September 21, 2020

Designer Sneakers, and Taking DIY to the Next Level at Carpe Diem in Oakland | Quality Goods

what's up everyone i'm chris beauty and you're watching quality goods today we're gonna be talking to d nights at a store carpe diem fashion house in downtown oakland stomping ground to the NBA champs and the vibrant city center full of great places to grab a drink or catch

a show before we get in the world of custom goods I need to catch an iced coffee but here at awaken Cafe awaken Cafe is located across the street from carpe diem on Broadway and 15th in addition to their coffee roasted in-house they serve beauty's bagels local craft

beer and some of the best avocado sauce around dropping some time for lunch or come by in the evening for live music and poetry now that I got my caffeine fix let's head over to the shop since the late 90s d-nice has always found a way to stand

out running a barber shop to customizing sneakers his creative talents and entrepreneurial mindset have always opened up new opportunities for him including one of his latest endeavors a storefront here in the heart of Oakland so let's head inside and see what's good many of you may have seen

some of this custom work worn by Steph Curry during the last NBA championship parade but others may know him from this custom designs under the FBC C moniker what started this deconstructing Nikes is grown into a full line of luxury sneakers and merchandise the store looks great and

thank you so I got to know your your work was prominently on display for the world to see last NBA championship parade how did your relationship with the two-time NBA MVP come about I met Steph through connections at Under Armour they had scouted me to work as a

designer here and then also doing a podcast with one of his good friends that's how we were able to like link up but he has always people follow me for a long time nice so that might have been your introduction to the world to many people but you've

been doing this since the 90s definitely selling seven what was your introduction to customized sneakers and garments okay so back in 97 I was a freshman at a Queensboro Community College in New York the one day I met this dude named through cardiac he painted his Jordans and

I was like I didn't know he painted them they just look cool I was like one of those coming I was so just like I was like would you get on me he told me to paint used ever since then I just kept going with like he hasn't

even painted another food i just kept buying all the Jordans and changing them more loving from there just kept growing and kept growing in everybody started catching up painting their shoes and I was like man I can't paint as good as some of these other people painting the

shoes like they're drawing up orchards on it so I was like what could I do next and that's when I like started adding fabrics to shoes and taking shoes completely apart rebuilding them it was summer in your first pink line so some of my first paying clients actually

did a lot of work for a lot of rappers like the first rapper I did shoes for was JT kids in a knock yourself out video he had the Gucci airport once I did the Gucci swoosh oh noes I did a I was in car makers video for

get out of my way even somebody from out here hustle up from the mob figures he flew all the way to New York and this was no social media so just by word of mouth it just kept growing you know very cool [Music] carpe diem it's evident in

your story that it's something that you've always tried to do what are those words mean to you well carpe diem of course the translation that seize the day and the whole message behind it is like don't wait for your moment capture it on your own you know so

I wanted to have a spot where I can help other people who are trying to do what I'm doing seize the day on their own so like we'll have other brands put their stuff in here and we'll only take a tea 20 split we're in most retail shops

take a 50/50 split so we take 20% off of my views and off of my social media platform maybe I can help you grow yours because you know that's what it's all about at the end of the day how has the evolution of retail influence how you conduct

business here with having associate media and the you know the internet like people don't really like to leave their house anymore and I've been noticing it you know we just finished our first year and now I'm noticing we get more like 80 to 90 percent of ourselves online

and like the other 10 to 20 percent is is walking you know so that that's one thing with new entrepreneurs coming up I would honestly probably some of the second guests doing the store thing even with my pre-orders when I do freelance with my shoes people who live

in Oakland by the pre-order and have to pay the shipping $25 even come into the store to another store and save yourself like $40 they'd rather just buy it online I understand that you make some of your own you make your own samples when you have them produce

what led you to you know cutting your own okay so it started with my first shoe which is right here to be b1 which stands for the Battle of Victorian volume one this is my personal never designs in the shoe so I sent the shoe overseas they made

the shoe and it just looked cheap it looked terrible I was like man and I already opened my mouth on social media saying yo I designed the Dhobis shoe you guys gonna love it and when I seen that that shoe that they made I was just like oh

my god I started panicking so I asked them I said hey what if I make the shoe myself and sent it to you and he was like we've never had anybody do that before but yeah he said yeah that's super easy it can easy copy something that you

sin so then I went to tandy Leather in Union City I brought like $250 worth of leather because I wanted them to match the quality so I made this shoe I sent it and then a month later they had the sample it was perfect you know and it

was this colorway right here we actually used the sample to make this mask a freehand profit did you know a lot of designers can't do what I do you know and that's that goes back to all the way my New York upbringing I mean when it's your strong

suit and you know you just sometimes you just gotta take it upon yourself you're really taking DIY to the next level definitely I'm really looking forward to the next drop so what did we got coming up so like how we were talking about you know the whole scale

of retail changing so I'm opening a new clothing line and it's called somewhere in America like this jacket is somewhere in America we call it psycho for short and the only way you can buy that is be an app like I won't even sell that in this store

it's only gonna be on the app it's a more upscale than the clothes I'm making now but you can only buy it on the app you know and beyond that it's also what I'm doing with the kids in Oakland by teaching them you know how to sew how

to be fashion designers because when I grew up it was about you either had to be a drug dealer he was good at sports you know even though my mom how to sew and I watch them they building beautiful clothes as a little boy I didn't want to

do that I thought that was for girls you know so now I'm teaching little boys and girls from Oakland for free how to soul every other Sunday I'm in here with these kids for eight hours and I'm teaching them how to soul you know so I feel like

that's my way of hopefully hopefully you know growing the culture and you know bringing up the kids behind me so that 10 years from now I may see them in this same position and they might be doing the same thing is giving back to their generation behind them

hi man thank you so much for having me down appreciate you coming yeah you know I've seen a lot of dope stuff in here I think I got to pick up a few items knock yourself up all right all right [Music] and the 3m on the zipper I

got to have these I definitely got to see if it have these in my size can't come here and not get some of the Jersey Shore it's another bottom Jordans might be back all right all right man yeah thanks again come – all right [Music] it was great

to chat with the true entrepreneur with roots planted firmly here in Auckland thanks again too deep for delighting us with some great stories follow us on Instagram you want to see where we're at and don't forget to Like and subscribe I'll see you on the next episode of

quality goods [Music]

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