September 21, 2020

How not to Play Halo l Feat. Steven Heath l New Capture Card

Heyyo issue boy Kimmy and today we are here with Steven heat from Steven Heath And we're gonna play some classic breakout, I'm sorry I have to be quiet because Hopefully It should but you know and also I Actually have a caption card now.

Thanks Steven Yeah How many points Reprimand you should say Yeah, I don't know how long it does But I'm pretty sure even if it goes away if you go to if you look at halo 5 in The store Xbox store and go down to the bottom it has all the stuff that they've had I'm wearing the you just go over to the item my calling Gouda The warm oh, yeah wait so are you actually yeah reading? Probably, not I Mean if you I know Mean like the one reason that I would stay if like you Came back very well, yeah I don't know.

I'm deciding.

I'm miserable, but I'll figure it out Hey when I said triple Stay less even just yeah Well kind of I was oh yeah, I was but I actually stayed crouching this one I press it Try not to get picked for What's it Jake have you ever had a dream That you um you okay Oh Dude Travis playing so cheap Dude and you saying all that crap about not camping, and then I find him camping it's like come on man you lying to me Just got the triple you want to get hard me while I try to switch him in the house Well you let me die, thanks Captain Obvious Sorry I tried I did he thank you yeah, he rocketed me and then someone being Charged because I forgot to I think I forgot to charge it Why do I keep lagging honestly oh, no they're all over there Okay, where are they? Oh you didn't get a headshots Dude Never show up on the radar.

I guess even let's meet up somewhere Yes, my problematic so for you is he still there I'm going over masters.

Oh, this guy come up That was bad so that Dude My teammates are unreliable like that.

Yeah, I just aim at me the whole time.

I don't think my teammates shot him once Oh, yeah, let's stick together I got this rockets Like rockets son what you can have one? Did I take that You just like watching me say oh, that's so good Dude I have everything as our drain Power tool I got one can dang.

It sorry Kenny, I wanna kill, and that's the ground pound ground Okay, let's stick together.

Oh, dude that was mine too, yeah Let's try a trick ah dude you start I guess we're even now All right for me.

I like how it typically fog Look at his life Running to it Oh Watch out he's got snakes yeah That's good Least I got to kill, huh This videos gonna be so boring Hey at least I catch it dude every freaking kill gets killed, I mean still Every time My team gonna defend me at all Power beauty spot because I'd like to do to some magnums and ARS which I take the power open so they okay We're Okay, okay wait Kenny.

No we whether or not we have to win this one in Why is my shot super Angry I saw that he's one shot so I took out our team it and it did someone else on the other team to kill Steven you stop Not I've gotten zero headshots this game Just a final one are you? This is taking forever oh come on of course, I know he's got rockets And run anywhere, I'm stealing.

Where are they? Dude no way Yeah, you cannot rely on these these guys They'll watch you get taken out, and they'll try to just so they can try to get the killer after Yeah, oh What's that behind you going to yep, all right What are we gonna start off the new series hiss pretty much a new series Yeah upgraded do my teammates need assistance Yeah, it's been for two flows or not Great dude, I keep screwing These guys are such news they just get all the power weapons and get the splitters Can I join the noob team? I'm gonna go for the Rockets Cuz I need oh My double dude get the kill for that The other day I clearly ground pounded these two guys and it gave the killed gave an assault rifle I don't care.

I just wanted All this out of the wall Well that was the video for today Kind of quiet the quiet video sorry had to be that way but hopefully it'll be a louder video possibly tomorrow if I make one but So anyway, that's the video Thank You Steven for joining me go check out his channel and Yeah Yes I've gotta fight today to live another day speakin my mind today.

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