September 21, 2020

Chef Bill Fuller At Home: Calabrian Sausage Stuffed Chicken Thighs

have you been watching heat see how you know because of the coronavirus concerns we've not been having our regular PTL cooking segments and that means we missed some of our regular chefs on the show especially Chef Bill fuller president and executive chef of the big burrito group and that's 11 sobic asthma kiyah ooh me Mad Max and Altuve now they're all so good are and when bill told us he misses us too we asked if he could show us what he's making at home to feed his whole family while everyone is sheltering in place and thanks to Bill who I know is up and watching and his talented daughter / photographer Zoey for sharing this recipe for sausage sausage stuffed chicken thighs which i think looks a little like my favorite chicken farm not really I get to leave pretty much every day and go help try to keep the restaurants running we're stand up and doing takeout and delivery for about half our restaurants but there's a lot more time at home and I have a lot of people at home to feed I have three sixteen year old boys staying with me an 18 year old daughter and me and my wife and that means every meal is a big bunch of food so you know like everybody else I have to try to make it make it last and stretch it out so what I'm gonna show you today is a stuffed chicken thigh baked dish it's in some red sauce with some parmesan I'm going to take some spicy Italian sausage stuff some chicken thighs and bake it in a casserole dish with tomato sauce and cook some pasta on the side and then when you serve it you take that you know the scoop the chicken out with the sauce on the pasta you can buy loose sausage or you can buy link sausage and if you buy link sausage we want this to be loose to stuff in the chicken thighs so take the sausage and squeeze it in the middle and just twist and pull and link sausage becomes loose sausage so I squeezed all the sausage out so now what we're gonna do with this sausage is we're gonna take some eggs and I'm making a double batch but at home the recipe that's posted is a single batch so this is this would be a pound of sausage and the tama sausage gets two eggs about 1/2 a cup of parmesan and about a cup each of the pound of breadcrumbs and then you get in people want to ask me is there any other way to do this and I say no you got to get in there with your hands luckily we all have rubber gloves now at home because I've coated so put on some rubber gloves get in there and work it all in now you got hot sausage which is well flavored parmesan which has got some good-looking a salty flavour little breadcrumbs and eggs you're not gonna need them to add a lot of flavor into the sausage mixture the breadcrumbs of parmesan and eggs are to give it a nice texture body and to hold it together inside the chicken filing and you just sort of do a kneading motion like you're making bread there it's nice and long mix so next we're gonna clean up the chicken thighs now the chicken thighs I Bayern boneless skinless and they're generally pretty clean you just have to get a you just have to check for a couple things so the shiny side is the outside if you lay that down and then open it up and the board the first thing you want to do is just feel through it just in case when the when they were cutting into the chicken plant that they missed a bone and then we're gonna look for this vein right here there is absolutely nothing wrong with that vein unless you have a very particular diner in your house and they come across it and so if if it's not too fatty and this little bits of fat will all cook off and you get that vein out I clean it out and then I'm gonna lay all my chickens out on a sheet pan so when I stuff them it's all organized and easy to do pull it out in my freezer some of the pesto from last summer I made just from pesto from the yard and it's been frozen ever since and it is a lovely first of summer in the jar there in canning jars but they're not can because you can't can pesto so we're gonna put this spread this on the inside of the chicken thighs and then stuff it with sausage so first we're gonna take a little salt and pepper lightly seasoned the inside of the chicken thighs you don't need to overseas those the filling has a lot of flavor the pesto's water flavor we're gonna have season outside which is just to get the inside nice and yummy so we got a sound situates we did earlier what I'm gonna do I'm going to take the amount of maybe what would be a not giant meatball and it's sort of roll in a tube so it fits in the chicken kind of where the chicken thigh bone used to be so next we're going to roll the the thighs and assemble the casserole now my produce vendor Paragon when all the restaurants got shut down was stuck with tons and tons of produce and while they donated it to the food bank and soup kitchens and tried to sell it as much they just ended up giving in a lot of ways so I got some tomatoes and I brought it home and I can some tomato sauce and I asked my wife to label it she called his struggle sauce so we're gonna take 1/4 of the tomato sauce we're gonna pour it down here in the array roll 9 by 13 casserole dish and then we're going to take these thighs and roll them so I'm just gonna pick up the thigh and gently roll it and place it into the sauce now one of the things you'll notice as you do this is some of the thighs are bigger and some of them are smaller just like human thighs so I try to put the bigger thighs at the corners figuring that they'll be more exposed to the heat so then it'll all cook evenly I don't know that makes a lot of logic but that's what I do we assembled all that the thighs put them in the sauce I'm gonna lightly seasoned the chicken again the pesto's got a lot of flavor the sauce has a lot of flavor the sausage there's a lot of flavor this is just to you know seek something off just a little bit you don't throw crazy with it then I'm going to top each chicken with a nice portion of Parmesan cheese so the parmesan is gonna cook together with the chicken juices that come out and the breadcrumbs on that we're gonna put on after make a nice lovely crust it's alright if some parm falls down into the sauce it'll all work out and hopefully you portion your farm so you get just enough and then some breadcrumbs nice dusting you can hear the rambling of dogs in the background it is Tilly and three-legged Daisy who have been remarkably good well I've been making dinner astoundingly fabulously good there you go alright I would say that about 350 I have the rack so a little bit above the halfway mark of the oven up because you want the the top of the dish to be kind of close to the oven the top of the other so that top heat Browns that cheese bread crumb mixture makes a real nice so you pop it in there about 40 45 minutes you see three-legged Daisy in the back I didn't until you pointed her out and I also noticed that bill should definitely wear his chef's coat at home he was getting his shirt more and more messy yes he went on but that looks so it looked really good and really easy to make too you could find that recipe at Pittsburgh today live.

com and also bill told us if you don't have pesto at home you could skip that or you can use a basil leaf good good tips there and while all the big burrito group locations are closed for in restaurant dining bill says they are so offering takeout and delivery from many of your favorite locations you can look for that list on the big burrito website and remember your takeout order help support these locally owned businesses and service workers as well mm-hmm.

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