming out 3.

0 version 3 of onlinearbitrage Pro has just launched I won't plug it too hard but I'm gonnagive two half-price coupon codes down in the description for those of you thatwant to go ahead and grab online arbitrage Pro and get lifetime access toit currently and any future updates going forward so you if you want accessto that 50% off link in the description for the first two people that claim itright so I do a number of different things on slick deals what I'll do isI'll go to the home page sometimes and I'll sort through the home page and I'vedone countless tutorials on this actual channel this Dyson actually might be agood example so we'll check that afterwards I haven't even looked at thehome page yet but what I usually like to do is I'll come to shoes because I'vebeen buying a lot of shoes lately so I literally type in shoes and I come downand I check the shoe deals today you know when I do this almost daily noteveryday but a lot of days right and you can find some great examples of productslike I found like New Balances here for like 20 these are 40 currently for like20 bucks I've also found Reeboks for like 20 bucks with coupon codes you canresell them back on khari Poshmark goat stock ex and ebay right so there's greatopportunities to sell all these shoes on the spotforms not to mention Amazon if you do a little bit of product research right soI'm gonna walk you through that here in a second but like I said I'd like toeither come down to the home page and check what deals there are so this mightbe a good deal chances are it probably won't though because Amazon is actuallypretty good with matching like game deals chances are none of these are gooddeals although this Dyson looks kind of promising but the deal that I found whenI type in shoes right because I've been buying a lot of shoes is I usually Icome down and I look through the prices here and see if there's a potential goodopportunity that I feel like if I can buy it cheap enough I can resell it backon either Amazon if I'm one gated and I'm currently working on maximumapproval which is 2, 000 sales in a six month period to get unguided in all thetop brands like Nike and Adidas and Puma and stuff like that rightso there's two ways to get on gated to sell these things on Nike either hitmaximum approval or by ten plus of a quantity from reputable reputablemanufacturer or supplier now I have since not tried to actually buy ten of aquantity of –let from like a retail store so I plan on putting that intopractice here if I can get ten of them today and seeing if I actually applylike if I send in the application to get unguided with a deal with Nike like I'llshow you here in a second if that will actually let me get on gated with a siteor with a retail receipt basically I don't think it will but it's worth a trybecause a lot of times I don't like to take people's word for it I like to kindof see for myself a perfect example this is like if you'reon a detail page and sometimes Amazon will be like the other sailor on thedetail page it's like widespread across the online arbitrage community that youdon't want to compete with Amazon on the buy box that said I decided not tolisten to that one day and I tested it out and boom I've been making a lot ofsales on listings where Amazon looks like they owned the buy box and I matchtheir price and then we share the buy box so they do share it with you so thereason I'm telling you that is I don't just like to take people's word for itmost people it's it's again widespread across the online arbitrage communitythat I'm under the impression I've I feel like I've heard it like you knowfive to ten times at least that you can't use retail receipts to get ongated but hey it's worth a shot right and the price here for these rocha onesis just too good to pass up so even if I can't go negate it I can still sell themback on platforms like eBay stock X goat mark and Macari and flip them prettyquickly especially since we're here in q4 and about to be in Christmas seasonthese will all flip very very quickly so obviously the the the main like what theretail value of these is probably anywhere from like 50 up probably closerto like 80 so what I did is I clicked them right and it took me over to whereare they it took me over to champs right here sothis looks like it's a it's a retail arbitrage deal right in the Champs nearme so it's not an online deal and I don't usually do that I usually like tosource online about 99.

9 percent I kid you not of the of the deals that I sortare online right but this deals too good to pass up so I'm gonna I'm probablygonna call them here when they open at 10:00 a.


so it's a perfect example ofa product that you can get it's about nine twelve a.


right here and this isabout 20 miles away so if I can get ten of these in the profit margins good it'spretty it's probably like a 30 40 minute drive there and a 30 40 minute driveback so if the margins good and they have enough in stock I'm going to grabthese so let me show you an example of how you basically do product research onthese now I know from experience that I can flip these shoes back on their brandnew Nike Roche ones I actually owned a pair of these in the past and you couldprobably sell these back on posh marker Macari or ebay for you know 80 bucksrealistically maybe all the way up to a hundred but I would definitely sayaround 80 bucks you know on the lower end to be safe if you wanted to estimatemaybe 60 and there's a high demand for Nikes on those platforms so what I didis I basically searched Nike Roche 1 right here in Amazon right I want to seewhat the market for this on Amazon to see if potentially I can get on gatedand what the margin would be right what does Amazon usually sets the market on alot of these different uh you know other platforms as well so if they're sellingfor like 80 on Amazon chances are you could probably fetch close to 80 onanother platform it just might not sell as quickly right so there's a number ofdifferent potential Roche ones we got the men's one right here we have women'sright here and we also have a women's rush one right here so I'm not sureexactly which one they are obviously what I would do is I would go to thestore I'd grab them and then I would scan the box and I make sure that myproducts lined up but to me it could either be this one so it looks more likethe woman's from the picture although it doesn't really say that so I would askwhen I call yeah it doesn't where's the other men'sone it doesn't really look like the men's this looks like it's a little bitmore like I don't know what the it's like meshed it's like a different kindof fabric then the picture on here but I could be wrong like I said I wouldn'tI'd verify when I call so I don't think it's this one but it could be so itlooks like it's a women's one so it looks like it's either this one or thisone but it looks more like this one so let's just assume because they're botharound this one's 90 this one's 85 let's see if I could sell this back on Amazonif I did gonna get unguided what would my margin be now keep in mind that yeahthis is not that it the the bestseller on key right here is pretty high sothey're not selling that well on Amazon so maybe if the other one is a littlebit better I might try okay so this one's almost half it's like 16 or it's1.

6 million or 1.

7 million roughly still pretty high but it is keep in mind andclothing shoes and jewelry this one's a little bit lower so if we go to blackand we choose like maybe like nine and a half let's go ten and we'll see what theprofit margin is so sixty one so this one might be a little bit lower here andit is boom eight thousand so regardless we couldeither sit on products or we could sell them back on another platform at ahigher margin or we could list underneath these and I'll do these herein a second with you for sixty one twenty which is still a good profitmargin because you're buying them for so many tabs open here for I'm gonna exilethis too so I don't get you know kind of sidetracked for $19.

99 right so let'srun through the profit margin of all these let's take these SN right here andwe'll say okay potentially if we sold these for eighty-five what would they beand keep in mind I probably wouldn't buy these and sell them back on this listingbecause this listing is you know really really high it's about 3.

1 million butjust give you an example we'll run through this we got the Nike Rush oncethe item price is what was it eighty four ninety nine I think shipping theAmazon might be like a buck if we ship in ten of them at once and maybe theybreak it into like two different shipments so like five apiece we'llestimate and the cost of the product is $19.

99 so what's the profit margin boomforty to forty one for you know I'd buy ten of them to potentially get on gatedif I could if there were ten of them so I don't know I'm going to snip toolthat's not what I want it's poke the calculator and we'll say okay 42 41 4241 times ten is four hundred and twenty four dollars and tencents profit for just buying ten of these and keep in mind that ten of thesewould be what is that 200 bucks so I'm spending 200 bucks to potentially make420 for 10 but I probably wouldn't sell these back on this this listing or theother listing because the the the best seller rank is so high so what I woulddo is I'd either buy these and if they correlated and they were the men's onesI would sell them back on this listing right here or I would sell them back onMacari or Poshmark which I've been flipping a lot of shoes lately withsuccess I'm suspended from eBay otherwise I would flip them there andyou can definitely sell shoes they shelves they sell well on eBay as wellespecially Nikes where you can use the apps goat and stock X which are clearlyjust based around reselling shoes which you can also use to make money resellingshoes it's they're both great platforms right so then let's take this si n backinto the FBA calculator and we're gonna see okay what is this sell for so theRoche ones right here I hate when it does this let's find adifferent one and you don't really need to get when you're using the FBAcalculator people are like oh I don't know the left if you click this I don'tknow though the package dimensions I don't know the weight find the one thatdoesn't need that because you're not you don't need the actual specifics of thatyou just need the the overall weight and rough dimensions of the package that'salready in there so that you get a good indication of what the FBA fees aregonna be that's the whole purpose of the FBA calculator so you just want to findone that's look that looks good this clearly the same shield with the samerough box obviously it's not the same color scheme but we're just trying toget the rough estimation of the FBA fees and if it's gonna be profitable right sothe item price is I think 60 140 60 120 so 60 120 if we send it in and we matchthe buy box right ship to Amazon we'll say a buck so maybe it costs us a buck apair for each pair of shoes to ship them into FBI if we ship all ten of them inat once and maybe they break them into like two different shipments right sothat's where I'm getting that number from it cost us $19.

99 to get them sowhat's our profit margin boom twenty four seventy so that's still above ahundred percent return on investment right so in this case it would be twentyfour seventy times ten because that were having ten of them right to get ongaited so you're getting 247 you're spending 199 dollars and ninety- for 247 dollars profit margins so you're basically getting over a hundredpercent return on your investment here because you're buying you're spendingone ninety nine ninety to get to forty seven whatever the other you knowdecimal point was so your end up you're gonna end up turning your two hundredbucks into four hundred forty six dollars and ninety cents by buying tenof these and then reselling them back on Amazon so this is a great opportunityright here I'm literally gonna call this store as soon as they open so they openat ten o'clock and boom I'm gonna make a call see how many they have in stock seeif their men's or women's so I can get a good indication or a better indicationof whether they're profitable and depending on how many they have if theyhave two it might not be worth my while to go travel there because it's inCherry Hill which is like 3040 minutes away from me but if they have ten ormore or you know even maybe eight I might buy them and I might go there callthem tell them okay can you put them aside I'm gonna comment him grab them inlike an hour and boom then when I go grab them I would either sell them backon Amazon potentially if I can get on gated and like I said there's two waysto get on gated for these and if I couldn't get in gated or I didn't buyten I would simply sell them back on Poshmark and Macari you could sell themback on eBay as well and list them on stock X and goat as well becauseeventually they would sell and I would venture to assume they would sell prettyquickly okay so that's a great example of a product that you can buy let's runthrough three other potential examples here and I'll show you you know give youa little bit more value here and see if we can find another good product and Iplan any of this we're just gonna figure it out so okay what you want to do and Ilike to do this pretty fast you can you know obviously take your time and figureout the exact listings but I don't I usually like to just kind of sourcepretty quickly so here we have the Pegasus 580 that looks like the same oneright there Pegasus five you boom right 5800 850 800eight Pegasus same picture so this is selling on Amazon for $30 so it'sPeniston use two so obviously this is new or at least it looks like it's newright off the bat and it's selling a million 1.

2 million in tools in homeimprovement so that's a bad product we don't want to go after that productbecause it's not selling frequently enough now let's check this one this isan example of a product that Amazon most likely has matchedprice because they're usually pretty good at matching prices and kind of ongames or at least that's my experience the Darksiders 3 for ps4 ps4 andDarksiders 3 oh they haven't matched the price here so you can get this fromGamestop it looks like for $9.

99 currently usually retails at 30 bucks itdoes not look like Amazon has matched the price yet which is strange usuallythey're pretty good with doing that so the buy box for this and this is not adigital copy right so the buy box it looks like is 28 89 so what's the rankfor this then the rank is 1500 and video games so this is a perfect example of aproduct so we took it into the seller central to see if we can sell it andboom we can sell it a new collectible and use conditions so then let's take itinto the FBA calculator see if we're profitable didn't mean to do that andusually I have these plugins right here mg scout calculator and jungle scout butfor whatever reason there's like a bug in my Google Chrome and I still haven'trebooted it since the last video so I need to do that so my plugins aren'treally working see if they're working right here of course they're not jungleScout is working thank God but the MZ Scout calculator is not so monthly salesfor this okay go away I don't care is 2:05 and the daily sales roughly are 9so let's see for profitable here if we buy a shipping the Amazon would be like50 cents because it's super cheap if we're gonna ship this in with a bunch ofother stuff cost of our product was 99.

99 and this was thirty eight ortwenty eight twenty eight eighty nine so cost of the product is nine ninety nineitem price is twenty eight ninety nine or 2889 or whatever it was so our profitmargin then becomes nine ninety one so you're spending $99.

99 to make nineninety one that is another example of a good product and one that I might buyafterwards I'm gonna look more in-depth today because obviously I'm goingthrough these fast you know I would check a little some other stuff right tomake sure this isn't a digital download and make sure a lot of other things butit looks right off the bat just kind of going through quickly like that's apotential good buy now let's check the Dyson early fast sowe'll do one more and then I'll hop off but those shoes probably are gonna be agreat deal regardless if I sell them back on Amazon or not where I sell themon another platform the return on my investment it might take you know let'ssay hypothetically I can't sell back on Amazon I would still sell themback on other platforms and I might sell out of them in like a couple weeks to amonth and boom I still turn my you know 200 bucks into whatever that the returnon my investment was for selling them at like 60 bucks so that's a potential like$30 after fees obviously so I'm spending $20 to make $30 on each pair of shoes soI'm turning $20 into 50 dollars if that makes any sense so let's check the Dysonreally fast so we got the Dyson v7 animal vacuum cleaner by the way guys Ihave this vacuum I actually own this vacuum it's freaking incredible I soundlike such an adult right now but I'm telling you it's awesome one of the bestpurchases ever uh what am i doing right now I'm supposed to be an Amazon I'mjust getting excited about vacuums oh oh my Dyson v7 Motorhead so here you gohere's another potential profit margin right so you got the v7 Motorheadhandless cordless vacuum right here and so whereas the other one right here sowe got the V engineer for home and pets engineer for home and pets and thislooks like it's it's a different picture but I know for a fact that the v7there's only one version of the v7 because I actually own it so I would doa little bit more product research but for the fact but for the the sake ofjust kind of waiting and showing you an example of how to source a potentialproduct I'm not gonna you know waste your time doing this I might look afterthe video so let's play along and act like this which it looks like it is isthe actual product listing it might just be an outdated picture the only thingthat's different here is the the pink handle and the pink top whereas mineactually has the purple and the gray so it looks a little bit like this one andnot this one so it just might be an outdated picture no big deal let's checkit out and see if we can sell it and if we can't and if we can sell it ifthere's a potential profit margin be made so can we sell it and like we'renot allowed originally because it's Dyson so let's quit request approval andsee if my metrics will let me sell it and I'm not allowed to sell it yet so Iwould need to send in an application for brand approval so I would need to sourceit from a legitimate manufacturer and then send in my invoice of ten plusunits to get unguided right so this is not a good product at least at thiscurrent time period so I won't buy the dicing but I'm gonna potentially look atthis after the video I'm also gonna go back and buy those shoes so I hope youguys enjoyed this video there's a lot of potential on slick deals but not justslick deals across the board with online arbitrage remember version 3 of onlinearbitrage pro has just launched it comes with 10 different online arbitragebusiness models 72 plus web sites the source from 275 step by step select stepby step lectures and over 37 hours of detailed sourcing walkthroughs and for alimited time too I'm also testing out a free onboard and consulting call to makesure that you guys kind of get in and get diagnosed with your goals how muchyou have to potentially invest you know what you want out of the business modelso that I can give you my best case scenario and kind of best you knowsuggestions on where to start in the course because it is a very veryin-depth course but obviously we'll break that all down in the onboardingconsultation so if you guys want online arbitrage pro it's always linked in thedescription but for the first two people that go through and grab it down in thedescription there will be a 50% off link to grab the course half price right nowso with that being said I hope you enjoyed the video and I'll see you inthe next one.

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