September 24, 2020 #LiveatFive: Home Edition with John Riddle

(upbeat music) – What's up, everyone.

We are Live at Five.

It's Wednesday.

Beth, we made it to July first.

I'm Paul Wontorek.

– I'm Beth Stevens.

And I'm surprised actually.

– And we're (laughs) joined as always by Caitlin Moynihan.

(woman cheers) – Hello, everybody.

It's July.

– And her exposed brick.

Hey, Beth.

Is a Live at Five regular today here.

Somebody we really like.

Who is our guest? – The one, the onlyJohn Riddle is with us.

(cheers) Very exciting.

He's a regular.

– Current cast Phantom of the Opera.

Is that— Most recent cast.

– Most recent (laughs).

We don't know how to say it.

– The most recently seen on stage.

– That's right.

– Yes, and he's fantastic.

And we're gonna find out what he's up to but first we're gonnado a little bit of news.

(upbeat music) – So a new Broadway production has been announced for next season whenever that may be.

– [Beth] That's right.

We haven't had a new Broadway production announced in quite a while and this is a starry one.

Our Town, Thornton Wilder's 1938 Pulitzer price-winning play– – [Paul] I'm waiting for youto say who this photo's of.

– I'm getting there.

It's coming back.

(all laugh) With two-time Oscar winner that's him Dustin Hoffman in the role of the Stage Manager.

This will be on Broadway in 2021 directed by Bartlett Sher.

We don't have exact dates.

It's produced by Scott Rudin.

This part of the stage manager has had an illustrious past.

Paul Newman played it on Broadway.

Henry Fonda played it on Broadway.

My dear Spalding Gray played it on Broadway.

And now Dustin Hoffmanwill play this role.

This is, of course, theclassic Thornton Wilder play that everyone loves.

Now here's another little tidbit.

Dustin Hoffman has not been on Broadway at the time that this comes along, whenever that might be, it'll be 32 years sincehe's been on Broadway.

His last Broadway role was in 1989 when he starred as Shylockin the Merchant of Venice.

– You didn't mentionmy first Stage Manager that I saw on Broadway.

You probably don't even know he did it.

– Tell me I want to know.

– When I was in highschool we took a bus trip to see the Spalding Gray production that Spalding Gray had— At the Lyceum.

I saw that.

– Yes, he had already left.

So do you know who took over? Don Ameche.

– I don't.

– Don Ameche.


– Yes, from Cocoon fame at that time.

– Yeah, absolutely.

Yes (laughs).


– So here it is.

We have real Broadway news.

Something we didn't know what was coming and it's coming in 2021.

Apparently everythingnow will be coming 2021 because (laughs) we don'thave anymore Broadway in 2020.

– Whose motorcycle is that, Beth? What's happening over there? – I live in New York City.

So there's that.

– [Paul] Oh, right.

– [Beth] And speakingof people who are going to be on stage in 2021.

We got an update forthe starry Take Me Out.

– Yes, so these handsome guys were of course all set to do Take Me Out on Broadway for Second Stage Theater and the production was put in limbo by the shutdown and now we know that they're doing whata lot of shows are doing.

They're picking a new date and they're gonna stick to it.

So Take Me Out, RichardGreenberg's Tony-winning play will now start performances March 22nd at the Helen Hayes Theater.

Or is it just the Hayes? I don't know.

It's gonna open April– Did I get this wrong? Oh, yeah, April 22nd.

This is all 2021, obviously.

Originally it was supposedto start April second 2020.

And they were in rehearsals and then obviously it all ended.

So Scott Ellis is the director.

And we don't know officially if the cast will all be reunited.

But it was supposed tostar a bunch of great guys including Jesse Williams, Patrick J.

Adams, Jesse Tyler Fergusonwho are in that photo.

So we'll find out more about the cast.

But it's a great play and it'll be great to see it whenever it's ready to be there.

(laughs) – [Caitlin] Yes, and this Tony nominee has a fancy new writing gig.

– That's right.

That is a picture of the gorgeous and talented Dominique Morisseau who wrote the book forthe Temptation's musical “Ain't Too Proud” and got a Tony nomination for that book.

Now she has written HBOs Unruly which starts Mahershala Ali as boxing legend, Jack Johnson.

So she's very busy.

She's a very busy lady and this will come out soon I guess.

I mean, it's just been picked up as an HBO limited-series, which is always funbecause then you can watch more than one episode.

It's based on the PBS documentary”Unforgivable Blackness “the Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson, ” which is produced and directed by famous documentarian Ken Burns and it's also based on a book.

So something fancy and new from Miss Morisseau and whowas also on Live at Five and one of my favorite playwrights.

And she is known forher plays Detroit '67, Paradise Blues, SkeletonCrew, Pipeline, and more.

A proud native of Detroit Michigan.

Sp check that out when it comes along.

– [Paul] Cool.

– [Beth] And be sure toput this freshly announced live-stream reading on your calendar so you don't miss it.

– Yes, so Julianne Moore is getting into the live-reading game and that's her with Kaitlyn Dever.

And they will be doinga play for MCC Theater.

It is Peter Hedge's play.

A very talented writer and director.

Peter Hedges and it's called Good As New and Peter Hedges will direct it because he's a very talenteddirector like I said.

This is all happening on MCC'sYouTube channel on the 16th.

So you have a couple ofweeks to get ready for it.

At 7:00 p.


and all the tickets benefit– So what they do for MCC isthey actually sell tickets to see it.

Well-priced, reasonably-priced tickets and it's to benefit MCC'sBe Our Light campaign.

And any money raised will bematched by the board of MCC.

This is a one-act comedy centering on a learning-to-drive daughter who comes face to facewith the mother she thinks has let her down.

So there will be— Look at that casting.

They really look likemother/daughter don't they? – They'll be driving from theircomputers at home clearly.

That's what's gonna be happening.

You know who Julianne Moore is, she won an Oscar for Still Alice.

I actually forget that's what she won for.

And she has four additional nominations including my favorite whichwas The End of the Affair.

You didn't know that did you Beth? – I didn't.

– And she has an EmmyAward for Game Change and she was on Broadwayin the Vertical Hour and Dever was in Book Smartwith Beanie Feldstein.

You might know her from that.

And previously MCC didBeirut with Marissa Tomei and Oscar Isaac.

So anyway it's gonna be another.



We're gonna keep doing these, Beth.

We're doing play readings.

– Yes, we are.

This is what we're doing.

– And the stars are gonna star.

That's what we do.

– [Beth] Yes, and speaking of stars this one is gonna be part of a very special virtual presentation of a fan favorite Score.

That's right.

That's of course Ramin Karimloo.

And he is going to beperforming Songs for a New World as Jason Robert Brown.

Songs for a New World with Rachel Tucker and Cedric Neal.

This is virtual because everything is.

I love how they say it wasfilmed entirely in isolation, which makes it sound like they were in isolation tanks.

But probably just infront of their screens.

This is available to view from July 23rd through July 25th at 2:30 in the afternoon if you're Eastern Standard Time.

– 2:30? 2:30 in the afternoon?- Yes, because this is London production.

So it's 7:30 if you're over in the U.


There you go.

– Okay, okay, okay.

– So it's a collection of songs that examine life, love, and the choices we make.

Just like most musicalsare examining such things.

Yeah so this is directed by Seimi Campbell with music supervision by Adam Huskins and musical direction by Josh Winstone.

And it's in associationwith the Other Palace, thus the U.



– Got it.

Got it.

– You got it? Okay.

– Got it, everyone got it? – All right.

– We have to get to today's guest because he's waiting and it's time.

Caitlin thank you for joining us.

Beth, hey Caitlin will you please tell everyoneabout who's here toady? – Gladly.

Yes you guys today we gotJohn Riddle joining us for a fun episode ofLive at Five home edition live right here on Facebook and YouTube.

Prior to the Broadway shutdown y'all probably saw John as he was Raoul in Phantomof the Opera on the Broadway.

And before that he wason Broadway in Frozen.

Hey oh, and he was onBroadway in the Visit.

You guys can follow him on social at the John Riddle.

Leave all of your questionsin the comments below and please welcome John and Paul.

(woman claps) – John Riddle.

– Hi, everybody.

What an introduction.

(man laughs) Thanks, Caitlin.

– Your most famous credit, the Visit.

That is your most.

That's the one everyoneasked yo about right? – That's the theater, the niche fans ask about.

– Sure, sure, yes.

Yes, of course.

Like Chita.

What was Chita like? What was Chita like? – What was she like? – Yeah.

– It was the best.

I'll spend the rest of my career trying to top that moment because I got to sing to Chita Rivera every night and be in a scene with her.

It was incredible.

– That's incredible.

– And we're also still buds now too, which is really great.

She texts me every once in a while and she's a great texter.

She speaks through emojis in case anyone was wondering.

– Oh, okay.

It's a lot of emojis? – Yeah.

– Does she have some go-to emojis? – The dancer lady obviously.

(man laughs) And she loves the kiss lips and the fire.

Those are I would say the top three.

– I love that you knew those.

(men laughing) Is it true that yesterdaywas your birthday? – It is true.

Who told you that? – Caitlin told me that.

How was your birthday? – It was really nice.

I spent it with my friends.

One of my best friends, Stephanie Umo, who is also a Broadway gal we were together last night.

She made dinner.

She made lobster rolls from scratch.

Can you imagine?- Wow.

– So we had a nice birthday.

It was nice.

So all things concerned.

– I feel like a lot.



I had a birthday in late May and I feel like when thequarantine first started happening we were all kind of.



I feel like that was the numberone crisis I kept hearing.

Is my birthday gonna be (laughs) affected?- Am I gonna have to spend my birthday in quarantine? (man laughs) – But then by the time it came along.

– And here we are.

– You were ready forit and up to it, right? – Yeah we're like, well yeah exactly.

Although I'm not really abig birthday person anyway to be honest.

– Okay.

– So it's neither here nor there.

– Same, same.

– Happy belated birthday though.

– Thank you (chuckles).

It's really belated.

(man laughs) So how's it going? Give the bird's eye view of John Riddle's life right now.

– You know it's been it's obviously challenging, and weird, and hard, and scary, and all those things.

But I also sort of find it.



There's still like a bit of hope in there somewhere too because having this time off we never get this.

– Right.

– And there's not really.



Actors are used to the in-between time where we're like, “Oh, what's my next job gonna be?” So that's not new territory.

But to literally have nothing to do and having to make somethingto do for yourself.

It's been a helpful reminder of all the things that are important and why I like the theater.

I'm playing the piano again.

So getting creative.

That sounds so corny but it's true.

Normally my brain isworking a mile a minute and hustling and doing the thing.

And now we can kind of relax, and find peace, and get backto the good stuff, you know? – What do you play on the piano? – So I learned classically.

So I read off the page and I'm trying desperately to teach myself just reading chord symbols.

So that's been my project.

– Wow.

– Ask me if I practiced in the last week and the answer is no.

(men laugh) I haven't been playing.

– No but it seems like your career has been on a roll.

You went right from Frozen (claps) right into Phantom.

I mean, that's how it looked to me.

– Yeah.

– Yeah it really was that, wasn't that? – Yeah, it was.

– Yeah so– – I moved across the street.

– Right you moved across the street.

– Yeah.

– So I could see how it might be nice to sort of have a moment.

When you take out thepressure of competition when it's not like, “Well, what are the other people doing?” Which is a big part of careers.

Then once you take that out and once nobody is (laughs) actually doing then maybe that allows us all to sort of take a breath.

– Yeah, I think so.

That's the kind of cool thing too.

That breath is happening collectively.

We're all in the same boat.

So there's something kindof beautiful about that.

And seeing the stuff that you guys do and bringing everybody together.

And the way that it just reminds us what a little special we're in and it reminds me that I wannakeep bein' in it (laughs).


– Well, good.

Well good because it will be back.

It might be different or things will develop.

But it's gonna be interesting to see.

– I think that's sort ofexciting too though, right? It's gonna be a newBroadway whatever that is.

– Whatever that is.

– Which is sort of interesting yeah.

So we'll see.

– Right.

– It's kind of exciting.

– And Raoul.


– Raoul.

– I just hear Christine say it when I hear it's just I hear it in her voice.

– Yeah.

– Do you feel removed from that dashing romantic guy now? – I was thinking the other day I don't know if I knowany of the words anymore.

(man laughs) Or where I would stand on the stage.

If we had to go do the show tomorrow, I'd have to get the script out.

(laughs) Yeah.

– Yeah there's gonna be a big ramp-up in rehearsals for this.

– Yeah, absolutely.

Yeah so we remember how to do it.

Do I feel removed from it? No.

But I do miss it.

I miss doing the show.

– Yeah.

I mean when you take out the highs of performing.

I know that a lot of performers when you're performing you'reliterally operating at 200%.

And then a show ends and that's why actorscan't go right to sleep.

So it feels like you'realways in that rhythm of on and off a little bit and now that rhythm is gone a little bit.

– Yeah and that's part of.



The other day I was like, do I know how to sing anymore (laughs) 'cause I just sing in the shower.

That's abut it.

I'm not trying to keep that all in shape.

Not that it has anything to do.

So yeah.

That's also part of thebreak part of it too which is what I'm reminding myself.

– And what kind of conversations are you having withfriends and other actors? I mean there is.



The most recent announcement now that Broadway will not be back this year.

I see on my social mediapeople are just sort of like, “Oh, okay, this just keepsgetting a little more real.

” How are people stayinghealthy and mentally healthy? I mean it seems like relationships and friendships mustbe a big part of this.

– Yeah.

I mean and thank God for the internet.

For Zoom.

I said earlier that'sthe scary part of it.

'Cause in my mind I'm like, what am I gonna do until January? (laughs) When you wake up every day and you don't have work to go to or an audition to go to.

– Right.

– I'm still in New York so I've been going to the marches.

So that's felt like a bit of work and being part of thesocial change right now.

– Yeah there's a lotto be socially active.

Let's lighten up the mood by looking at this picture.

– [John] Oh.

Look at that.

(man laughs) – [Paul] I just love that picture.

– [John] That was the best day.

Broadway Barks, right? – Yeah, Broadway Barks.

(laughs) – I love.

That was the best day.

We just got to go and play with dogs.

It was amazing.

– Do you not have one? – No, the problem is though is that when you go to those then you want to buy a dog.

Or you want to adopt a dog.

– Adopt, adopt don't shop.

Don't shop, adopt.

– I really desperately want a dog.

And now is the time to have one I guess.

– Yeah now is the time.

That's something you could do.

Teach the dog to not pee and eat things.

(man laughs) And eat your shoes.

– Do you have a dog? – I do, he's right over there sleeping.

He sleeps right next tome while I'm working.

It's really cute.

He just got a haircut too.

But I don't wanna bother him because he's really, reallywell rested right now.

– (laughs) No, he's like, “Can you guys be quiet?” – (laughs) The workin' from home thing you just kind of get used to it.

– Yeah.

– It's weird that the world you don't think the world could change and what you do day-to-day but it does.

It really does.

– Yeah, absolutely.

– So what's it been like in New York? Because New York has lightened up a lot.

– Yes.

– What I hear from friendswho are in the city.

What's it like? Have you been getting out? – Yes, I have been.

So I had coronavirusearly on back in March and so that's taken a little bit of that pressure away.

So I get out on my bike and go on big bike rides.

And the first time I went to midtown and road past all the theaters and it's spooky being in Midtown and you never see thestreets empty like that.

And it's funny 'cause I wastelling a friend of mine the theaters they look so small.

Broadway looks so much smaller with no people around.

I don't know how to describe that really.

But it looks like these fake little It's a Small World Ride at Disney World where these huge shows happen inside.

Yeah I've been getting outside and it's kind of.



There is something kind of nice about it 'cause there's a lot of peoplewho aren't here obviously and it feels very like the community is verystrong here I would say.

So that kind of feels good.

I think New York is gonnachange after this too.

– Yeah.

I definitely think so.

How long have you lived in New York? – I moved to New Yorkeight years ago in April.

– Cool.

– And then I moved to Brooklyn three years ago and now I kick it here.

– Isn't it weird that I could tell that you were in Brooklyn from the window? I was just like I don't know what I'm looking at but is that a front stoop? Is that what I'm looking at? – Yeah, I live in a brownstone and that's my neighbor next to us.

So I'm on the ground floor.

So that's not my stoop.

I wish I had a stoop.

That'd be nice.

– So you can see people walk by? It's like Laverne and Shirley? – Yes, except (laughs) it's very.



I used to love that show.

(men laughs) It's very Laverne and Shirley.

And I just planted mywindow boxes out front.

You can kinda see those.

– Yeah, nice job.

– So that's the kind of stuff we do.

– Yeah, you're gettingstuff done.

(laughs) – Yeah, wow, who knew? – You're biking, you're getting out.

Are you binging TV? – I just watched the Gray on Hulu.

Have you watched that yet? – Oh I haven't no.

– It's in my new topfive shows of all time.

– Really?- It's perfect.

It's so good.

So I highly recommend that.

– Okay.

– I was watching Drag Race, of course.

– Of course.

There's always the Drag Race.

There's always the Drag Race (laughs).

– Yeah.

You know I'm not a hugeTV watcher to be honest.

I mean I watch more TV now than ever.

You were just telling meabout the unsolved mysteries.

So I'm gonna have to get into that.

– (laughs) I was.

There's a new versionof Unsolved Mystery's on Netflix everyone.

– What was that host? – Robert Stack.

– Yeah.

– You know what's funny? The new version doesn't have a host but at the end of the opening credits they show an image of him inthe back for the super fans.

For the super fans, yeah.

– All right so I'm gonna get into that.

– I'm obsessed with anything true crime.

– My roommate makes fun of me because I watch every singletrue crime documentary.

I've watched them all and every time a new one comes out that's what I watch.

I don't watch a ton of TV shows.

I'm trying to think.

What was the most recent one? – I feel like I just watched one and I don't remember what it is now.

– Me too.

– What was it? What are we watching, John Riddle (laughs?)? – I don't know (laughs).

It was something terrible.

– It was something terrible? – Yeah.

– Unsolved Mystery'sthough there's no ending.

It's a mystery.

– Right and you don'thave that satisfaction.

– Oh you know what I watched? This is not really true crime.

This is most randominterview but I love it.

(man laughs) I just watched Search Party Season Three.

Have you seen Search Party? – I haven't watched the second.

– The second one.

Yeah, I had to watch two and three.

– Isn't that a great show? – Well season one was brilliant because it really turned at the end and you were like, “What?” – Yeah he goes, “What?” – (laughs) Anyway.

– It's a great show.

– It's like borderline true crime.

Hey, let's look at pictures of you.

That's a nice picture.

– [John] Look at that.

Can you imagine the drama? – [Paul] Look at that.

– [John] That day was so fun because they build up all the atmosphere and they were pouringsmoke all around you.

– Yeah 'cause theyliterally blow the smoke out of the.



– And they're trying to capturethe feeling of the moment.

Those pictures for anybodywho's ever wondered we're not actually doing the show.

It's like a photo shoot.

– Right, it's a fake-out.

– Yeah, it's a fake-out.

I don't even think we dothat pose in the show even.

(man laughs) But deep drama.

– [Paul] They look like they'rewatching Unsolved Mystery's.

– Yeah, they are.

– You and Christine.

But this actually isnot a fake posed photo.

This is real moment.

That's genuine emotions.

That's like a curtaincall isn't it in Frozen? – [John] That's a curtain call.

I wonder if that's like— You're identifying the exact moment? – [John] Yeah I was just wondering if it was a random night because I feel like I'veseen that picture before.

– Well if there was a photographer there.

– I think that might have bee the closing.


– It was either closingor opening I would guess.

– Yeah that's a nice photo.

– Yeah and Frozen's gone now.

– I know.

It's so strange.

That was a hard one.

– We're always remember COVID-19.

– I know.

– It took Frozen.

– That was a hard day.

Our little baby.

– Yeah.

– You know? – Yeah, I know.

Well you did good.

You did good.

You made a lot of people happy.

– Well thank you.


– Now do you wanna finda dashing leading role where you can a beard like this? – I would love to because I have to shave every day.

– Oh a lot of testosterone.

– In Frozen I did.

In Frozen I did.

In Phantom I did.

'Cause you have to havethat clean shaven look.

Yeah and so I would love to have.



In quarantine I had amustache for a little bit.

That was fun.

Did a beard.

It's just easier.

'Cause I don't like doing my hair.

It's took much work.

– (laughs) Took much work.

– It's too much work.

Just wear a hat.

– Too much work being John Riddle.

(man laughs) I'm gonna bring Caitlin in.

And we're gonna see whatthe fans are saying.

Are you learning a lot today, Caitlin? – I love these types of things where it's just like hangin' out.

It's so fun.

(man laughs) Okay so Lyndsay first says, “True crime is my -ish.

“If you like podcasts youshould listen to crime junkies.

” – Oh yeah.

I do, I do, Lyndsay with a Y.

– Lyndsay, I need a new podcast so this is perfect.

– Crime Junkies.

– There you go.

I wanted to give y'all Lyndsay'srecommendation real quick.

So the first question we have is so Jason wants to knowif you have discovered any new underground musical or soundtracks you've been listening to? – Like musical theater soundtracks? – Well soundtracks of course from movies.

Whatever it's confusing.

That phrase is dangerous.

– The answer's no because Irarely listen to show tunes.

I used to all the time and I loved listening to show tunes.

– Same.

– Something happened in the last five years where I neverlisten to show tunes anymore.

I will say though I'm a big fan of Chromatica by Lady Gaga.

That just came out.

– Oh the new one? – Yeah, the new album.

– I haven't really.

I put it on once but I need to really spend time with it.

– Yeah, I was driving.

I was a long drive oneday, the day it came out, and I was just listening to it on repeat.

That's a great way to learn an album.

– Yeah, me too.

I actually need to do that.

I need to study it and then it's in my DNA.

– I saw Lady Gaga 10 years ago when I was working at the Muny.

She came through St.


– Really? – And we went and saw her concert.

– She didn't go to the Muny? She didn't stop by the Muny? – No, but they should do that.

– She should do that.

Well I heard a few years ago that she was completelyready to do a Broadway show.

So which Broadway show wouldyou wanna do with Lady Gaga? – Correct me if this is wrong.

Because I heard therumor that she was going to do Lola in Damn Yankees.

– Yeah that was the rumor.

Yeah, totally.

– So that's the show.

– Oh yeah you could be Joe! – I could play Joe, right? – Well and then I couldn'ttell if it was the same one that Bryan Cranston was maybe gonna do.

– Right.

– It could be Cranston, Gaga, Riddle.

– I'm here for that.

– I figured.

– And I will put my nameunder Gaga's that's fine.

– Well yeah.

Actually you might needthe box under sorry.

Jarrod Emick won a Tony playing that role.

– He did, yeah.

– Yeah it's a good role.

– And he used to sing that big thing.

I love that song.

– Yeah I'm into it.

(all laugh) – Oh man I love this.

Sorry I love Chromatica.

The intro in Chromaticawhen it fades into 911.

It is just like so perfect.

– Have you seen all the memes online too? (woman laughs) It's like crazy things happening and they put the music to it.

Paul, you're gonna have to jot this down.

You have a lot of homework to do tonight.

– Clearly.

– Go on Tik Tok.

It's a big Tik Tok trend.

– It's so good.

– They fade into 911.

It's really good.

Okay (laughs).

So Carolyn says, “Hi, Mr.


“I'm wondering if you have “any favorite moments in Phantom “that aren't usually visible to audiences? “Maybe something back stage “or scenes where the focusisn't on you during the show?” – I like this question, Carolyn.

– That's a great question.

Do you know what? I have to say I love in the second act Raouljumps off of the bridge into the pit below the stage.

And they lower you down on the lift and then my dresser Terrance he literally takes a bucket of hot water and if we're in a fight that day he'll make it cold water but usually hot waterwhen he's being nice.

(man laughs) And he wets you down sothat it looks like Raoul just swam through the lake and up to the Phantom layer.

And then you go back up.

And then when winter came it was freezing cold whenyou had to be drenched.

You're in full wet clothes.

But that's a fun moment.

– You know when I sawPhantom for the first time on January 30th, 1988 I thought that effect ofRaoul jumping off the bridge was the most dazzling thing I'd ever seen.

I was just like (gasps).

Like I couldn't believethat it happened (laughs).

So my question for you is have you ever fallen wrong? Is there a way to do it wrong or you just learn how to doit from the very beginning? – You learn how to do itfrom the very beginning but I've asked that question.

They said that nobody's ever fallen wrong – Nobody ever broke a leg? (laughs) – I don't know if theyhave to tell us that.

But it did occur to me.

What if you slip? – Right.

– I don't know it could be imperfect.

But so far it's 30-some years? – A lot.

– A lot of years and I don't think there'sbeen any broken legs.

And it's still a cool effect.

– It's still cool.

– All these years later.

– It's still cool.

I'm into it.

– Yeah, it's so cool.

– I love it.

All right.

I think we can end on this last question again about the Phantom.

So Niko wants to know, “How did it feel to take over a role “that has been playedby so many people before “and did you learn from them? “Was it intimidating?” Plus, Niko's a huge fan.

– Yeah are you friends with any Raoul's? – Well Jay Johnson was Raoul.

– Of course.

– Right before me and I know Jay really well.

Now I can't think of allthe guys who've done it.

But I know a bunch of 'em.

Caitlin I forget the question.

– But was it intimidatingto take over the role and did you learn from people? Huge fan thanks.

– Thanks Niko.

I listened to, who was the original Raoul? This is terrible thatI can't remember that.

– Steve Barton.

– There you go thank you.

Steve Barton.

I listened to him from the time I was four years old.

– Sure, sure.

– And so I'm pretty sure thatmy performance vocal anyway is just a reproduction of Steve Burton.

Actually in the scorethere's this one thing I don't remember the wordsto the show (laughs).

But there's this one part I remember in a music rehearsal it's written on the page that something goes down.

It's like (hums).

But Steve Barton went(hums) and did it up.

And that's just how I knew it.

And it's was also harderto do the down part.

So I said, “Well Steve Barton took it up.

“Can I take it up?” And they were like, “Yeah I guess if Steve Barton did it “you can do it.

” (man laughs) I copied Steve Barton's performance.

– Well that's a good person to copy but what I wanted to say is that a lot of Raoul's have goneon to play the Phantom including Steve Barton.

– Yeah.

– Would you want to do that? – Absolutely.

That'd be so cool.

– Cool.

– I would love to.

Yeah one day.

– Sure, why not? – Yeah.

– Why not? – I'm here for that, yes.

Come on.

– Oh that's it.

We're out of time.

We're out of time.

Are we out of time? We're out of time.

Beth, we're out of time.

(woman laughs) You've interviewed John Riddle before.

Did you learn anything from this inquisitive interview? – Yes I learned thatPaul should be your agent 'cause you need that box around your name on the poster for Damn Yankees.

– Well yeah if I can'tget you above the title you're getting a box.

You're getting a box.

(man laughs) – Come on.

– That's right.

– I'll take that.

– Bryan Cranston has a really powerful agent.

– I love it.

– So I don't know (laughs).

– I believe in you.

– John it was good to see you.

– You guys it's so nice to see all of you.

(woman laughs) – Keep in touch.

We can't wait to see you jumpinginto the abyss on Broadway again some day soon.

(woman claps) – Because you can't do it wrong.

– Someday we will.

Yeah, and you can't do it wrong.

– Can't do it wrong.

– You can't do it wrong apparently.


– The first show backI'm gonna break my leg.

– Stop! – No (laughs).

– Don't say that, don't say that.

– Don't even say that (laughs).

– Don't put that out.

(all laugh) Don't put that out.

– This is a live show so it's out.

Thank you.

Thank you again Mr.


– You guys, thanks.

– We'll see you soon.

– Thanks for having me.

(women laugh) – Hey Caitlin will you please take us out.

– Gladly.

Thank you guys so much for tuning in for this very fun episode of Live at Five Home Edition.

You can follow along whereveryou get your podcasts by searching for hashtag Live at Five and hitting that subscribe button.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow.

We talk to stage favorite Marisha Wallace all about a fresh new video featuring some of your favorite queensfrom Ru Paul's Drag Race.


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