September 21, 2020

Home – Day 11 – Dig | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

– What's up, everyone?Welcome to Home, your 30-day yoga journey.

Today is Day 11 and today, crack, we dig in.

(upbeat gentle music) Alright pals, welcome back.

Let's begin today's practice in (mimicks triumphant trumpets) Downward Facing Dog.

So don't rush, alright?Take your time.

First, come on down to the ground.

Benji's gonna help us with this one.

You gonna come to all fours likely and then peel up from there.

Start to check inwith your breath as you lift the hips up high.

And you're doing this.

We are doing this.

We are already here so today's practice invites us to dig in.

Whatever that means to you.

Crawl through the fingertips.

Try to give it your thinkingmind a break in this session.

I know it's easier said than done.

But use the sound of your breathto kind of anchor any busy thoughts or busy mind.

And let's get right into thesensation here as you pedal it out through the feet, stretchingthrough the fascia of the foot, the ankles, the Achilles, the backs of the legs.

You can sway the hips a little side to side.

Just wiggle around here.

And then take a deep breath in.

Big, big inhale in through the nose.

And as you exhale, bendyour knees and melt your heart towards the tops of the thighs.

Breathe out.

Good, inhale.

Drop the heels, hug the low ribs in, find stillness.

Letting the blood flowhere to the head, so good.

Here we go, bend the knees, belly comes towards the tops of the thighs.

This time we carve a line with the nose to look forward and you're going to crawl your way up to the top, nice and slow.

We'll meet in a Forward Fold.

Feet hip width apart orflush together, your choice.

Just nice conscious footing.

Take a second or two here.

Again, really seeing if you canallow the thinking mind to take a bit of a break and let's invite our body, our bodily intelligence to kind of have a head seat at the table today.

So what that could mean is really focusing on the sensation, this idea of (sighs)getting your hands dirty.

(clicks tongue) Hey-o.

Digging in.

Alright, on that note, dig into the heels.

Press into the ball jointof the big toe mound, ball joint of the pinky toe mound.

When you're ready, bend the knees generously.

Think of keeping your knees stacked over your ankles.

If they don't quite make it to that shape, that's all right but just keepthat awareness as you send your hips back and right in, let's sit back, dig in, fingertips forward, hips back, Utkatasana.

Thumbs up, pinkies down.

In fact, let's just do a little hang loose here to help you with that.

Great, if you're like, “I haveno idea what that is, ” we will talk about it maybe (chuckles)in the comments section.

Here we go, on your nextinhale press into the feet.

Rise up, reach up towards the sky.

Listen carefully, as you exhale, bend the elbows, keep your chest lifted.

Slight back bend here if it's right for your body.

Squeezing the shoulder blades together.

Beautiful, inhale to reachfor the sky, stand up tall.

Let's dive right in, dig in.

Forward Fold, rain the fingertips down.

On your next inhale, lift up halfway.

Today we're going to invite someairplane arms into this shape.

So send their fingertips out, palms face down.

Building that mindfulness in the upper back body, supporting the low back bodyby drawing the navel up and in.

Good, take a deep breath in here, let it lift you just a bit.

Then exhale, crest and fall, come all the way back down, Forward Fold.

Good, plant the palm step just the right foot back.

Just the right foot.

Inhale, we rise up.

Back knee lowered or lifted.

We send the fingertips up high.


Today, open twist.

So you're gonna send the left fingertips back, right fingertips forward.

Keep that front knee bent.

You don't have to crank it here.

Keep it nice and easy.

Good, then inhale, we rise up.

Reach the fingertips up high.

Then open up to the right, Warrior II.

Pull the pinkies back.

Remember a little tendency to lean forward here.

All good, let's bring the spineinto a nice stacked alignment.

Inhale in here.

Lengthen through the crown.

Press into the outer edge of your right foot.

Exhale, relax your shoulders down.


Keep the front knee bent.

Building strength.

Reach the left fingertips up as you breathe in.

And then back, big stretch, Peaceful Warrior.

Good from here cartwheeling all the way back down to a nice low lunge.

Right into a twist, right hand to the earth.

Inhale, left fingertips up towards the sky.

Beautiful, wiggle the left fingertips.

And then bring it all theway back down to your lunge.

You're gonna rock a couple times here, bringing that back foot up tomeet the front, Forward Fold.

Feet together or hip width apart.

Inhale, halfway lift with airplane arms.

So pull the fingers back.

Right as I'm doing this I can hear an airplane (jet engine)outside my window.


Take a deep breath in here, let it lift you.

And then exhale, Forward Fold.

Beautiful, step the left toes back.

Back knee lowered or lifted.

On the inhale, we rise up.

Send the fingertips up high.

Beautiful, big breath in here.

Use your exhale to relax the shoulders down.

Find your footing.

Squeeze into the midline.

Nice open twist.

Inhale to reach up a little higher.

Exhale, open twist to your right.

Keep the ball joint of that left, excuse me, right big toe moundfirmly planted on the earth.

You have everything you need here so dig in, take your time.

Excellent, inhale, come back to center.

Big breath in, stretch.

Exhale, open to the left, Warrior II.

Pull the pinkies back.

Move mindfully through yourchecklist as you breathe deep.

Good, then let's flip it.

Inhale, reach the right fingertips up high.

Then continue that journey up and over, creating space, Peaceful Warrior.

Nice, and then all the way back down to your lunge, slow cartwheel.

We pivot on the back foot, left hand comes to the ground and big inhale lifts you back up.

Right fingertips to the sky.

Big twist so big bellybreath here, you got it.

And then slowly back down to your lunge.

Awesome, walk the back foot up to meet the front.

Here we go, Forward Fold at the top of the mat.

Here we go, inhale in.

Airplane arms.

Imagine two little angelspulling your fingertips back.

So we're really creating spacebetween the shoulders and the ear lobes as you look down and forward.

Good, inhale.

Let it lift you just a bit.

There's a rise and a fall to the breath here, Forward Fold.

Ground through the feet, inhale, reach for the sky.

Exhale, bend the elbows, squeezethe shoulder blades together.

Good, dig in through the heels.

Inhale, lift up towards the sky.

Exhale, wiggle the fingertips, rain it all the way down.

Inhale, halfway lift, airplane arms, palms pressed down, fingertips reach.

And exhale to fold.

Great, step the right foot back.

This time pivot on the back foot.

We're coming up to Warrior I.

Nice and slow reaching the fingertips forward, up and back.

Strong legs, you've got this.

Virabhadrasana I.

Thumbs back, (chuckles) pinkies forward.

Press into the outer edge of your back foot.

Good, inhale in here.

Reach a little higher, strong legs.

Exhale, bend the elbows, squeeze them behind you, thumbs back, pinky forward.

Inhale, tuck the chin, reach for the sky.

Exhale, bend the elbows.

Lift your chest.

One more.

Spread the fingertips, reach the sky.

And exhale, bend the elbows, lift your heart.

Now keep your heart liftedhere, send your fingertips down.

You're gonna interlace them behind your back.

You got this.

Strong footing, so you havethat connection through all four corners of your front foot.

Then we'll lift the chest here.


Open, open, open.

Exhale, pull the left hip crease back, keep the front knee bent.

Strong back leg, ground through that back foot.

You're gonna lean forward, look forward.

Coming into a little Humble Warrior.

So you can stay nice and lifted here.

Spine long and strong.

Or we can work to continue thejourney all the way down maybe one day bringing the crown ofthe head down towards the earth.

Now use everything we've learned so far.

Be attentive.

Press into the outer edge of that back foot.

Engage your right inner thigh.

One more breath here, you got this.

Use your exhale to connect to your center, your core and come allthe way back up, Warrior I.

Here we go, big inhale.

Nice and then exhale, palms aregonna come together and we're gonna pivot on the back foot andwe're going to come all the way back down to that nice low lunge.

Beautiful work here.

Rock the back foot up to meet the front.

Take your time.

Inhale, halfway lift, airplane arms.

Look forward.

Nice, long, beautiful neck.

And exhale to soften and fold everything in.

Bend the knees, fingertips come to the mat, we step the left toes back.

Pivot on the back foot, bend your front knee, front knee over front ankle.

Strong and steady, you got this.

Fingertips reach forward, up and back, Warrior I.

Feel that sensation in the hip here.

Remember nice wide base so you can find stability.

And let's flow with the breath, inhale to reach of the sky.

Exhale, bend the elbows, lift the chest.

Inhale, tuck the chin, reach for the sky.

Exhale, bend the elbows.

As you reach up, can youreinforce that connection from the outer edge of your back foot? Yes, exhale, bend the elbows.

Inhale, reach up.

And exhale, bend the elbows.


This time keep your heart lifted.

Strong legs.

We'll reach behind, interlace.

Maybe opposite thumb ontop this time, maybe not.

And here we go, inhale in, lift your heart.

Exhale, strong legs as youpull the right hip crease back.

Front knee stays bent.

And we begin to look forwardsearching for our reflection here in the water, nice and slow.

Strong spine.

Maybe we pause here, nice flat back.

Working, working, working.

Breathing or maybe we continue the journey down, crown of the head coming towards the earth.

If not today, maybe another day, maybe another year.

Lift your left kneecap.

Engage the left inner thigh, breathe deep.

Humble Warrior.

Good, inhale in.

Use your exhale to find that slight contraction, navel draws in in your core center and from there, we rise back up.

You got this.

Stay strong.

Keep that front knee bent.

As you inhale, reach for the sky, Warrior I.

So Warrior.

Inhale in.

Exhale, palms slide back down to the heart.

We pivot on the back foot and we come back down to our nice low lunge.

Beautiful work.

Rock the back foot up to meet the front.

Inhale lifts you up halfway.

Airplane arms here.

Beautiful length in the neck here.

And then check it out, bring the palms together, interlace and you're just gonnabring the knuckles all the way up and over as you fold back in.

Shake the head yes, no.

Inhale in.

As you exhale, let something go.

Good, nice and slow.

As a friend of mine says, try to resist the slingshoteffect here of your arm.

So nice and slow with control, release the arms.

You're gonna walk the feet aswide as your yoga mat here.

Let your toes turn out just a bit left to right.

And we're gonna nice and easy get down low, dig in, coming down into a low squat.

Alright, so we might be visited by some aches and pains here.

We might be confronted withsomething here, maybe not.

So just pay attention and be mindful.

Find some soft, easy movement.

You can lift the heels totally.

If you find that the heels are able to come down, maybe you find a Prayer Positionhere and use your arms to actively press, press, press the legs out.

And then here we go, advanced layer (clicks tongue) squeeze the legs into the arms.

So we're creating a little push and pull here.

So just work where you are today.

Make sure you're breathing deep.

Then we're gonna stay in this squat variation.

Heels down or maybe in a little time moving froggy.

Or we're gonna transition to a little Crow practice.

Crow practice, this is not the mastery of Bakasana.

This is not that school.

Not today.

So we'll spread the palms wide if you're down.

Otherwise, keep breathing.

Digging in where it's right for you today.

You want to make sure you have a nice wide base.

We're gonna keep all of thiswork we've been doing of looking forward, kind of into our reflection, that length in the neck.

We call this the Dunda.

This image of the staff or the stick from the crown to the tail.

You're gonna keep that here.

We're gonna draw the upper arm bones out, just like we do in Downward Facing Dog.

And we'll inhale, walk the toes together, bring the knees up towards the armpit chest.

Exhale, connect to your core as you look forward, maybe leaning forward into the fingerprints.

And you can just play here.

Rocking back and forth, experimenting with your center and your strong foundation.

And then maybe you get to a point where you keep your gaze forward and lift one toe.

And then maybe the other.

And then you might just findthat you work here with your breath to lift both legs up, excuse me, both feet up.

Eventually working here, drawing the navel up.

Finding your breath.

Digging in.

After a couple of moments of play, wherever you are.



we're gonna let it go.

And we're gonna come througha seat and onto our backs.

Take your time.

Awesome work.

Come on down to the ground.

We're gonna bring the feet as wide as the yoga mat.

So, super wide.

And then you're just gonnawindshield wiper your legs to one side, any side and just let it pause there.

Should feel good.

You can let the hands rest gently on your low ribs or your belly.

Start to relax your shoulders.

Start to melt the weight of your body into the earth.

Alright, switch, come through center.

Windshield wiper to the opposite side.

And if you need a little more here, you can actually take the bottom leg, cross that ankle over thetop leg for a deeper stretch.

We'll do it again on theother side if you want to do it.


Take it through center.

One more time to each side.

Again, you can take that bottom leg, cross it over the top for a deeper stretch.

Start to relax through the torso.

Come back through center.

Final side, relax through the shoulders.

Soften through the jaw.

Let your head get heavy.

And then we'll bring it all the way through center.

Hug the knees into the chest.

You can grab the outer edges ofthe feet if that's available.

Maybe just grabbing part of yourpant leg or palms on the shins or just below the knee.

We're going to squeeze everything up and in.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

Lift your head, your neck, your shoulders.

Feel the curvature in the spine as you breathe in for three, two, one.

And exhale for three, two, one.

One more time, breathe in for three, two, one.

And exhale for three, two and release everything on the one.

Yes, extend one leg out, then the other.

Inhale, reach your fingertipsall the way up and overhead.

Big, full body stretch here.

Ready? Take up space.

Inhale, spread the fingertips, spread the toes.

And exhale, Shavasana, handscome down gently at your sides.

We're not gonna be here long today.

Of course you can always pause the video and stay here as long as you like, my darlings.

But wow, this notion of digging in, allowing yourself to dig in.

You'd be surprised.

There are moments where we're gifted with something really special.

And they're all these things that say ah, this is so special.

Thank you, universe.

And then we forget we havethe tools to really dig in.

So sometimes we miss the moment.

Maybe we have some fear or vulnerability there, so we turn and walk away before even giving it a chance.

(chuckles) I know speaking very broadly, I love you guys.

Here we go, take a deep breath in.

Exhale, relax the shoulders.

Digging practice, whatever that means to you.

Being present and knowing that we are worthy enough to be in the moment, to seize the day, if you will.

Don't let it pass you by, right? Take one more cycle ofbreath here to just embody this stillness, surrender everything.

Allow, release, let go.

Give yourself permission todo absolutely nothing here for but just one moment.

Then gently begin to deepen your breath.

Wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes.

And when you're ready, kiss the palms together.

Palm to palm, this holy palmer's kiss.

Bringing those thumbs right up to the third eye.

Give yourself a little massage here.

Right on the forehead, why not? Lean in, my darlings.

I shall as well.

Thank you for showing up here today.

I look forward to seeing you maƱana.

Take a deep breath in.

And exhale to whisper Namaste.

(upbeat gentle music).

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