September 22, 2020

Home Workout For Running | How To Keep Run Fitness In Quarantine

okay maybe you can't get outside at the moment and I know that is frustrating however there's still a lot we can do for our running fitness and I've got selection of exercises that are going to help with maintaining some of that Fitness and maybe even improving your conditioning

so get ready to get your heart rate up and your muscles working because today I've got a basic running session so we're going to start with a warm-up following it up with some drills before the main set and then finishing off with a cool-down and you've got two

options here you can either join along now as I go and I'm going to be demonstrating each exercise and then you might want to pause whilst you complete the full exercise or you can sit back relax and watch it in your own time and then come back and

do the full exercise is when you're ready but all you need is some sort of space whatever you've got available to you whether that's outside or inside maybe it's even a bedroom we've got to improvise at these times so we can do it all together [Music] all right

this is just the warmup so I'm gonna ease you guys into it nicely gradually because if you're anything like me you've probably been sat still indoors for quite a long time so it's important to get the full body moving and yes I know running is predominately your legs

but you still very much need your whole body so we're gonna start off with some skipping I've actually got a skipping rope here but if you haven't then don't worry you can still do a skipping action without a rope and you can sometimes even replicate with your arms

it does help a little bit so laughing at my slipping skipping skills here or simply if you've got enough room just start with a nice two minutes of steady skipping you can feel brave and practice your technique a little bit but I'm going to keep it nice and

simple for now so if you don't have a rope then you can simply just keep skipping whether you want to use your hands or not but the idea is to have a nice light touch with your feet nice and springy with a slight bend in your knees just

to get that heart rate up right now an extension from skipping it's simply hopping and this is gonna be nice and light on your feet just like you where we just skips I want you to do ten on one side and then simply swap and repeat with ten

on the other side if you're feeling brave then why not add in a skipping rope I'm not gonna do that on camera and out there ten on each side until you've done a whole minute of hopping all right your full body should be feeling pretty warm now so

it's time to actually get some mobility into our bodies and for this one it's a bit of an all-in-one exercise so you need a little bit of space out in front of you you're gonna walk out into a downward dog position then into a plank and from that

plank it's wanting to do two press ups just to get the chest warm and from there you're gonna bring one leg outside of that front neck so I'm gonna demonstrate this as I go let's see how we get on here so simply nice bending your knees walk your

hands out into downward dog and then on into the plank position once you're settled in your plank you know simply take two press ups from here you're going to bring one leg so your right leg in this example to the outside of this right hand and now this

is where we get some sebacic twisting so you're gonna really take up to the sky bring your elbow down to the ground up to the sky down to the ground and I want you to repeat this exact movement five times and once you've done five you're going to

return to the plank position two more press ups and then you're going to repeat on the other side and once you've repeat to the other side you are then going to gradually walk your feet in come down to a squat position and from here you're going to do

ten full body squats so arms out in front of you it's crossing down making sure you're getting the full body work here say ten of those once you've done that whole sequence right the way through so five rotations two press-ups five rotations to you press up ten squats

repeat the whole thing through once more and now we're ready for the final part of the warmup okay so this bit you want to make the most of the space you've got available and it's really simple we are going to jog around the room so you want to

go to all four corners of the space that you've got making sure you do diagonals you go forwards backwards round you're just basically trying to get your body as warm and moving as much as you can and speed it up as you go all right onto drills now

and just because you're not gonna be heading outside and running really hard on a track or doing a really key run session doesn't mean you can forget drills and it's actually a perfect time to work on some of those conditioning aspects and maybe some weaknesses in your normal

running gait so I've got a bit of a selection which we're gonna go through today so this first one it's kind of a bit of a combination of a yoga pose mixed in with a running drill so I'm gonna demonstrate from side on to start with and you're

simply going to start with your weight in this situation we're going to do weight on your right leg on my right leg you have a very soft bend in that knee and you're gonna be pivoting through your hips so this is all about engaging your core some coordination

as well and working on the drive of the running phase so from here you're going to tilt at the hips making sure that you've got a nice straight line with your body through to your legs that the lifting leg here and the arm is also going out on

the same side and from here you're then going to pull that leg through drive up into an a-frame shape so here you should have a nice a-frame with a right angle at your hip and your knee and your ankle the opposite arm driving as you would in a

running drive and then from here you're going to simply extend back the arm comes through into the arabesque pose and then back through drive forwards okay you're gonna repeat that five times on one leg and you'll really find the stabilizing leg doing a loss of work as well

as your brain having to concentrate a lot once you've done five simply swap over and do it on the other leg and if you're feeling ready for it trying to repeat the whole lot twice through but these drills are very much up to your interpretation as to how

much you want to do right next we're gonna take that a-frame shape into something a little bit more explosive so if you can find some sort of step or a chair using your chair they just make sure it's nice and secure and you are simply going to whatever

height it is you've got you're gonna be simply stepping up onto that and driving through so if I'm using my right leg here I'm gonna step up and drive through step up and drive through so you're trying to make this much more dynamic faster movement okay so the

idea of that you want to do ten on each leg and swap over and you really want to think about trying to explode with lots of energy making a nice fast quick movement okay again this one depends on what space you've got available ideally it's walking lunges with

a hold but I don't have enough space here and I expect you probably don't at home so I've adapted it so for this we're going to simply be doing one lunge at a time on one legs but instead of having the whole time walking it's gonna be a

pause before the loan so come up into that a frame shape that we had area so you've got the control in the core and you've got that glute firing on the standing leg and from here you're gonna lunge down with the opposite arm as though you're doing the

run drive but instead of having to then step forwards if you've got space you'd walk on but in this situation I'm just going to come back to the starting position and then come back into the hole for the other leg you've got control lunge down dropping that back

knee towards the ground and then back up repeat this you want to do a total of five on each leg so if you are walking out that would be a total of ten steps here obviously a total of ten lunges really making sure you main can remain controlled

throughout the full movement and now it is the final drill that I've chosen today this one it's quite tricky to do on the spot it's quite tricky to do moving as well but it's all about get a really short contact time on the ground so it's toe taps

with pretty much straight legs you're gonna have a very slight bend in the knee obviously to absorb the impact I'm gonna try and show this as I go so you're gonna be doing the run action like you would normally see using your arms to help pump and then

we're landing on your toes and your mid foot and your forefoot of your further they want to see any heel strike so from here you are taking your feet out in front of you but only the mid and the forefoot is touching the ground so your knees are

almost straight and I want you to then try and make it as fast as you can and you'll hear that sound I want it to be a really light quicksand on the ground the faster the quicker the lighter the better and try to do that for 30 seconds

as fast as you can you can see I'm out of breath already take a rest and then repeat that another 30 seconds 3 [Music] all right things are about to get a little bit heated because we are ready for the main set and this is where you're really

going to have to start to work and after all we are trying to replicate the main set of a run sessioning you know how hard that feels at the time but how good it feels afterwards so the plan is to spend 30 seconds on each exercise as hard

as you can and take a minimal rest between each so you want to replicate a block of running so just whatever time it takes for you to transfer from one exercise to the next we're gonna go holy through got nine exercises in total and then I'm gonna leave

it up to you to how many you do but I would aim to go through the whole lot three times alright we are going straight in with these exercises with some nice plyometric leaps to really get everything firing and that explosive part of the running gait focused on

so it's really nice and simple you need a space that's wide enough for you to jump from one side to the other if you've got lots of room you can continually jump but you're basically going to be leaping with both feet trying to get as much height as

much length as you can on every drum using your arms to drive and you'll be pushing off using those glutes to push you forward so one leap in this situation I'm going to need to turn around and leap back in the other directions alright now on to really

nice simple exercise that I'm sure you're not gonna like me for it is high knees I don't really enjoy this one either but it is a great way to replicate running when you have zero space because it is exactly on the spot so let's get it going all

right now here you want it to be trying to get your knees up to 90 degrees so you can use your arms to help pub think about getting your ankles that pie as well short contact tapping and keeping it really fast if you want to challenge yourself you

put your hands ahead of fun try and get your knees to be tapping after that but this is a real high energy fast 30 second bursts of simple high knees nice high posture keep your eye gaze ahead of you and your shoulders nice and upright before at the

front of the body now we need to work the back of the body so the glutes and it's nice and simple with some heel flicks for these I like to put your hands on your bottom so that you've got that added proprioceptors you can try to kick your

hands one at a time this is gonna be firing up those hamstrings and your glutes and it's the same rules here if you want to have nice wider open shoulders I lie straight in front keeping your hips parallel as well and trying to keep your whole body nice

and tall with a really short contact time with your feet all right speed skaters these are brilliant for activating the glutes testing your coordination a little bit and really focusing on power is a very explosive style of movement so you're going to be leaping onto one leg and

a lateral movement so off to the side then you'll be driving off that leg pushing across and landing on the opposite leg you're gonna need to coordinate your arms to get this drive and coordinate that the leg that isn't on the ground to help with the driving motion

so I'm gonna try and demonstrate this for you so you're gonna gonna start by leaping to my right so I'm gonna land on my right foot you'll see my left arm is by helping to balance here and my left foot is out behind me now from here I'm

gonna drive across with the right now I'm landing on my left foot with my right behind I'm being kind with this next one as it's a slightly less intense exercise but does to require a little bit of coordination and therefore some thought and you want to imagine that

your right arm is connected to your left leg across the diagonal and vice-versa on this side you know take slight lean forwards might look a little bit silly you're going to have straight arms straight legs and you're basically going to be running on the spot with that Lane

forward lean in a nice straight imagine your back at playschool have a bit of a laugh with this one but try and keep it nice and fast it's time to up that intensity again and for this you need to find a wall you're gonna simply place your hands

up against the wall you want a slight lean in your body but still a straight line going through your ears your shoulders your hips all the way down to your legs and you are going to be doing knee Drive so it says then you're trying to push that

wall away from you but trying to get your knees up nice and high so they're coming up towards your chest a really explosive movements here and you're landing on your forefoot and your mid foot of your feet you basically again running on the spot but this time you're

driving forwards more than you're driving up so if you can't find a Warnie place your hands start off with around shoulder height but you can experiment with that and see what's comfortable for you and then start in a nice straight line so if you can check that you've

got that luck every thing in line and from here you're gonna drive your knees upwards and forwards we're getting there now we've got three exercises to go so stick with me these last three are pretty high intensity I'm not gonna deny it and this one especially so it

gets the full body working so we've got high skips we obviously did skipping earlier but this time it's very much one leg than the other and the target here is to get as much height as you can on each skip because obviously it's gonna be on the spots

and if you can add in arms if you've got room above you if you don't have a low ceiling then I want you to be stretching up with the opposite hand to the opposite knee on each skip so you'll be driving up as high as you can again

this nice a-frame shake with that lifted leg bring it back and then hop onto the other as high as you can really thinking of height for each one so here we go this is a very hard one to do I'm very hard to demonstrate [Music] [Applause] [Music] sticking

with the explosiveness the power and the single leg drive here similar to those hi skip so we really are going to be doubling up the working your glutes and your quads and your full leg muscles plus the heart for this one because it's step ups with a little

extra so remember the step ups we did earlier as the drills this time as well as the energetic drive through when you reach the top of that step I want you to actually add in a little hop so as you step onto the step imagine I'm stepping under

step now you gotta hop up and then lower yourself back down swap on to the other leg and then hop up so it's a really explosive step and drive step and drive so you want to again try and get as much height as you can while still keeping

that really good form and keeping it nice and fast alright we've got this this is the final exercise of the first time through I have to admit and it's working all our hip flexors so finds that your step again or chair in front of you anything that's between

hip and knee high and you're simply going to tap your toes onto it one at a time nice and lightly so imagine I had a chair in front of me I would simply be tapping away like so and if you can try to get a nice rhythm so

it's not quite high knees this is more tapping out in front of you it's a slightly different action but I don't want to see anyone cheating make sure you still keep your shoulders and your torso nice and that right no leaning back because that will make it a

little bit easier and we're here to work hard so just think about keeping yourself light on your feet that you're landing on but also light on tapping your toes using your arms to drive and keeping it nice and fast for this final 30 seconds [Music] made it through

that is nine exercises complete so four and a half minutes in total of hard work and now I'm gonna leave it up to you guys I'd recommend doing it at least once more through twice if you can because then that is just shy of a 15-minute session but

the ball is in your court and I'm now gonna move on to the warm down so whether you've just been watching this at home or you've been doing it with me we really do need to have a solid warm Dan so for this first part it's gonna be

stretching but the front and the backs of the legs but we're keeping this warm down fairly mobile because we still want to keep the blood flowing and don't let it all just drop to the ankle so you're gonna take a nice forward lunge like we did earlier and

just drop into that so you start to feel the stretch down the front of those hip flexors and hold that for a few seconds just until you really feel the stretch we'll go into deeper stretches later on and then once you've been there long enough that you simply

tilt back and I want you to then straighten out the front leg so you start to feel a stretch down that right hamstring and you're just simply going to alternate nice and gently between the two so feeling stretch at the front on one side rotate so you're then

straight on that front leg getting you feel the stretch down the back of that one take your time on this and obviously make sure you swap over and you do both sides and hold a little bit longer in one area if you feel that it needs it this

is very much an individual moment when it comes to the warm down and the stretching part I think I've mentioned glutes enough throughout this video to know that we need to stretch them off a little bit so for this one is simply gonna take your weight onto one

leg lift up the other meaning in a place here just above your ankle across that knee so forming a triangle style shape and then you're going to keep your hips facing forward and you're just gonna drop back into this so just as though you're sitting into a chair

on a single leg you should already start to feel the stretch around that Glu's if you want to deepen that stretch you can simply lower further down into that single leg squat you can even reach your arms out in front your fire that that really does add the

extra bit and if you're struggling in this position to balance or you're not quite getting the stretch then if you hold onto something in front of you can lean into that stretch a little bit more and you'll find that it really does help to get the area alternatively

you could actually do the same on the floor so you're lying on your back and you want to then just hug this leg in nice and close to you and push that one away to get the stretch that way those different variations just work out where it is

that for you to get that really feeling of stretching across that glue and remember obviously to swap onto the other side and preferably I would still do this standing out because we are still trying to make it fairly dynamic and keep the blood flowing before we get too

cold after such a hard workout so you can swap side to side just holding it for a few seconds at a time or you can really sit into a deeper stretch for longer whatever it is you would prefer and talking of keeping these moving this next stretch was

a bit more of mobility so we're going to actually focus on stretching more of the upper body so I just want you to have a gentle jog on the spot just to keep that blood flowing in your heart rate not dropping too low and obviously keeping you warm

from here stretch your arms up above your head and then you're simply going to get hold over the opposite wrist with the opposite hand and just try and stretch up towards the sky slightly pass your midline so you'd start to feel a stretch down the side of your

body and then swap over hold onto the other wrist and stretch in the other direction if you don't want to be jogging you could simply be walking on the spot anything that's keeping your legs moving whilst you can focus on stretching side to side let's finish up by

stretching the insides of our legs we've done the outsides with our glutes we've done our cords our hamstrings so it just is the groin that remains that they can nice wide starts wider than your hips and from here I want you to bend one of your legs and

take your weight over to that side so you're dropping into over that knee and usually should feel the stretch on the opposite side of the groin and then move to the other side you can make it nice and flowing from one side to the other if you want

to add in dropping your head down to the ground to make that stretch a little bit deeper again just play around with what works for you you can even twist so that you're going to be stretching your hamstrings a bit more if you want to lift your toes

up this is little a nice kind of flowing stretch just to finish off with and I've covered a few here just a selection and they're all quite flowing stretches but if you do want to hold one of them or go into stretch that you know is more specific

to you or something that you need to work on after doing this exercise because after all we have just done the equivalent of a high-intensity run session and try to add in some foam rolling on any sore bits or any areas that you might find need to relieve

that tension especially if you're spending a lot of time indoors and sitting down at the moment well hopefully you've enjoyed it whether you've enjoyed watching it or enjoyed actually taking part do let me know let me know afterwards if you go away and do this session how you

found it and if there's any other exercises that you'd like to add in next time or some that you found really hard you can do all of that in the comment section below and give us a like and a follow on our social media channels

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