September 21, 2020

FINALLY Got This Air Jordan 1 In My Sneaker Collection

so I've owned a lot of different shoesover the years and this is one that I've never owned before I'm finally able toget it in my collection I'm excited to open this one up with you guys let's goahead and get into it welcome back to the channel what's upwith

you guys how you doing how you been if you did not know by now my name is DJin this is the DNA show you haven't already don't forget to hit thatsubscribe button man join the family we grow so quickly if you're new to thefamily drop a comment down

below so I can leave you a warm welcome and if youall just drop a like on the video cuz you already know that helps thealgorithm oh so much so let's go ahead and get into the video first off youguys already know what it is by seeing the title

seeing the soul all thosedifferent things you understand that this is a air jordan one the question iswhat jordan one is it some of you might know from the thumbnail others may notbut let's just go ahead and open up this box because i'm ready to just get intoit starting

with the box you have our newerera air jordan one box all black with the red hits like you have seen over thepast years all around like normal taking off the lid we have a white paper andnow cool we have this shoe so for those that do not know

this is the air jordanone black metallic gold also known as the Jordan Brand Classic as you guysthat do know and if you don't I'm just gonna give you guys a quick little backhistory that way people have an understanding of the shoe this shoe inparticular was slated as the

Jordan Brand Classic because during that timehe was going with the black and gold theme what she normally does over theyears but in that era as you seen from the uniforms here you have the black andthe golden and the red and the gold the different sneakers that they have

thatwere dropping around that time that was like the 28th or something like that Ithink around that era and from there you seen shoes like this that will leak outthere be a Jordan Retro like a number sometimes they do different numbers butthis one in particular was one that a

lot of people went after but a lot ofpeople didn't really know where the shoe was coming out they didn't even knowthat the shoe came out in the first place a lot of people just had that grayarea and then after the shoe had came out people were like yo

what's what's upwith that like when did those drive where did they release then why is theprice so high all these questions so I remember inthat time I was still in college I wasn't even truly paying that muchattention to shoes each and every week because I had to worry

about school andfootball and running my business and everylike that an issue right here in particular slip through the cracks forme so I didn't even really see him until after the head came out and the pricewas like a thousand dollars at the time I'm like what is this and

why did I notknow about it so after I had looked up and seeing what was going on the eventwas out in New York and then they dropped him at a store in New Yorkcalled Extra Butter so they had a limited supply there and then I thinkthey did like

a raffle system or something like that there I heard thatthey were at multiple House of Hoops on the East Coast also different stores inChicago Miami mainly a lot of stuff on the East Coast I'm not exactly sure whatwas happening on the west coast where they came out if

you know where thesecame out on the west coast drop a comment down below in the commentsection also what I have heard from a lot of people is there are under athousand pairs of these shoes made me personally I came across two differentpairs over the past like what seven

years now and they were both samples soI had seen those ones but I just wanted to get the regular G are limited releasewhatever version that was because I know I could spend a little bit less moneythan what the sample price was going for yet at the same time

these were stillhidden for a lot of money for me I was like okay how can I get these shoes andI just waited I waited I waited and then I finally ended up coming across themover this past year I hit on my boy and I was like yellow I

need those ended upcoming through I got the shoes and now I'm a happy camper I had to wait sevenyears to get this shoe but I finally got the shoe thought about it then or now Istill would I had the shoe so for me I'm not really tripping it's

still in greatcondition so now that you've heard a little bit about the shoe and how Iended up getting it and all those different things the next question iswhat does this shoe look like what is it compared to all those different thingsyou know I gotta answer those questions so

I will be comparing them against thegoal tall ones and then a random I know it's random but the organ duckfoamposite because it's got that speckle bottom similar to the bottom on herewe'll get into that a little bit later in the video first things first I wouldsay this shoe

inspiration came heavily from the 2003 Air Jordan one 3/4 blackand gold the patent leather pack you guys remember that pack so obviously youcan see the color blocking is kind of similarthey changed the bottom half and then they made this into like a oh gee hithis was 2013 so

back in that time that was when theyfirst were starting to integrate the og high styles and people are starting togive back used to getting og highs because we remember for a long period oftime there weren't too many retros as a og high there was a lot of stuff

comingout at recorders so other shoes that this shoemay resemble that you guys may have in your own personal collections could bethe Air Jordan legacy 312 I personally consider those a fail because I'm likey'all just disrespected that shoe that's a whole nother topic we'll get on tosomething else you

could also say that the inspiration from this model createdthe complex content of one or the gold-tone airs running one both with theblack and gold and white patent leather and then we also had a recently similarto the Chicago style color blocking the black with the white and then the

goldhits on the 3/4 Air Jordan one that released last year in 2019 again thatwas a shoe that I think was pretty dope pretty affordable not personally for mebut I think a lot of people would like that sneaker and it does hit well forsomebody's collection for every day rotation

piece let's go ahead and startbreaking down the shoe on the outsole you have a semi translucent gold outsoleright here with gold speckles all throughout that and that's somethingthat I wanted to compare it to the Oregon Duck foamposite just because I'veseen that it had the same type of style

with the confetti style in it and Ithink that's a dope hit on both of those sneakers and that's the only thing thatI think these really resemble too there's not too many Air Jordan oneswith the translucent sole now don't get me wrong there are pairs I understandthat there are

pairs so don't try to go crazy in the comment section I would saywhen it comes to nostalgic colorways and colorways that our og color blockingsomething that may be simple like this with a simple color blocking stone theydon't typically do a translucent so on those parents if you think

about theoriginal og colorways taking our way up to the midsole we have an all-whitemidsole with adult gold accent stitch all around that looking very clean andthen the upper it's just a self-explanatory you have an all-blackupper completely patent leather and then you have a gold air jordan wings logowith

a gold swoosh on both sides of the foot you got your gold nike air brandinghere on the tongue and then just simple clean all black everything murdered-outfresh this shoe right here is so fresh I love it because it's so simple is soclean this is a model that even

if it wasn't worth nothing I need these in mycollection if they weren't worth as much I would have had them immediately butbecause it were worth so much I had to take a little bit time so that I couldfind them for a really good deal so I wanted to

put these side-by-side to theall-star release Air Jordan one goal and then you have here the blackmetallic gold one these come with black laces and then gold laces as well thesecome with black laces and white laces obviously as you can see the differencebetween the color-blocking but I think that

a lot of the inspiration came fromthis side this is more of the bred style with the toe style color blocking andthis is just more kind of like the metallic style that you have seen verysimple one main colorway and then a different color swoosh or the collararound it but

this collar right here is actually all black not with the gold soas you can see this is slightly different color blocking style becausenormally you have something here on the back to go with the swoosh as well butthis is just all murdered out black and this is something I

really love aboutthis shoe because again it's so simple is so clean so now comes my nextquestion the Gold Toe one I love this shoe I think this model is dope this oneis amazing as well I have a very hard time picking which one I like the mostso I'm

gonna let you guys do that deciding so go ahead and drop a commentdown below what is your favorite Air Jordan one with the black and goldpatent leather style to it which one is your favorite one out of the what fiveor six colorways that are named for you guys

let me know what you guys thinkdown below but I think between these two I would have to say one of these isgonna take second place because I know the oh three pair is definitely gonnatake first place for me but I don't know I'm having a really hard time

picking solet me know what y'all think down below so next thing that I did is I went toInstagram like I always do if you haven't go ahead and follow me on IG Ilike to post up behind-the-scenes stuff different poles and see results to seewhat you guys are thinking

as well that way I can share them here in the videobut basically what I asked the people is do you think this shoe is fire or do youthink this shoe is trash me you already know I think is fire but let's see whatthe people say 78% says fire

22% says trash and it's actually kind of funnybecause I got a lot of different messages from people asking like what isthat you people had never seen it before or some people are like yo if you knowyou know you know when I get that little smirk on there like

it was just kind ofcool to interact what people seeing that and then obviously being able to finallyget the shoe again I'm just happy to finally have these in my collectionafter all these years with all that being said I think that's pretty muchgonna do it I think it's gonna

wrap it up this right here is a great pickupdefinitely a dope top 5 type 10 type of AirDroid in one piece that would go onmy collection where would you rank these with all the dope colorwaysI have dropped over the years do you want to have this in your

collection doyou not even care about it do you think it's overpriced do you think it shouldbe worth more let me know what you think about the shoot down below I knowthey're not really on topic for anything but as I always get new pickups I alwayslike to tell you

guys the stories about how I got them a little bit about theshoe what it means to me all those different things like that I hope thiswas helpful for you guys to understand a little bit more about the shoe because alot of people did have questions like where did

those come out when did thosecome out why they wear so much hopefully that just clears that air for you guysso you guys have a better understanding but with that being said my name is DJit's time to go I guess oh yeah you don't forgot to say it don't

forget toLike comment share and subscribe alright y'all now I'm go peace if you guys madeit this far you guys are some real ones man shoutout to y'all don't forget todrop a comment and let me know you guys made it this far say uh say Goldmemberin the comment section

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