November 29, 2020

CLOUDSTEPPERS by Clarks Step Glow Slip SlipOn Sneaker

our style than a traditional sneaker so we've got an in denim which I think this is so like where's my boat no seriously where's my boat no so these are the denim this is the soft gold these are really nice Oh fewer than 100 in denim and then

we say goodbye to that the soft gold there is al it's like a linen texture on the fabric and you've got metallic flecks going through in this gold so we can go a little kind of khaki neutral but also soft gold we've got size 5 through 11 in

this one this one is coral love being the coral even look at the size 5 through 11 on this coral we have it in black and white very sporty very clean size 5 through 11 they're 11 but very limited in the smaller sizes in the black and white

and then last we have that natural white and it's the only one that has a print on it size 5 through 11 on this one as well and quickly let me share on the denim sigh 7 through 10 and very and very limited ok so if you want

the denim I wouldn't wait too long flex pay sale price cloud stepper technology Michelle talked us through this one ok so if you don't know our cloud stepper line then I don't know where you have been missing out my mom she is addicted to her cloud stepper she

has about 8 or 9 pairs now and she continues to go back for him because it is all of that cushion softness under your foot that's hidden and disguised into this sneaker so yes this is a sneaker but it's not your clunky gym shoe it doesn't have any

laces but what you don't see is all of the cushion and comfort underneath so that animation there that you just saw shows how many layers you have so an average comfort brand' shoe has about 4 to 5 millimeters of underfoot cushioning which is great and you know that's

fine and that's that's really good but we're giving you 18 millimeters so I have my puppet I can all the different layers this is insane so 18 millimeters we're giving you more than triple the amount of an average comfort brand' shoe Wow that first layer is 10 millimeters

of ortho late memory foam ortho light is the cream of the crop when it comes to memory foam it is the best on the market and this is Jersey line 2 so think of those Jersey sheets that are really comfy or maybe an old t-shirt you have that's

just been washed a million times that's what your foots up against and that piece is removable too and washable so if you want to put this in the washing machine on a delicate cycle you can put that in there and then let it air dry and put it

back into your shoe and it'll feel like a brand-new shoe every time so then you've got back to the layers we have five millimeters here of this high-density sock foam liner so that's gonna give the shoe the shape then you have three millimeters of this Evie a foam

and then we put all of that into this lightweight Evie a shell Evie a again is what they used to make running shoes it's durable its shock absorbing and then we added that one extra layer of that thermoplastic rubber so that last piece gives you that grip and

traction so I don't know about you but I wouldn't look at this shoe and no think that I just packed in five layers of comfort in there just from the look of it I mean this to me looks stylish I mean look at this you've got that removable

footbed too if you do have an orthotic that you want to put under there very easily to just slip that in you could even take this out and put it in another shoe I've thought about doing that myself and Michelle is that I read that this is washable

is this washable it is you put it in the machine on a delicate cycle you let it air dry and the next day you know after it dries you put it back in your shoe and you know if that's really a great option – especially in the summer

when our feet do sweat and I necessarily probably wouldn't wear this shoe with a sock because you have that Jersey lining so if your feet do sweat but but think about it also you have that ortho so it's gonna give you that moisture-wicking so you know it's really

the best of both worlds that you have that machine washable and the ortholite and I don't think that we even talked about The Goring to on that top so you can see there you have that little hidden goring built into the design of the shoe that really moves

with you as you walk as you're walking up stairs as you're getting in and out of your SUV whatever it may be so I think that this one to me is just ageless too I mean I wouldn't I I think my 60 year old aunt would wear this

I think my 16 year old cousin would wear this I would wear this I do wear this I have the coral actually and it's it's just um effortless I mean that's that's the way I like to describe it to slip-on effortless shoe agreed I'm kind of gushing over

these I am really crazy about them they have the the feel of an like the idea of an espadrille but a lot more comfortable than that and actually a lot more user-friendly than that too because you can wear these with EV you know everywhere you go you're seeing

them there in that soft gold which is very neutral and if you wanted a neutral the soft gold is gonna be the way to go the coral lots of fun if you wanted to kind of have something vibrant and just kind of with a little bit of vitality

you go for that coral if you wanted to do something really different you do the natural and white this one has this pattern beautifully done and built all the way through and then you've got a little bit of blush accents going just right there along the back there

the very one I know I like that but if you wanted to just get really sporty and maybe one that you could wear everywhere it's gonna be the black and white or if we still have your size in this denim its kind of a must-have I don't want

you to wait too long on getting the shoe I know our time has gone on this one but you can keep shopping with us 6 8 5 2 7 1 is the item number to get these home and also when

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