November 29, 2020

Frente a Frente com Phil Heath: evolução do esporte | exclusivo | parte 3

[Music] what do i do no no classic the only thing with that title so there was a good question that's a good question because I was talking to Tony Doherty backstage then Bob Woolmer comes up and he was in so funny like I was trying to talk to

Tony but I'm standing right there I'm sitting right there so I'm like talk to me dude because he's trying to tell him to tell me to do the show are you scared just say it so I said Bob I literally just was Charlie telling Tony if I win

the night I'm gonna do to your show in March he was like huh it was like you didn't want to believe it I was like Tony tell him Phil Ian wins the rate he's doing freaking on classic and he's gonna kill everybody so I said I'm gonna do

it what do all well not all of them but I want to do that one in maybe Australia and then you know possibly you know go for number nine right there or take a year off I don't know but I was like I wanted to just win eight

do those and then I could say well I've completed the goal what else there is there for me okay obviously number nine so then I would have done the show I'll see in Vegas the number nine but that gets pushed aside right now because I still have to

be you know realistic and say well first of all I couldn't do that on classic 2019 because I got the open to the idea you know they know what I'm they know there's a separate conversation that needs to take place you know I feel like there needs to

be for me to do something like that I just feel like I'm a businessman right so I believe like if I were to do a show like that I need to know what type of marketing you're you doing because you're using my likeness right I mean I'm lending

my and that's something that a lot of athletes have to understand the NBA I mean they're they those guys get it the top guys they get it you utilize my likeness in this net that's why I'm giving these max contracts and stuff like that and so I'm getting

those kind of million dollar deals in stuff like that because you know I'm lenient like this out athletes in the sport denial then they don't understand that they're lending their likeness your blood sweat and tears you offer that to a sponsor especially if you have a huge following

right like you are giving them something that they probably don't have on their own because none of them compete you probably have more followers than the person that's trying to pay you so there has to be a certain type of sit down to figure out we're not talking

about like oh I better win the show and this and that and say no that doesn't work this corruption and like we're not talking about that turn them up what is your marketing schedule what does that look like if I decide to say I put my name on

the dotted line and you guys need to utilize my image how am I going to be utilized because if you're just not gonna you're just gonna put me on a shelf and not talk about anything it's got to be an event yeah yeah it's gonna be cool man

like how would things be cool like do all classic I'd say all right here's the deal I want to be on you know local news I want to be on some type of television promo leave it up into the show I want to be on every piece of

signage there is saying that seven-time mission Olympian Philly's doing it on classic I want you know a handshake with Arnold's you know I'm saying I want to be able to have dinner with or some way these are things that cost no more opportunities but these are things that

really don't cost as much money as people think so as an athlete you can make things work for you I mean I love sports Nager man like I still get giddy just when he walks through the room so why wouldn't I say to him like or his people

I came in I do your show and I win I want to I want to get on one of these cameos on one of your freaking no productions that you put on I would love the freaking be able to do that oh yes a is know but actually

you know I want to be able to if you don't speak up they ain't gonna do nothing for you if I say hey man I want one of those cool jackets for me and my whole entire family if I win why can't I have that these are little

bit things and people like that's all you want this nut but yeah maybe that's all I want maybe I want an extra plane ticket or something you know for my for my girl and maybe another one for my friend you know or I don't know but these are

things that I just want to be able to sit down and just conversation right and I think that's important I think if this stays in the game I mean if you look at boxing you look at may their top athlete always is able to sit at the table

and in bodybuilding we don't really have that and it's not like I'm entitled but just come on I think it is I mean at this point I think who has the most currently right now of active bodybuilders of active that have competed this year who has the biggest

following I do so why wouldn't you want to utilize that but if you're utilizing it just for your own benefit I mean where do I fit in I got to make sure that this works good for me too because you're making money off of my likeness and how

can I do it for myself and how can we work together like I said on marketing that's it but this the cool like my you've seen kind of McGregor stuff like absolutely my charity event if I read the Arnold Classic my charity event should be publicized no question

about it when it comes to Olympia it should be similar conversations like all right Phil you don't be a we're gonna highlight these things about you and not just rely on seven bucks productions and go do it like these are things that like we could be doing throughout

the year with you with Rani with Bo neck with Sean we'd be doing all this cool have me fly-in train with all of them you know saying not much height you know you know craze that be donut come into my gym and start talking some you know I'm

saying or Rani or something or not any time just hanging out having a roundtable discussion they start doing in the fight game they start have fun right now fun stuff do we be creative be fun so I think that's where I'm at at this point is that these

are things that I meant that I mean look even with my current physical condition I can compete for 10 more years I could compete at 10 more years at even higher level after the surgery is over no question about in my mind but I want to make sure

that it's fun I want to make sure that the marketing is where it needs to be for all of us athletes we should be like when Ronnie Cole was where they let me he was on late talk shows afterwards why am I not on there I want to

take a live fairly that work you know I have some swag and I was like but you don't say I got this story I got my felonies I beating up on people you don't say I'm with a great University and stuff I'm educated I've got all these check

marks going on and I and I really feel like you know I think the industry could grow more if if I was celebrated in that way and I also think with the other athletes as well find out with a really great at you should know what every person

in that top ten is really good at and and maybe finds well find one of those partners to team up with you and you can highlight an individual for that don't just rely on us to go get it for you you know so that's where I feel like

I'm all about teamwork collaboration I think that's where we we live in a social media world like we're collaborating right now when we couldn't people only knew certain things about Phil Heath but now people could say oh I got a better understanding of where he is on these

things or people will take what I said and spin it and then go put it on their channel what slightly world they will it's wrong you guys do this make me the hero villain whatever the but these guys that generation I Fitness Network they got the real deal

you just got the little stuff so I just have to say that because some just go do that just that's the selfish part that's the lack of journalism part and those are the same people that could never get an interview with me so I just want to tell

you guys that I appreciate you guys for coming that convenient and have this dialogue cuz I think it's absolutely more absolutely I appreciate it as well two more things that were asking about so cry green yes you have a very interesting password crackling yes you guys had some

battles on us and those are awesome I still remember that press conference when you guys weren't at it I mean it was 14 14 years 14 men how mad were that press conference well [Music]

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