September 22, 2020

Fun SPRING School Lunch Ideas 🐰 STAY At HOME Lunches

– [Jennifer] Hey guys, Jennifer here and welcome to Bunches of Lunches.

Now, I am super excited becauseof this week I have a bunch of really cute Easterand spring-themed lunches to share with you and, just like last week, after each lunch I amgoing to share with you what they ate and thekids will let you know whether they liked the lunches or not.

So, give this video a thumbsup, hit that subscribe button if you're new and let'sget onto the lunches.

Hey guys, I am superexcited about today's lunch.

I think it might be my favoriteone for this whole week, and that's because itstarts with some yogurt, but to make these lunches extra cute, I'm going to put the yogurt in these really cute silicone liners.

Now, I found these at Walmartalmost a whole month ago and unfortunately at that time they only had three left.

So, for one of the boxesI'm gonna have to put some different shapes.

Now, instead of justadding yogurt in here, I'm also gonna be adding in fruit and anytime I do this I liketo add the fruit on the bottom.

So, in here I'm just addinga few pieces of strawberry and I cut these up prettysmall so that they would fit.

Then I'm going to cover them all up with this delicioushoney-flavored Greek yogurt and you guys this nextpart is totally optional, but I have a lot of thesereally cute Easter sprinkles and I think they're gonna look really fun if I add just a few tothe top of the yogurt.

Next to go along with the yogurtI'm also gonna be including some little deviled eggchicks and let me show you how I made these.

They were actually really easy.

I just started by hardboiling a bunch of eggs, then once they were cooleddown, I peeled them.

Then instead of cutting each egg in half like I normally would, I very carefully cut alittle zig zag design all the way around the centerof the egg just like this.

Then I went ahead andremoved all of the yokes into a separate bowl, then I added all of my regulardeviled egg ingredients such as mayo, a little bit of mustard.

I also like to add alittle onion powder in ours and, of course, some salt and pepper.

Next I piped the filling back into each little egg section like this and before I put the tops back on, I added two tiny pieces ofolive for the chick's eyes, then I added a tiny piece ofcarrot for the chick's beak, then I placed the top ofthe egg just like this.

So, it kind of looks likethe chick is breaking out.

Now moving onto some veggies.

First I'm gonna take some slices of carrot and I'm going to cutthe tips off like this so that they kind of look like tulips, then I'm going to takesome slices of cucumber and I'm gonna cut them inhalf with sort of a V shape.

Next I'm going to add both ofthese to a little toothpick and the idea is that theylook like little flowers and I think these turned out pretty cute.

In the center section of the lunch box, I'm going to add a fewof these cheddar bunnies and then for a veryspecial treat I'm going to add in just one of theselittle chocolate eggs.

These are pretty small, sothey fit perfectly in here and they're actually hollow in the center.

Now this week the kids arejust gonna be having water with every one of their lunches, but I did go ahead and pick up this pack ofbunny-shaped silly straws just to make the watera little bit more fun.

(upbeat music) Lunch is over now andhere's what they ate.

– [Ecstatic Voice] My favoritewas the chocolate egg.

– [Happy Voice] My favoritewas the chocolate egg and the yogurt but my non-favorite one was the egg 'cause Idon't really like eggs.

– [Lively Voice] Myfavorite part was the egg.

– [Excited Voice] Myfavorite part was the yogurt, and we'll see you tomorrow! – [Jennifer] Okay guys, somy first step for this lunch is to get out lots of bread.

Thankfully all of the stores in my area have plenty of bread instock which is really nice because any time I wanna makesandwiches for all of my kids, I feel like I'm usinga half a loaf of bread, but I guess that's just how it is when you lots of kids.

So, for these sandwiches today, I want them to kind oflook like Easter eggs, so I'm going to start bycutting my bread into egg shapes and I'm definitely holdingonto all of these crusts.

These will be perfect fortomorrow morning's breakfast.

I'll just crack one egg inthe center of each bread and cook it that way.

Next I'm gonna spread on alittle bit of peanut butter followed by a good amount ofour favorite strawberry jam.

So now at this point I am going to set these pieces of bread aside and I'm gonna work on the top piece and this is going tobe the extra fun part.

I'm just gonna take afew of these mini M&Ms and I'm going to place themright on top of the bread and the trick here isonce you get your M&Ms on top of the bread, you definitely want to pusheach one into the bread just like this so they don't fall out.

Then once you have allof your M&Ms on there, you can add this toppiece and just like that, you have some really cute PB&Js that look just like Easter eggs.

So now I'm gonna move onto some fruit and, you guys, I honestly don't have a ton of fresh fruitin the house right now and since I'm tryingnot to go to the store, for this lunch I'm justgonna add in some applesauce.

This has been in mypantry for quite a while.

Honestly not sure if thekids will like them or not.

I picked these up at Aldiand they're basically a blue raspberry-flavored applesauce and, as you can see, theyare really bright blue.

So, I'm gonna go ahead andfill this little section in the lunchbox and then just for fun I am also gonna be adding in a little Easter egg decoration.

Now these are actuallyrecycled cupcake toppers and I think they look reallypretty in the lunchbox.

My next step is to add in some veggies and for today's lunch I'm doing a combination of cucumbers and carrots.

For the carrots I decided to use my teeny tiny Easter bunny cutter to cut out these really funshapes and for the cucumbers I went ahead and just cutthose into crinkle cut sticks.

So, in go the cucumbers followedby my little carrot bunnies and then to go along with the veggies in this little centersection I'm just going to squirt in a little bit of ranch.

For today's snack, I'm going to give the kids some of these cheddar bunny crackers.

Now these crackers aretasty any time of the year, but I especially like to put them in my spring and Easter-themed lunches since they are little bunnies after all and then to complete this lunch, I have a really fun easy treat to add in and these I also found atAldi quite a long time ago.

They're basically a vanilla wafer covered in white chocolate witha really pretty drizzle on the outside.

Now, all I have to do is put the rest of the lunches together and then it will be lunchtime.

(upbeat music) Okay guys, what'd you think? – [Happy Voice] My two favorite things were the sandwich and the applesauce.

– [Ecstatic Voice] Myfavorite was the chocolate, but I really liked everything – [Lively Voice] My favoritething was the Easter cookies, but my least favorite thing was the blue raspberry applesauce.

– [Excited Voice] Myfavorite was the applesauce and the bunny, cheesecrackers anda also sandwich and the cookies.

See you tomorrow! – [Jennifer] Okay guys, fortoday's lunch I am going to be making the kid'sfavorite Easter bunny sandwich.

Now this is something that I've been making aroundEaster time for years.

Basically this bunny is made by using lots of hearts.

I'm gonna start by cutting all of my bread into heart shapes.

To these I'm going to add athin layer of mayo followed by a slice of ham which I already cut into a heart shape too.

Then on top of that I'm adding a heart-shaped piece of cheese.

So now to make this into a bunny, I'm actually going toturn the heart upside down and I'm going to take a few extra pieces of bread to create the bunny's ears and, just like that, youhave the basic bunny shape, but I'm not quite done yet.

I'm gonna take a smallerheart-shaped cutter to cut the cheese, then I'm going to place this upside down on the top of each sandwich.

Next I'm going to taketwo more pieces of cheese that I cut out and I'mgoing to place these in the center section of the bunny's ears.

For the bunny's nose, I'm going to add a little black olive.

For the eyes I'm just gonna add a couple of these little candy eyes and for the bunny's whiskers, I'm just adding a fewpieces of shredded carrot and there you have it guys, super-easy-to-make Easter bunny sandwich.

So now that, that's done I amgoing to move onto the fruit and for today I'm keeping it super simple.

I'm just gonna add in somelittle orange triangles and I'm also gonnaleave some space in here for a few pieces of celery.

I don't usually combine the fruit and the veggie together in one spot, but I definitely wanna leave some space for the special treat for this lunch which is a fruity, RiceKrispie Easter egg.

Now you've probably seena recipe like this before, but mines a little bit different.

To make these I started with one cup of regular Rice Krispie cereal and then I combined it withone cup of Fruity Pebbles and the reason I'm usinghalf regular cereal and half Fruity Pebblesis because when I've tried making this recipe withall Fruity Pebbles, I find that it comesout way, way too sweet.

So now in a separate bowl I'm going to add two cups of marshmallows with about two tablespoons of butter.

Then I just popped it into the microwave for about 60 seconds oruntil everything was melted.

I just poured all ofit on top of the cereal and mixed it all together.

To turn these into Easter egg shapes, I actually took some plastic Easter eggs, I washed these out, and I sprayed them withsome non-stick spray, then I just filled each section of the egg and I made sure to press down the center, leaving me a space to put a treat inside.

Now, you definitely couldadd any kind of treat that you want, but Idecided to add just one or two little jelly beans.

Now you just close up the egg like this.

Carefully remove it from the Easter egg and there you have it, guys.

You can actually hear thelittle jelly beans inside.

The kids will be able to break it open and find a fun surprise.

For the snack I'm gonna add in some of these really fun bunny veggie chips and there you have it, guys.

And here they are after.

– [Lively Voice] Myfavorite thing was the ham and cheese bunny sandwich.

– [Happy Voice] My favoritewas the Rice Krispie egg, but I also liked the bunny sandwich.

– [Excited Voice] I like the orange wedges and the Rice Krispie treat.

– [Ecstatic Voice] Iliked the bunny sandwich.

– Hey guys, so fortoday's lunch I'm actually gonna be starting withour special treat first and these are actuallygonna be really easy to make and they include a fruit.

So, it's the fruit and the treat together.

First I'm gonna take some strawberries and I'm going to make surethat they're nice and clean, but that they're also dry.

Then I'm gonna take someof these chocolate melts and these are actually the orange color and I'm going to go ahead and melt those down in the microwave.

Once they're nice andsmooth I'm just going to deep each little strawberryin the orange chocolate and I'm going to setthem on a baking sheet so they can dry.

Oh and I did go ahead and add a little bit of parchment paper here justto make cleanup a lot easier.

Now I forgot to explainthis in the beginning, but hopefully you're gonna be able to tell that these are supposedto look like carrots.

Now, I think these lookpretty cute just as is, but to finish them off I took a little bit of the leftover orange chocolate.

I added it to a Ziploc bag, then I snipped off the tip and I'm just going to drizzle this over the tops of each strawberry to make them look extra fancy and I'm actually gonna setall of these in the fridge so that they can get nice and set up while I prepare the rest of the lunch.

Now instead of using peanut butter, I thought it'd be an extra fun treat to use this cookie butter instead.

Now if you've never triedthis before, it is delicious.

It definitely has thetexture of peanut butter, but it tastes like a gingerbread cookie.

This is definitely a once ina while treat at our house and I'm gonna actuallyuse this cookie butter to make some adorable teeny sandwiches.

I have quite the collection of these little spring loaded cutters.

I think I have them forjust about every holiday, but of course today I'musing the Easter-themed ones and I find the trick to making these is to actually start bycutting out the bread first.

Then I go ahead and spread the filling on, place the tops back onand then I like to press the design into the sandwichbut I do this really gently so that the filling doesn't squirt out and, you guys, here is a tip.

If you have some food writerpens or some food coloring, you can actually color on the little stamp before you stamp it onto the bread and that just makes thedesign really stand out.

So now that our tiny sandwiches are done, it's time to move onto the fruit and for today's lunch I'mgonna take some watermelon and I'm going to cutthese into flower shapes.

And, of course, flowersare perfect for spring.

Next for our vegetable I'mgoing to add in some carrots and I already cut these into flower shapes and then over here sortof the star of the show is a little strawberry carrot and then last but notleast I am gonna go ahead and fill this centersection of the lunchbox.

I'm just going to squirtin a little bit of ranch.

Okay guys, so here are the lunches before.

And here's how they did.

– [Excited Voice] I liked everything except for the strawberry.

– [Happy Voice] This lunch was delicious.

– [Lively Voice] My favoritewas the tiny sandwiches.

– [Ecstatic Voice] Myfavorite was the watermelon.

– [Lively Voice] We'll see you in tomorrow's subscriber lunch video.

(upbeat music).

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