September 21, 2020

Dr. Scholl's Original Scout Suede SlipOn Sneaker

fantastic thank you ladies mutual admiration society over there that's fantastic all right we're moving right along here we have more great things to share with you tonight of the list next up a name that I'm sure you're quite familiar with dr.

Scholl's dr.

Scholl is a podiatrist was a podiatrist he was around in the early 1900s he first introduced dr.

Scholl's in the 1950s and let's just say this brand has truly evolved over the years and we are thrilled to bring you this beautiful Scout suede and this is all suede this beautiful slip-on I've slipped into them and wow are they fabulous they are sporty they are cool they are comfy and of course they have all the great things that we love about dr.

Scholl's and more built into the design I'm going to show you the colors and then we're to introduce you to our very special guest so right out of the gate here I love this pretty soft blue this is the light blue and it's powdery and beautiful and perfect and again this suede is so soft and supple these are incredibly supportive and comfortable on your foot and then next up this is blush what a pretty blush pink that is so that's choice number two we also have eggshell which is this I love the eggshell what a great color that is what we call this bone okay okay mine says eggshell but that's okay and then finally the last one is oxide which is a dark blue so oxide bone this is blush pink and then this is the light blue so you pick your favorite we have all the sizes six we have half sizes available six through size 11 and we want you all to meet patty Bergdorf patty is a product expert for dr.

Scholl she spent the past few years representing this brand delightful to have you with us so much for having me is to be a fun brand to get to share a brand to share about because you have a cute shoe and you know you have all the comfort technologies you'd associate with the dr.

Scholl's brand yeah tell me a little bit about this one this is such a pretty shoe I love it it really is and one of the great things about our Scout sneaker is that you no longer have to sacrifice fashion for comfort you can have both and as you can see here it has a durable rubber sole that also has flexibility built into it as you know flexibility is so important when it comes to Footwear because you want that Footwear to really mimic the natural movement of your foot as you're walking that's it and incidentally this is what we call a this day only that price is good only for this show at midnight tonight this offer will expire and that's because our today's special sold out early today so we get to do some extra special special things for you tonight so this is the Scout and they're they're showing you some of the details about this I think the colors are gorgeous I like the perforation in the suede and again that's all genuine soft beautiful supple suede on the bottom you can see the texture and even how the color kind of continues I like the white sole these are just the perfect sneaker for summer and Beyond and the fact that they're suede it really gives it an elevated look to get a nice suede sneaker like this for $98 is pretty great and dr.

Scholl's started kind of this this new way to buy dr.

Schultz you've been all right you've been doing this for how many years or about three years all three years yes so it's great about it is now I'm going to show you our insole here and our insole is comprised of memory foam and with our memory foam what's great about this material is once you slip your foot into our Scout sneaker you're gonna feel that memory foam mold to your foot and it's going to give you that all-day comfort additionally when you look here you'll see that this is essentially going to be cradling your foot and molding to it giving you that added level of comfort that's good day and you do feel it I mean I have them on right now we both have them on we feel it great your color the color you're wearing that is so pretty this is again called the bone and it's just this beautiful neutral you're looking at blush right now and that's also us these are all neutrals I consider all every one of these colors the oxide you whichever one you decide on there's that bone color isn't that sharp it's really great looking shoe all padded that treaded rubber sole that you were describing for us the one-inch flat heel kind of whole bottom is one inch so you get just a nice little amount of lift just enough and look at how pretty it looks on the foot I like the gusseting the Nagori you're gonna see the gore on both sides and what's great about this is you're gonna get that easy on Easy Off and as you know every minute counts in your day right so to have that easy on Easy Off and still looking and feeling good that's it it is you just slip your foot right in away you go with this and they feel great I'm wearing actually I'm trying to remember what size I have on I think I have on the size nine and they fit they fit really great I probably could ball slit on the 8 and a half but they're really look at how pretty they are and there's that oxide it's like a beautiful almost like a like a steely blue color it sums that denim luck yes exactly all of these I mean no matter what color you pick here these are really easy colors to work into your wardrobe that's soft baby blushy blue or just kind of that power.

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