September 21, 2020

Clouds & Dirt Sneaker Barter Party | DailyVee 497

having at Tyler works with the ladies true or false Tyler you got your prospectus we'll do it like 7:00 p.


we'll go into 3:00 in the morning if I have to you get the hang right here with us twitch the video going music going December 2014 lock it in just block it right now September 24 it's gonna be the date see ya everybody this is gary vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 294 the ask gary vee show this an exciting episode for me as you can see i'm perched outside my office i have a small group of friends here we did a really fun barter party for the clouds and dirt your grand plan to buy the New York Jets if you buy brands grow them yes what is your criteria for buying these birds opportunity costs meaning I'm gonna wait to the economy collapses and I'm gonna bottom feed okay you know yeah I think the world's gonna melt in the next two to seven years who knows why not if I did I would trade that way and hopefully I'll be in a financial position which is how I'm dealing with cash and investment and vaynermedia to buy something that today would cost me three hundred thirty million and I could buy it for twenty seven I don't show your young dude a lot of people don't realize how bad it gets when shit really hits the fan like we for again it's been a great economy now for nine years so like for a lot of people under you know if you're under 32 if you're 32 and under you don't even know what real life looks like in a bad economy and if you even if you're 35 you were still kind of young and you're like probably 22 23 24 so you don't weren't affected so like you almost have to be like 40 today to even have like a good contextual concept of what happens minimally got to be 32 because you remember it was hard to get a job yes so yeah I mean I don't think people understand they're like everybody's gonna go out of business look I only want to buy one if you notice the numbers like let's not like I want to buy a bunch of things for a million I want to buy Twix I want to buy k-swiss I want to buy you know panas on I mean these you know whatever it may be a Captain Crunch or I like nostalgia cuz I think I just have those things that everybody listening is like oh I know that oh I know that versus I'm gonna start fresh fresh cereal there's so much money in the nostalgia of that kind of brand awareness I mean look look what I'm doing I've been spending my I've been bleeding my face off to create brand awareness and still 99% America doesn't know who I am yet 99% of America knows exactly what Captain Crunch is if a business smaller large was wanting to buy an Instagram account for us to be a marketing arm for them how would you recommend going about finding the account and the name of they like and DMing the person saying how much do you want for this account just straight-up strawberries like if you're an ice cream store and you've got nine locations in Baltimore the first thing I do is go check out ice cream like the account ice cream which will be which will be expensive you know but some people own names like somebody hit me up the other night is like y'all my friend owns this account I think it was like three letters that made a word and they're like and they're being offered four hundred thousand for the Instagram account I'm like sell it and sell it now because like I know you can buy good names for ten thousand so like so you never know that was the extreme one way you might hit up ice cream and it might be some kid who's like 5, 000 bucks mad you know you never know okay okay Tyler get Tyler real quick while you're talking I'm gonna find out how much Tyler's been offered for Tyler owns at Tyler Oh on Instagram and I'm curious while we're doing this episode if I can find out from him the actual prices ya wondering yeah hate I have you but you know I love this podcast sorry everybody listening to podcasts have you ever been offered an actual number for Tyler an actual number not theory yes how much cool you past huh yeah okay I think he passed because I think having at Tyler works with the ladies and I think that for me it's a leverage in society and culture that he doesn't want to give up Tyler true or false true or false Tyler [Music] here's what I would tell you the one thing you have to give a lot of thought to think about is the market that you play in is volatile like when the economy collapses people get smoked out and so you just need to be really thoughtful as you make your content to talk about the downside cuz a lot of this stuff works when economy's good yeah so just be thoughtful that you're over communicating like yo homies this is right now but don't over leverage yourself because you're gonna get fucking caught you know what's gonna happen when the shit hits a pandora's if I guarantee said it people are so focused on the negativities of social and digital without realizing how much positivity there is just in the shear axis correct positive information right you find what you're looking for you want to get sad go read all the racist me to Russia hacking negative stuff it's there unlimited you want to be happy go find all the obnoxious amounts of free content around happiness self fulfillment positivity it's all there you find what you're looking for listen I realize it everyone's always like Gary you don't even know I'm like I'll fucking no I'm not gonna talk about it every day it's a little obnoxious but I realized it more than anybody will ever realize I know exactly how this fucking games being played what's happening who's getting impacted why the scale of it and you know God willing if I'm able to stay healthy and not have anything terrible happen I can leave a real fucking program I think audio is super important yeah like I would couldn't push you enough to consider like as you're doing video to like convert it into audio podcasts I think audio is a big space it's like that stands out yeah audio is something that you couldn't be first shonduras popped because he moved on snapchat first yeah first mover matters so like being a leader and audio or like fucking with audio and collabing I would fucking go on your Instagram and search your zip code or town and just see what's poppin and see somebody who's winning it's like a funny guy a model a sports guy just DMing people be like yo you want a Jam couldn't believe people already roi big [Music] this is very smart too my friend you're gonna make your money on this one day smart Wow I am even starting to buy these I'm buying them like cuz I can't get them anymore be thoughtful of where technology stops and we're accountability as right tools I'm telling you because I've been through it tools are gonna disappoint you if you don't have the right people there's two things if you're trying to build a SAS product or an app that's a whole different story than if you're building something internal for your team I think that's an interesting way to go I understand I got it you build something for yourself and then wow if we can scale it Wow I get it in watching a lot of things casting has been the bigger issue and way to fix things for people then utilities not reinventing what a football team does just getting a better quarterback at left tackle not creating some new scheme that has never been invented run the ball on every play flea flickers on every third play not that it's replace your right guard and so and so it's something worth debating because what I will do if nothing else what I'm excited about when you leave right now I'm hoping that this energy will run through your mind so that when you look at something you're like is this a utility thing or a casting thing the whole reason out of the plane was because that is exactly the activity that resonates very strongly my impetus to start my company was overcoming fear destroying any anxiety and taking all the right steps which include or myself out of play [Music].

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