September 22, 2020

Chumlee Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

[Music] what's up everybody its Joe from complex were in Vegas at undefeated with the star of Pawn Stars and pornography not Rick it's Chumlee these are Jordan number five I have 40 pairs of Jordans that's it and only 40 pairs we're gonna talk about his history with sneakers

more ESPYs drawing adidas we're gonna see what he's feeling on the shelves we're gonna see what he likes we're gonna see what he doesn't like I love these these are a nice shoe maybe they'll let me in the club with these on and then I'll hopefully we're gonna

cop some sneakers it's Costin sneakers man it's my favorite thing to do how do you feel about Jordans nowadays I know everyone when we were younger Jordans are amazing and they're still amazing blood are you buying a lot nowadays I'm not buying a lot nowadays and it's cuz

they do stuff like this okay you know this is a cool shooter this is a classic but this is just a little bit too much for me not just saying it's ugly or bad or anything like that but when it comes to Jordan and I love mine you

know red and black or white your red there's some stuff but it gets to a point with Jordan where they retro everything so much and you know I have everything I want to wear what about foams everyone's like into foams this is really clean actually this is really

nice it was like a suede nubuck I missed Ariel these look nicer than the leather was that famous yeah still big into LeBrons I know you're the Brawn collection is citrus really expensive pair yeah you know have some nice eight types of tens I have quite a few

nines my shoe shopping has toned it down a little ivory focusing more towards the ESPYs so okay so yeah let's go over to look okay just go over here I'm just gonna cut you off and pull out the California hi nice I mean I grew up wearing the

low so this is pretty cool like that they made this shoe in a high because there was a lot of hype around this shoe as a low and personally I like to wear low is better okay was that there just a little bit more comfortable you know they

they look good in shorts I don't really like the way the highs look in shorts but if you have a nice Jean lay on this yeah this gets a nice Jean may right there and oh it looks pretty good I also know that you're big into bands yeah

I mean I grew up grew up on bands you know and this is actually really cool right here this pair skate high with like premium quality leather this almost looks like a dress you it is a dress yeah you could wear this to any nightclub in Vegas and

they wouldn't even sweat you and you could hop on your skateboard and ride home afterwards awesome no you're a fan of hip hop and then Pharrell recently dropped these adidas Stan Smith's how do you feel about that trend um I mean hip hop our sneaker culture skateboarders it

all goes hand in hand you know hip hop has to stay up with the fashion culture and the fashion culture has to stay up with hip hop let's talk about these lands mountains I I have a fresh pair which is kind of lame when it comes to these

because they say to be beaten right now I'm working on a pair with just like you know cleaner and a towel but these I actually wanted to get that kind of gritty look so I used sandpaper let's talk about kind of you getting in the gym and working

on your fitness and things like that what do you work out in usually I work out and flying it to put the running day if it's just a normal lift day I work out in my Jordan slides really or my ugh believe it or not slide on hugs

Wow actually yeah everyone makes fun of me so so children seems like we covered everything Jordan's s B's adidas it's time to try on some sneakers let's do it man I had my eye on a few we're talking hip hop and sneakers so now I won't grab these

bad boys and Smith's okay I'm talking about skateboarding a little bit here and there I love these these are a nice shoe maybe they'll let me in the club with these on that's that's a good bet you know I'm usually in the club with stuff I shouldn't have

on and something else down your car my I call that gym talk we had oh nice I might try to look fly next time I go to jam once yeah cool so that's the yeah yes sir thank you so chummy trying on a couple pairs which ones you

get a cop I think I'm gonna cop both of the Vans different colors okay when you have as many shooters either you gotta be on the next release first its men yeah yeah so Chumlee thanks for coming through as you guys could see he copped two pairs of

bands same sneaker different colorways I'm not mad at that it happens check him out every Thursday night he has two shows now Pawn Stars and pornography appreciate you man [Music]

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