September 24, 2020

FitFlop FSporty II Leather LaceUp Fringe Sneaker

you know I feel great there's you know you can see it right there how each of these are designed so specifically with your comfort in mind that's right okay this is these are one of my favorites I love these because you're getting it's called first of all it's called the F's 42 and it's you're either gonna get your choice of a metallic leather which is what you have here in the gold iridescent but beautiful metallic leather or you can get the suede and in the suede options you have your black and your dusty pink and this suede by the way 3m Scotchgard protection so these are actually water repellent suede sneakers right off the bat super cute fringe on the front of these but guess what this is actually removable so it's kind of like you're getting to looks and one right so you didn't have that one that clean simple streamlined sneaker if you remove the fringe or you want to be a little sassy pants and have some fun that's right John there I know cute I love this style because of that I love the fact that you can wear it two ways this is actually a really great sneaker you know you've got a leather sock in there so that already makes it a lot it's adding a little bit of extra layer of comfort in there and you've got a lot it's leather lined so not as it doesn't rub and I do love the fact that this fringe is removable so even that is just sorry so you can have like a fun little fringy trend which is actually fringe is really a big trend this season absolutely or you can remove it and it's just a really great sneaker you mean I don't have to commit sizing on this is a little bit different from the sandal that we had so they come in size 5 6 and then 6 and 1/2 through 9 with half sizes in between and then there's size 10 and size 11 so with these I would say go with your true sizing you go with your sizing I own these actually and I'm an 8 and I've wearing eight very comfortably so tell me then how these are different from the fashion sneakers we're seeing out there because we're seeing a lot of this fashion look sneakers and I'll tell you I've worn a lot of them some of them are stiff they rub their heavy so what's the difference with a fit flop the our sneakers are really lightweight and again they have the built-in technology so it's not an insert it's actually the technology is built right into it it's got the comfort pressure diffusion so again you're gonna notice that our toe box is a little bit wider but that's on purpose right you want to spread your toes out you want to boy your toes Rizzoli spread out to help you balance your oh no absolutely and I think you get so used to wearing a heel and really kind of crunching your foot into the – a shoe but this is really all about pressure diffusion making sure that you can have all day long lasting comfort yeah it's built into every single one of our shoes and we have an in-house biomechanist a doctor of biomechanics and it's a woman so you can tell that she is actually designing every single one of our shoes because she is trying each and every one of them on and making sure that they are absolutely perfect well that's the difference you guys this is this is what you're investing in you're investing in the science behind it the care that goes into it your foot health because if you want to wear those shoes that are cute but you know that your feet will be killing you you can get these and you can rest easy knowing that from morning to night time your foot is supported it feels good and that's on purpose this has all been purposely designed inside the shoe so again no inserts nothing special to add it's all built into the shoe because think about that when your feet feel good you feel good you can concentrate on what you're doing you're not distracted you're not cranky you're not thinking about your feet all day long and it's not the first thing you kick off that's right when you get home I mean this is why you almost forget you're wearing a slob that's right you do and I wanted to show you – I had this on the gold iridescent that this fringe this is what is so fun about this is removable so it's just on the laces here so you would just pull this all the way off and then you're left with just the classic clean simple looking sneaker and then when you want to add a little fun you put the fringe on top I mean how great is that no these are really great and what's really great about the gold and the soft pink and the black is that they're all in their own way a new neutral right right so they really go with everything they go with everything wardrobe and and I love the fringe detail because I do feel like that is so on-trend and you know but if you don't want that or if you want to wear something else with a little fringy accent on it you can remove it and it still totally works with everything that you have now the dusty pink and the black those are a beautiful soft supple suede and I love that they have the 3m Scotchgard protection to me that's a big deal water what is so you know if you're splashing in a puddle or you spill something it's nice to know that you can get to it quickly and these are easy to clean off and then if you do the metallic the gold iridescent that's a metallic leather so you're getting high quality craftsmanship here science behind it but you're also getting those genuine materials that make for a really just high-end shoe that has some science behind it as well I mean it's like the perfect combination here and nowhere else are you going to find these on flex pay that is so cool $32.

50 and we will ship these to you for free get them home try them on try them with different outfits and different looks and see how cute they are but feel definitely feel that so hard to explain just you know you tell if it's all about getting these on somebody's feet because they will never go back you can't go back after you put a pair on your feet and I love the way that these sneakers actually cut on your ankle there's no rubbing and it is a little V so there's no rubbing there and you know it's just really the best fit fantastic shoe so again we do have half sizes on those but.

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