September 21, 2020

COVID Home Remedy: Ito ang Gagawin kung may SINTOMAS – by Doc Willie Ong #897

Good morning this is Dr.

Willie Ong, Our Topic for today is Symptoms of either COVID or just an Ordinary Flu and what you are going to do.

I will teach you what medicines to take and what to eat.

What is the home remedy for fast recovery .

Most people who have coughs, fever, colds today are not from COVID.

Mostly, it is from the flu, colds or allergy.

But my tips for you can be effective for flu and probably effective also for COVID.

I will make it clear that even if your disease is COVID, 99% of the age of 60 years and below will recover.

According to studies at age 40 and below 99.

8% are recovering.

Many young people with COVID have no symptoms, no fever, cold or so-called asymptomatic What we should watch out for with COVID is 60 and above, or with heart, kidney or lung disease They are the ones who are the most affected.

Let us first determine if it is allergy, cold, or flu or if it is COVID.

COVID is a serious kind of flu.

The symptoms are similar but COVID symptoms are worse.

Symptoms of allergy include eye irritation, sneezing, sometimes with sore throat but no fever at all.

The Cold symptoms are runny nose, headache, nasal congestion in case of fever it should be in a low temperature.

In ordinary flu, there are body aches and pains, such as muscle and joint pain, headaches and may have fever for 3-4 days.

COVID also has symptoms similar to the flu like cough, fever, body aches also with diarrhea.

Many young people with COVID have no symptoms but in adults they are more likely to experience these symptoms.

So whether you have flu or COVID this is supportive therapy or home remedy that we doctors advice.

Basically we call it supportive therapy for our bodies to recover faster There is no exact cure or medicine for colds.

The medicines given for this is paracetamol, carbocisteine which is supportive therapy.

Supportive therapy is for the body to be stronger and 99% recover quickly for flu or even COVID.

It also requires rest and relaxation so that the body's defenses can better fight off the disease.

Home remedy for fever.

This is not only for the child but also for the adult.

Drink more fluids because our bodies becomes dehydrated with fever.

If you have a fever you may apply cold compress.

Wipe it onteh forehead, neck and armpit.

Rest and Sleep to help the body fight back.

If you feels strong, you can take a bath or wipe the body with warm water.

And make your room more comfortable.

I'll show you the over-the-counter medicines that we prescribe.

As of now, not everyone can be taken to the Hospital.

Especially if your illness is not serious just like now that we have crisis, because you may get infected in the Hospital.

I give paracetamol for fever.

For Adults who are more than 100 pounds.

The dose is 500mg for every 4hours if fever is high but if not high it can be 3-4x a day.

We don't want the fever to run very high.

It is not good to reach 39 to 40 degrees because of the possibility of convulsions or damage to our brain cells.

It's better to lower the fever.

Fever can quickly go down with a lot of fluids or water 10-12 glasses a day.

When you drink lots of water, you will release the heat by urinating, so the fever will decrease.

So drink plenty of water and take paracetamol.

For children 2-5 years old they should be taken 125mg/ 5ml syrup or 250mg / 5ml or you may read the label depending on what age and weight just check the instructions.

For cough, we have natural remedies But normally I prescribe carbocisteine syrup or capsule 500mg for 3x a day.

It can help to loosen the phlegm.

I don’t usually prescribe medicine for colds, because some cold medicines can cause high blood pressure.

I don't recommend taking medicine for cold.

if you are feeling ok, I suggest a simple home remedy.

For allergy, I sometimes give medications when it is necessary such as Loratadine, Benadryl, Cetirizine.

I only give antibiotics if you have bacterial infection, green phlegm or if tonsils are inflamed That's the time I will give antibiotic.

When should you visit the Hospital? If you feel very weak or very sick.

If you have difficulty breathing, dizzy, feels faint.

It's a judgement call.

Especially now if there is a virus we don't want to go to the Hospital.

Like I said, 99% (of those below 60 years old) will get well.

You may try home remedies, unless you feel very sick.

It doesn’t really cure the illnesses but it gives relief to the throat.

Put warm water, a little sugar, a little honey, lemon or orange.

When you are sick, rest well eat chicken soups.

Chicken soup contains amino acids that reduce colds, phlegm and reduce the body's inflammatory response.

You can add to your chicken soup ingredients such as carrots, ginger, garlic, onion, sweet potato and black pepper.

It helps boost your body and becomes strong.

Rest really strengthens your body.

Relax, get rest and lots of sleep is better.

Or you can watch movie if you want to make you feel more relax.

You need to eat to help the body fight back.

You need to eat at least small amount little by little.

Even though it has no taste.

You can eat porridge, rice, soup, crackers, bananas.

At least small amount little by little to help the body fight back.

Eat more food, because you may lose weight due to fever.

If you have diarrhea, actually diarrhea is also associated with Covid symptoms.

So our home remedies for diarrhea are warm fluids to warm the stomach.

You can eat yogurt.

For diarrhea, avoid dehydration, you may eat yogurt, bananas to normalize bowel movement and it includes potassium.

Try the BRAT diet for Banana, Rice, Apple and Tea.

Or toast bread and you can also drink Oresol or ORS.

Just in case your loose bowel movement amounts to 1 glass, you need to replace it with ORS like Oresol or Hydrite.

You need to be able to support your body because after 1-2 weeks the virus is gone, and you'll be fine.

It is all supportive therapy, cool down slowly, relax and drink more water.

No matter which room you choose, the cooler, the better so you can't infect other people.

Your clothing should be comfortable and not warm to the feeling.

And the bedding needs to be clean.

Have a positive attitude.

There is a study that if you have a positive attitude regardless of the disease, even cancer or undergoing on a chemotherapy, the more positive the outlook, the longer the lifespan Because when your mind is positive, your body follows.

When you are positive, the more relaxed you are, your blood pressure and your heart rate will decrease and your breathing is fine.

you will not sweat and you will not shaking, so your body follows.

Support your body, be positive and don't think negative thoughts.

Like I said 99% when you are 60 and below your body can fight the virus.

Vitamin C in foods is healthy.

You can take Vitamin C 500 mg 1 tablet a day.

The dosage should not be too high, as it may upset your stomach.

Vitamin C has many benefits like orange, green pepper.

I will show you fruits that are high in Vitamin C.

There are studies that Vitamin C rich foods may reduce the symptoms of colds and flu.

Hot chilli pepper, red bell pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, papaya, strawberry, guava has the highest amount Vitamin C.

Also orange, andkiwi .

Anything sour lemon, calamansi and mango.

Guava has more Vitamin C than orange.

It's good to listen to music, just try it.

You need to relax because you strengthen your body.

If your body feels strong you can work, but when your body is weak then take a rest.

And you need to pray too.

Bedtime Prayers.

Share to God your problems, feelings and thoughts.

If you have cough or flu you also do not want to infect other people so it is best to separate the utensils, and use mask so as not to infect them.

Also avoid pets, strengthen your body first.

And if the illness is really serious then we need to go to the Hospital.

However, most people will recover from simple home remedies.

One day, we will overcome this crisis, Thank you and God bless!.


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