September 22, 2020

D.I.Y. Margiela Fusion Sneakers | Cheap Thrills | Tatered

Cheap thrills.

[SOUND] [MUSIC] >> Sup, family? It's your boy, Nate, AKA Tabasko Sweet.

And you're watching Cheap Thrills.

You already know what it is.

[MUSIC] What? Why are you looking me at like that, my guy? I'm just trying a more clean cut look forsummer, but have no fear, family, your boy can still go full freak mode.

[SOUND] I was getting overheated, cheffing up all this fueging heat wave.

Your boy had to chop them off, family.

If I'm being honest with you, I was a little bit shook after the cut.

I had to lay low for a week, restabilize my clout levels.

Change can be a scary thing, my guy.

That reminds me, ASAP Atrocious just hit me up and asked me, how do you stay business, but boosted? That's a good question, my guy.

Now it's hard to flex when your swagger'sobstructed, whether it be a haircut or a certain uniform you haveto wear at work or school.

But it's not impossible, family.

Here's a few tips to keep it profresh, without taking criticalhits to your clout.

[SOUND] Swagger boost, go stealth mode with some unhinged socks.

Nobody's gonna see them, butyou'll know you're a freak in the sneaks.

Our little secret, family.

That added confidence is gonna boostyour clout from the ground up.

To maximize your swagger boost combos, wear a small tasteful chainwhen you're going biz caz.

Lastly, if you're stuck wearing schooluniforms, like I was back in the day, the kicks are your ticket to reallyletting your personal style shine.

So don't hold back.

Anyway, enough about work andschool, family.

It's summer, AKA fuego season.

Your boy's about to D-I-Y till I D-I-E.

Now today, I'm gonna show you howto make an item that goes against all my crafting instincts.

Now this thing is not very clean, [MUSIC] Not very clean at all.

I'm talking about the $1, 600Margiela Fusion Sneakers.

Wait a minute, $1, 600? These fully unhinged freak sneaks[SOUND] got me shook, family.

Now is it just me, or does it look like Margiela's beenwatching some Cheap Thrills? Are they firing shots at your boy? [SOUND] Let me know whatyou think in the comments.

Seriously though, look at all those glue strings.

These kicks are the ultimatedead giveaway.

At first I thought these shoeswere just a meme at-ing me, but they've since been spottedin the wild on ASAP Rocky.

Wait a minute, let me get this straight.

So dead giveaways are very clean? Busted is boosted? Laurel is Yanny?>> Laurel, laurel, yanny, busted is boosted.

[SOUND][MUSIC] >> This [BLEEP] 's got my wholeworld turned upside down, family.

[MUSIC] Now dead giveaways are against myreligion, but we gotta do it for the culture.

So here's what you're gonna need.

Generic mesh sneakers in your size, various duct tapes, a hot glue gun and some extra clips, a bunch of old shoes from a thrift store.

A box cutter, a crafting blade, and a scalpel, white paint and a paint brush, sandpaper andsome paint markers.

Now first, we're gonna get cutting.

We're gonna be scavenging allour thrifted sneakers for parts.

Now, the real ones look like they'rea mix of a bunch of different shoes.

There's so much going on herethat everyone's results will be a little bit different, butthat just makes them more rare.

That's added value, family.

Now it's time I finally cut these guys up.

For that, I'm gonna use the surgical scalpel.

Be careful, this thing is super sharp.

[MUSIC] I'm just cutting along the stitching, family.

[MUSIC] So, now that we got this cut off, it's time to get rid of our tongue.

[MUSIC] Very clean, butwe're just getting started, family.

Now that we've got our toe all cut out, we're gonna move onto the sides, using this black sneaker.

[MUSIC] Man, these thrifted sneaks are stanky.

Making my eyes water, family.

[MUSIC] Now that we've got this cut out, it's time to move on to the tongue.

[MUSIC] I'm just carefully cutting alongthe stitching to keep the tongue in tact.

[MUSIC] Now that we've got our sides andour tongue cut out, it's time to move on to the axis.

So we're gonna unlace these shoes, we're gonna cut around and take off the gray paneling.

All right, before I go in on this, [MUSIC] Much better.

First, I'm just gonna cutalong the bottom edge.

[SOUND] Luke, your shoes smell like ass.

[MUSIC] Now, I'm just cuttingunderneath the accents, carefully removing it from the shoe.

So, I got one side off.

Now I'm removing the other side.

All right, now that we got ouraccents cut out, let's trim the fat.

[MUSIC] Now this is the shape we're going for, just mirror it on the other side.

And once you have these two cut out, use the excess and cut a shape that kind of looks like this.

Now let's move onto our last shoe.

So we're gonna start with this shoeby cutting out the lace holes, and then we're gonna move on andget these back plastic pieces.

[MUSIC] Now we're gonna switch to our craftingblade to cut out this plastic part in the back.

[MUSIC] And there you have it, family, all the pieces we're gonna need for our Frankensneaks.

We've got our white toe, our side accents, back accents, shoelace holes, tongue, sides, and another little accent.

The Margiela Fusion shoes use black andwhite laces.

But your boy uses allparts of the buffalo.

So, I just took lacesfrom all the other shoes.

Now that I got all the pieces cut out, it's time to call in the guns, family.

Grawr, grawr.

You wanna keep some extraclips on yolo for this.

Glue's like the mainingredient in these kicks.

Now it's time to bring in our base shoe.

First, I'm gonna glue downthe tongue to the tongue.

It's gonna be double padded.

Stay extra puffy, my guy.

[MUSIC] All right, next, let's get this toe on.

[MUSIC] All right, these are looking pretty clean, but that's not really what we're going for.

It's time to [BLEEP] these things up, family.

I'm gonna install my sides now.

[MUSIC] Tight, now that we've got allthe big pieces out of the way, it's time to start gluing in our accents.

You can look at photos for reference, but I'm kicking it from the dome.

[MUSIC] All right, now I'm moving on to our back accents.

[MUSIC] All right, now it's time to put our lace holes in.

Just slather it with glue, pushthe tongue down, and tuck it in under it.

[MUSIC] Now that we've got all of our pieces addedon, it's time to take something off.

We're just gone cut a little divotinto the side of the sole here, and fill it with hot glue.

Switch to your box cutter forthis one, family.

[MUSIC] All right, now that we've gotour divot cut in the sole, it's time to start taping this thing.

Make it look nice and messy, family.

[MUSIC]Now I'm just gonna turn the table on the sole.

[MUSIC] Now that we got our black tape laid out, switching over to the white tape.

[MUSIC] Now, we're gonna turn this again andrepeat on the other side.

[MUSIC] Now, just a little square of ducttape on the back of the shoe.

[MUSIC] Now that we've got our tape all laid out, it's time to lace these bad boys up.

Just go wild, put them wherever you want.

All right, now that we've goteverything laced up, our final accent.

[MUSIC] Just go ahead and jam this guy in there.

[MUSIC] Now we gotta paint the soles black, so we can paint them white again.

[MUSIC] All right, now we're just wrapping up by addingthis little green accent on the tongue.

[MUSIC] Damn.

[MUSIC]Fuego alert? We're well on our way to a $1, 600 sneaker, I guess.

Now, if you're at this step, andyou're looking at these shoes and you're thinking, very clean, then you're doing it wrong.

You gotta [BLEEP] them up a little more.

So just take some sand paper, [SOUND] and hit it, fam.

All right, we've got two fully unhinged freak sneaks.

Final step, go to town with your glue gun.

And you're gonna need multiple clips formax authenticity.

[MUSIC] And I'm going againstevery crafter's instinct in my body right now, family, and this is kinda hard.

[MUSIC] And there you have it, a Maison MargielaFusion Sneaker in all its unhinged glory.

I created a monster, family.

I'm like trap game Dr.


Shout out to Mary Shelley, eh! So what do you think aboutthese Margiela Fusions? Go ahead and comment a yuh if you thinkI faced the beast and came out on top.

But if you think you caught yourboy slipping, which I highly doubt, go ahead and comment a nah.

I can take it.

Thanks for watching Cheap Thrills, fam.

Stay cool this fuego season, HAGS, never change.

And go book in those comments, gang.

[MUSIC] Thanks for watching Cheap Thrills, fam.

Who else is gonna keep youas started as your boy? Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, show your grandma, show your mom, show your cousins.

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