November 29, 2020

Fitness Guest: ‘Flat Belly Water’ Recipe

sadly and unfortunately there is no magic wand to help us slim down I've been looking for it and no one found it either but there is a water recipe that can get you started our fitness expert Ali Holman from Cork AFRICOM joins us on skype Ali this is your summer flat belly water recipe right I'm sure well I know well first of all what kind of recipe do you need for water you just open up the faucet and there do you ever just start feeling just a little bloated and just feeling like gosh I just kind of need a reset and detox that's exactly what this water is and it's nothing aggressive but it's something that I like to do literally once a week and it'll also really help with your hydration and I want to show you this recipe because it's easy if I can make this quote recipe anybody can it looks like something you might find maybe when you check in at a hotel I always love when you're going to a hotel and you see a fruit and water but how easy is this yes and if you know when you go to the spa to you kind of see is my water of cucumbers and I'm going to tell you why so the first let us talk about the first ingredient we're going to start with filtered water okay six cups of filtered water the reason why we are doing filtered is because it's obviously devoid of chemicals but it's also devoid of you can't add contaminants so even if you have really great tap water in your city I would really recommend just picking up a jug of filtered water okay so then now we're going to add lemon so limit everybody thinks oranges have the biggest amount of vitamin C actually lemons do they also encourage the work of your organs to function properly so we're going to take two lemons and we're gonna squeeze them in so good in my kitchen already you guys and then age old cucumber every time you go to the spa or get a massage they always handed you a glass of water with cucumber and that is because cucumber is 90% water so it will help you hydrate even more it also will lower your blood glucose level so I sliced up an entire cucumber going to put this in my water recipe now ginger don't you guys absolutely love the smell of ginger really smells amazing but it also helps maintain your glycemic index so basically your blood sugar isn't all over the pickup over the place and it's stabilized it also will help with gas and bloating and I'm going to put a bottle of ginger in now we're moving on to mint so mint is actually really amazing mint will actually stimulate fat burning so that's why I tell people tell you if you're going to choose gum choose mint gum because it meant does have a fat-burning stimulant in it it also will eliminate toxins so I'm going to put a handful of mint in my water and then finally I'm going to put two grapefruits grapefruits have an amazing appetite control property and they also because they taste disgusting that's the appetite control add sugar to them Jason will control your appetite so here we go we have our gorgeous water recipe now what you're going to do is you're going to make this the night before Jason and Emily and you're going to put it in your refrigerator when you open your refrigerator it's going to smell amazing and then the next day you're going to drink this entire jug of water and of course mine hasn't been sitting all night yeah I'm gonna enjoy you guys I don't know if you miss them or not but mark great a man huh okay the like candy for this segment now we have to go take them away it's all over that was too much too cute thanks Ally 20 minute workouts and meal plans to court camper calm go to wcco.

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