November 29, 2020

COZY DAYS AT HOME | Baking croissants for 14 hours, bike ride, meal ideas ✨

Hello friends welcome to another day in the life vlog today is Friday April 3rd and B & I both have the day off so we've had a niceslow morning slept in a little at breakfast together it's been really niceI'm still working on my coffee I always savor it and sip on it for hours imicrowave it like 20 times but it's really yummy and the first thing that Iwanted to do today is make chocolate-covered croissantsI made a bread for the first time and I was able to find yeast at the grocerystore the last time I went so now that I have yeast I can bake so many fun thingsso we're gonna try to make chocolate-covered croissants but I heardthey can be kind of tricky so we'll see I'll take you guys along for the journeyand I've just been loving baking so much so I think I'd be fun and brainy I wantto go for a bike ride later to get some fresh air but we're gonna make it a goodday and where you might have a happy day merch so fun and I can't wait to spendthe day with you guys here's the little outfit of the morning I'll probablychange to shorts if we go on a bike ride later because it is toasty in Floridathe last couple days it's been really nice but it warmed up today like I saidI have my have a happy day jion it makes me smile then I have my everydaynecklaces which I do get a lot of questions about so the big chain one isfrom Free People I just got it and then the little sUNshine one right here isfrom Missouri and then this one the bar one that says inspireis from a really old fabfitfun box I've had it for like four years so that'swhere they're from and then I'm wearing these comfy sweats from boohoo it's partof like the sweat set that I always wear and then my favorite slippers fromAmazon and this coffee mug is a from Ikea I've been loving the clear glassand la mugs I think it's so fun to see like when you pour in the coffee withyour creamer it's just really beautiful okay I'm pulling up the recipe that I'mgonna use for the croissants and contrary to what I assumedI thought the mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook would have acroissant recipe but I did not see one they have a lot of amazing of therecipes though so I'm definitely gonna make one soon but I'm just craving achocolate croissant so I found this one on tasty and it had tons of greatreviews and it's very visual so hopefully that'll help as well so yeahlet's do it you can say oh that's not mine and I will keep on holding my headhigh even the sky's recipe a more in-depthand looks like these recipes giant chocolate covered croissants take like24 hours because you have to leave the dough overnight which is crazy also Idon't really have enough butter so I am just not prepared I'm not set up forsuccess so I don't know i'm gonna look for different recipes and see what elseI could make I'm trying to think if there's anything that might be a littleeasier but still delicious I really want to make these soon but I don't know ifit's in the cards for today we need to brainstorm okay after further complan okay after afurther contemplation I have decided that I am NOT gonna settle for secondbest the only thing that sounds good ischocolate-covered chocolate filled croissants I keep sayingchocolate-covered croissants which would also be amazing I'm sure so I'm gonnamake them later today cuz we have to go to the grocery store anyways so I'mgonna make a grocery list and get everything we need including more butterand then I'll meet them later tonight and then let them sit overnight likethey're supposed to and then finish them up in the morning so this will be a dayin the life into tomorrow so it's gonna be a longer blog but hopefully you guyssave you for that so that's the plan but I'm honestly getting kind of hungry it'sabout a lemonade lemonade right now so it's kind of early for lunchtime but weusually eat lunch pretty early anyways so I think I'm gonna get started on itand we have some asparagus and some couscous so I think I'm gonna make somegarlic lemon asparagus couscous for lunch and then get organized work onediting a video make a big ol grocery list and that's the new plan jumpingsome cliffs oh hi Justin Oh Winston I okay I heat up my couscous but I madethe other day so yummy and fluffy and the asparagus is nice and crispy Brandonloves it nice and crispy I'm just so happy he likes asparagus now because acouple months ago he didn't like it but the airfryer made him like it and thenI'm just gonna squeeze some lemon juice on top and then sprinkle it with someyummy feta here is the final product I decided toadd some cherry tomatoes for some extra veggies and color so delicious andnutritious lunch was delicious so chefs kiss itwasn't that filling though the portions were kind of small so I just had someshooting crackers and Brandon actually made a peanut butter and honey sandwichand he's eating an apple now but I just got all cozy on the couch I have myheated blanket on it so come comforting and I am going to work on editing avideo it's my self-care routine so I'm trying to post it on Sunday so in acouple days and I'm really excited about it but I have a lot of editing to do right I just did a little change Ichanged out of my sweat pants into these really cute pink shorts but I actuallyhave a matching blazer with they're so so fun I love them so much and we areabout to head out on our bike ride but first it's iced coffee time gotta makesome iced coffee give me some fuel and also while we're outside I really wantto take a photograph in this have a happy day shirt because I want to do agiveaway so I'll probably post it on Instagram so make sure you're followingme there but I want to do like a little rich giveaway and an Easter giveawayjust to kind of like spread some happiness and plus what have you guyswith some goodies so that's the plan hopefully we can get a cute littlepicture I don't think it'll be too hard because this shirt is so fun okay put alot of crushed ice in here now I'm gonna pour and rest my coffee from thismorning I really need to make more cold brew because I ran out of that butthey'll work for now and then I already have this open the lock column mochadraught latte and I think I mentioned this a lot before but basically we makethis little can into four different coffee servings so I just open it andpour a little bit with my leftover coffee from the morning or my cool brewand it's really a great way to add like more elevated flavor to the iced coffeewhile also not just going through too many of these because that can getreally expensive and it also has like sugar and strap so the win-win okay we just got home from our bike rideit was really nice got some fresh air a little vitamin D so feeling good andit's only about five right now I think it's just about to turn five but I amhungry Brandon are you hungry not like me and I get hangryso we need to make some dinner usually I have a snack and today we I really havea snack we just ate lunch and then I'm going on a bike rideso I'm feeling it feeling the hunger so we're gonna make some cauliflower pizzacrust pizza and then I'm gonna get started on my croissants before I haveBible study at 7:00 so don't have too much time and these croissants are youseriously gonna be such a journey it's so crazy but hopefully it'll be fun andI'll enjoy it and they'll taste good but in the meantime let's get some pizza okay here is our beautiful cauliflowerpizza this is the crust I get its call a power call a power so basically it'sjust like a cauliflower crust and then we top it with tomato sauce mozzarellacheese shredded garlic onions green peppers and then a bunch of like littlemini peppers banana peppers and I did red pepper flakes garlic powder onionpowder and oregano so and ground pepper so it is just decked out dinner isserved look at that beauty we have a little side spinach salad some Caesardressing Bon Appetit okay guys it's time to tackle thesechocolate croissants this is gonna be a 14-hour journey but we're beginning itright now I put my ingredients out except for my butter and egg cuz Iwanted to keep those nice and cool oh and my milk which I'm using coconut milkhopefully that's okay because they don't have a regular milk so fingers crossedbut let's do this guys the amount of butter in this recipeis in vain oh my goodness two sticks of butter and 1/4 like oh okay two and ahalf sticks of butter that's how much it is so crazy and there's like a layerit's gonna be a layer of butter it's all gonna be like be mixed together at somepoint but wow this is so fascinating so basically I put the parchment paper overit and then I roll it out to kind of thin it thin and even it out and put itin the fridge for an hour okay I'm taking a little baking break cuz I'mabout to have a virtual little Bible study get-together with my small groupmy little Bible study girls so yeah it's gonna be fun I'm like scrambling thoughI just put the butter in the fridge but I'm right on time I just got out ofBible study it was so good so refreshing such great reminders and just communityeven though we cannot be together right now I'm so thankful for zoom andFaceTime and Skype and all of those things cuz I mean it's just so nice tobe able to talk to people and all of that good stuff but basically we justkind of what we do in Bible study and what we did tonight was we went aroundthe room and just shared our highs and lows of the week or the past few weeksbecause we haven't been able to meet for a couple weeks now so I just shared likewhat's been hard and you know any praises we've had and then we eachshared a verse a Bible verse or like a passage so a collection of verses thathave been really just inspiring to us and helpful to us so the one that Ishared is psalm 46:1 and it says God is our refuge and strength a very presenthelp in trouble and there are so many other amazing beautiful verses that wereshared as well but it was just really such a greatreminder that even though there's so many awful things happening in the worldlike God is our strength and he provides a piece for us that nothing else in theworld could possibly provide and he's the one who is able to heal this andjust knowing that he cares for us and he protects us and he is in control thisall is so comforting and getting me through so that's just so good and I'mso thankful for him the girls and thankful that God is good and eventhough we might not understand why this all is happening there is a greaterpurpose and there has been so much beauty that's kind of happened tothrough all this I mean personally I actually feel closer to my family eventhough I'm not able to see them I've been facetiming them and doing zoomfamily meetings and stuff and I really feel like it's kind of bonded us andthat can even be said for the whole world like I feel like I'm closer topeople that I've never even met like on the whole opposite side of the globebecause we're all kind of dealing with this and we're all in this together andit's provided this sense of unity and strength that when we work together andwhen we come together and love beautiful things can happen so there is so muchgood it I know it can be hard to focus on that but that's what I've been tryingto harp on is just all the beautiful things that I read are left in thisworld and that will continue to be enjoyed so yeah but that's goodit's about 8 p.


now and I'm getting sleepy grandma over here but I need togo tend to my cool salts so let me see well my next thing is the next thing Ineed to do is roll out the dough on the counter and then I put the butter layeron top of the dough and then roll it all out and sothat's the plan let's do it okay I just finished up rolling mybutter I don't even know how to explain this so basically I rolled out the doughand then I put my butter layer on the dough and then like wrapped up the sidesand kind of like sealed it that makes it and now I have to put it in the fridgefor another hour and wait it's such a process I'm on step 14 and there's 31steps so we're not even halfway done but I hope it turns out okay I know youcan't really go wrong with like two sticks of butter and bread and chocolatebut I'm nervous cuz I'm so invested at this way but it's been fun and while I'mwaiting for that to cool off I guess or firm I am going to take my makeup offtake a shower get ready for bed so that this gets out I can do the next step andthen let me see what is the next step okay so basically the next step is toroll out the dough again two more times and you do this three terms in total andrefrigerate one hour in between each turn so basically I'm gonna be a blondeokay migrated to the couch and it's making me so sleepy just lying here Icould honestly fall asleep right here right now I really want to take mymakeup off but Brandon's shaming in the bathroom and we only have one sink Iguess I could use the kitchen sink it's kind of weird though I don't know yeahI'll just wait but yeah I need to edit a video but Wow oops guys maybe it wasbeing in the Sun for our bike ride that could have done it or all the freakingbaking I am having fun I don't want you guys to think that I'm not having funbaking because I am having fun it is very sad assignment very fun I lovemaking things and I really do love cooking and baking it's just I don'tlike waiting for the dough to cool for so long but I've decided I'm gonna do 45minute increments for them next three little like steps I need todo so instead of an hour I'm just going to do 40 minutes because I gotta get tobed I got to get some beauty sleep now and back in the fridge favorite spot umand this is so funny cuz it's 9 o'clock at night but I really want to make somecoffee I think I mean influenced by Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girlsshe's always drinking coffee and you guys know why I absolutely love coffeeso it just always sounds good and just like a cozy warm beverage sounds amazingand I'm not in the mood for tea I want like frothy milk on top which I knowlots of woke up milk and like steamed or froth milk milk on like some tea but Ijust saw coffee so I'm gonna make some and it doesn't affect my sleep that muchas far in my past experience it doesn't make me energetic at all I think I'mkind of immune to the caffeine maybe not I don't know but I'm just gonna do itI'm gonna make some coffee treat yourself and it'll give me the fuel Ineed to edit my video and finish rolling out these croissants for the night Ifeel like I'm going delusional guys alright my French press coffee isbrewing I got my cute little teacup out and I'm frothing some coconut milk whichis being really loud I'm excited Coffee was a great call I must say it'sbringing me a lot of joy just hopped out of the shower so quickbecause my timer went off I gotta roll these babies cuz I'm trying to go to bedtonight all right friends that's it for tonightI am pooped but my dough is all ready to have a cosy well cool night in thefridge and do what it needs to do and we'll finish them up in the morning andit better be worth it but I'll talk to you guys soon good morning friends thechocolate croissant saga continues this morning I got a good night's rest I'mready to tackle these little guys and make them delicious so I am really onthe last leg so feeling good and cannot wait to eat one I'm not gonna eatanything until I can try a warm fresh out of the oven chocolate croissant sothe next thing I need to do is divide the dough in half and then roll it outand then divide them into eight different sections and then add thechocolate roll it and then let it sit for another hour and then we finally aregonna bake them so cheers to finishing these croissants look at all thoselayers and the butter the dough is looking good this morning now I am just letting them rise I thinkthey look good you can still see the layers that mine are a little more likeclumpy then the pictures in the video um like this one especially you can reallysee the butter clumps so I don't know if I didn't need it enough or what but Imean hopefully that I'll just melt away and make it more delicious but who knowsthese are literally the fattest croissants I've seen in my life all thesteam they go before not in the back left one metaphor on that one it looklike really good and they stuck together yeah oh my god wonders look at thoseguys there you I think I'm gonna get the holy poop okay so we have bees that look kind ofnormal I mean definitely not premium but they look kind of normal and then wehave these 100 honey oh my goodness wow what a journey okay here's all thepretty ones on a pretty pink plate to just you know show my best work but I amdefinitely no French break Baker by any means but I'm really excited to try oneand this is just been a fun activity in general and you really truly cannot gowrong with two sticks of butter bread and chocolate are tasty oh I already hadsome nibbles of just the bread part and it was good it was just butter you gotry to get that chocolate I can't reach the chocolate yet this thing is hugeguys mmm tastes different than like a regular chocolate croissant but he'sgood you'll see who's not authentic at all good Tony I'm so steamythe layers are amazing oh you want the chocolate I love the bread by itselfoh that crying mmm Wow also you're supposed to use chocolatebars but I just had chocolate chips so also those egg on topquite the journey comes up though right that's the end of this vlog it was sofun such an adventure I hope you guysenjoyed it right you're just gonna keep eating the croissant but I love you guysI'll see you soon for another home la have a great day bye.

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