November 30, 2020

CHEAP Alternatives to Expensive Sneakers (GIVEAWAY)

So it's no surprise that sneakers are onthe rise when it comes to style but sadly some of these options areridiculously expensive.

And really it's all drive by the resale market and thehype behind them.

So I got to thinking, “Man, a lot of these Styles, if you lookat them there's either previous iterations of other brands that havethis similar aesthetic or even of the same brand that have the same aestheticwithout having to drop the crazy price tag.

” So in today's video we're gonna goover five very popular trendy shoe styles that people are wearing todayand give you some alternatives that are way cheaper, some are like 50, 75 percentcheaper than what you would pay for resale.

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Let's hop into this video.

Number one, the Yeezy Powerface Calabasas.

This is a verypopular sneaker, probably not the most popular one of the Yeezy lineup, but it'sstill hyped up and you still have to pay a premium when it comes to resale.

Personally, this is actually one of my favorite ones out of the whole easylineup.

First because it's not like the Yeezy boost that everyone and theirmothers are wearing and second they are the most wearable and minimal designshoes that Kanye West has released so far.

And you can usually comprar around160 to 200 when it comes to resale, making them the cheapest sneakers offthis list.

However you can still get the same style, even cheaper than that.

TheReebok workout plus is a 80s style sneaker that you can pick up for 80 to90 bucks.

And you can get in the same colorwaysthat the Power face come in both the off-white and I believe the gray as well.

It has the same silhouette, almost the same styling, for over half the pricethat the Powerfaces go for.

Number two, RAF Simmons for Stan Smith.

RAF Simmons creator of a lot of ugly sneakers mainstream.

Especially by a lot ofcelebrities like ASAP Rocky, who's considered a fashion icon himself.

Well RAF Simmons and Adidas collaborated to come up with the wholeshoe line themselves like the popular revamped Stan Smith which you can getfor around two hundred bucks.

And reality is the only difference isthe little R on the side of the Stan Smith.

Lucky for you you can still buythe original Stan Smith's, triple white, they look identical almost to the teefor more than half off.

You can get it for like 80 bucks off of ASOS and nojoke, it's literally the same thing.

I've held both in my hand the only differenceis the side logo.

All I'm saying is that sometimes things are just way overpricedbecause of hype.

And if you do a little bit of research on your end you can findalmost the same design, as good of quality and sometimes even better for afraction of the cost once you remove the brand name.

For example, look at thisGucci necklace for 500 bucks, I can get one from Rose Gold and Black for like 50bucks.

Or look at this Saint Laurent leather bracelet for almost $400, why would youdo it through you said when we have a sponsor like Rose Gold and Black, whereyou can get a similar item just as good quality for a fourth of the price.

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As you guys know Rose Gold and Black is a sponsor of our show and this is agreat company.

This is, this is what I'm trying to show you, where you can bestylish you can have all those quality items without having to drop racks.

Youcan still look and have the same aesthetic for the low, and that's whatRose Gold and Black does best.

They deliver such amazing quality on all oftheir jewelry, whether it be the beaded bracelets, the leather braided bracelets, the leather bracelets, the necklaces.

All of it.

you can see the attention todetail and the great design that they put behind it.

Making it a must foralmost every guy to pick up because this is the stuff that makes your outfitslook more expensive.

So if you guys want to check out Rose Gold and Black developyour jewelry collection without having to pay a lot, check out that link below.

The third very popular sneaker, is the common project sneaker.

This is like one of those staples that every man needs in their collection.

Sad part is that mostof us probably don't own a pair because its, well, they reach them for like 300bucks so they do get pricey.

Personally I didn't pay 300 bucks for that, I actuallywent to Mass Drop they have their I think it's called The Puro White Sneaker, you can get for 90 bucks.

It's the same white minimal, full leather design, theleather it's Italian leather so it's a quality sneaker and it's 90 bucks, you'renot gonna find a better deal online trust me, I look.

Number four is the Yeezy boost.

And even though they're significantly lower than what they usedto be, if you want the creams or the breads, you're looking at around roughly500 bucks.

Instead buy the Ultra Boost, you can get the triple whites which lookvery similar to the creams for 180 or the trip of blacks which should looklike the breath for like 220 last time I checked I think.

That's a great deal overhalf off which you would have to pay for the Yeezy Boost.

You get almost the same silhouette, you get the same type of knit kind of construction, and you get theboost technology.

What more can you ask for? And finally number five, the last trendysneaker are the Jordan Ones Off-White.

This has to be the most sought-aftersneak out of the Nike Off-White collaboration and the price reflects itsince you're paying around 1500 for a resale pair.

And personally I bought itmyself, I thought it was one of my favorites and I actually pitted a littlebit more than that because it was before the second drop.

However, you don't haveto pay that much.

This pair was inspired by the OG Jordan one, it's literallyalmost the same shoe.

You got the same design, the same color way, except youdon't get all the Off-White branding and you actually have the OG pair.

The onlysad part is that the OG pair has gone up in price because of this collaboration, but you could still cop for like around 400 bucks making it still less than athird cheaper than the Off-White Jordan.

And if you made it to end like you sawthe title we will be doing a giveaway with these adidas ultra boost these arethe All Terrain Ltd, they retail for around 240 bucks and this is a pair Iactually bought for a video where I talked about the top five shoes for falland winter, these are perfect for that.

You got the added traction, you got theboost technology, you got the waterproof primeknit, and you got a higher ankledesign for more warm, So the perfect shoes for fall/winter.

Well, long story short, I'm in Florida it doesn't snow here so I really don't needthem, so I figured one of you guys would.

So we're doing a giveaway, I made itsuper simple, all you have to do is go to our Spanish channel subscribe theresuper easy and then share whichever video you like, from that channel.

Shareit with your friends, with whoever you'd like.

share it on social media, and then comment “done” below in Spanish and that's it.

Next week we're gonna choose a winner and that'sall.

And that's basically it for today's video guys, I hope you enjoyed it.

If youdid don't forget to drop us a like down below.

Also don't forget to check out oursponsor, Rose Gold and Black.

That's it for me today.

See you next time!.

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