September 24, 2020 #LiveatFive: Home Edition with Amanda Jane Cooper

(upbeat music) – What's up everyone? We are “Live at Five.

” It's Tuesday, May 5th.

I'm Paul Wontorek.

– I'm Beth Stevens.

– Beth, I have these dotson my face, you see that? – I know, you're sitting in the window.

– Anyway, hey, do you see my “West Side Story” poster, by the way? This way.

– Oh, cool.

– That's from the Karen Olivo revival.

– Uh-huh.

– It's merch from thePalace Theatre, anyway.

Now that you can see it so clearly.

We are joined as alwaysby Caitlin Moynihan.

Not sporting earrings today.

– I had to give my ears a break.

– Do you have theme, Caitlin do you have a dress theme everyday with your roommate? I just caught onto this.

– Oh, we don't do iteveryday but sometimes when we're feeling particularlylike over everything we do dress up for a theme.

– Okay, but not today? – Not today.

– Maybe it's like dress down day.

– We should have done Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero day but we didn't.

– Oh, next time.

– I don't, Beth, I don't fitinto those pants anymore.

Hey Beth, who is today's guest? – Well, we have Mrs.

Married Lady, Amanda Jane Cooper with us.

– Yes, Sadie, Sadie married lady! I love it, we're gonna find out all about her unusual Coronavirus timed wedding.

But first today's top news stories.

(upbeat music) – We've got official wordthat West End theater goers are gonna have to wait even longer to head back to the theater.

Which really isn't asurprise at this point.

– Right, so officiallythe theaters in London have said that they haveextended their cancellation of performances through June 28th.

They had it through April26th which has already passed and now they're saying June 28th.

That doesn't mean that thetheaters will suddenly come back on June 29th.

It just means that's thenext extension for refunds and you know, we'll see how it goes.

We're all playing the same waiting game, but all the theaters in the West End, I think there are about 50 of them, are still shutdown for now.

– Yup.

– [Beth] Yeah.

– [Caitlin] And because ofthat news we're gonna have to wait until next yearto see these two reunite on the London stage.

– Yeah, so Jake Gyllenhaaland Annaleigh Ashford who of course were just inthe Sondheim 90th anniversary, 90th birthday concert that we just had.

They were supposed tobring their acclaimed “Sunday in the Park With George” to the West End this summer.

That has now been delayed because of the reasonthat we just talked about.

That will now happen sometime in 2021.

And it's worth thewait, they're fantastic.

But for now, you can justholdover by watching “Move On” on an endless stream.

– I will do that.

It's gonna look great in theSavoy Theatre so I'm excited.

– Oh, is that a good one? – Yeah, it's a good one.

– Oh the Savoy, yes, I know the Savoy! – We saw “Dream Girls” there, we saw “Funny Girl” there.

We saw “Cabaret” there.

Paul, we've been there a lot.

– I saw “Legally Blonde” there, too.

– Yes you did.

– I have been there.

– Yes, you have.

– [Paul] I know all about it.

– Yes, and this is some sweet grool news.

So our star of the year, our friend, our vlogger, Erika Henningsen who was ofcourse the star of “Mean Girls” and is also appearing, when it comes back, in “Flying Over Sunset” has joined forces with She's the First to raise funds for organizations forCOVID-19 response fund.

So this is giving Tuesday.

Today's Tuesday, is today Tuesday? Today's Tuesday, it's giving Tuesday and Henningsen is joiningwith this great organization to help people in the community.

So head to Broadway.

com and you can find the link where you candonate and help out yourself.

– [Paul] Awesome.

– [Beth] Yes, and look at thisvery, very, very good boy.

– Yeah, you can't see him that well here but that is Farley, everybody.

And I became a fan of Farleyon Instagram awhile ago.

Farley is the dog owned by Craig Karpel who is a long time theater publicist in New York City thatBeth and I have known for a very long time.

And Farley is his yellow lab and Craig has been takingFarley all around town during this very strange time and capturing all these beautiful images of Farley in front ofall these empty theaters and there's a great photo of Farley in the standing room lineat “Little Shop of Horrors” kind of waiting forChristian Borle to come back for his Lortel winning performance.

Anyway, it's great.

You can see a lot more photos.

There's one on our Instagram account and also on the site.

Farley is the canineicon we need right now.

I'm sorry, Henry.

Henry's very jealous, but Henry is not posing in front of all the theaters.

So we have Farley and we love Farley.

Farley is adorable.

And that's the hard news of the day.

– Hard hitting news.

– It's a hard hitting news day! – Here we go.

– All right, Beth we'regonna put you backstage and Caitlin, why don't you tell everyone about today's guest.

– Gladly, yes guys.

We have Mrs.

Amanda JaneCooper here with us today for another episode of “Liveat Five: Home Edition.

” Live on both Facebook and YouTube.

You guys probably know her from being Broadway's 15th AnniversaryGlinda in “Wicked” which marked her Broadwaydebut after doing it out on tour for a few times.

She also appeared in Kristin Chenoweth's “For the Girls” concert on Broadway.

But most recently she had a very unexpected wonderful Zoom wedding.

So we're gonna talk all aboutthis, all about Broadway, what she's doing.

You can leave all your questionsin the comments down below and follow her on socialat AmandaJaneCoop.

Please welcome, Amanda and Paul.

– Hi! – Amanda Jane Cooper.

– Hello, thanks Caitlin.

Hi, Paul! – Good to see you.

– So good to see you, too.

How are you? – I'm doing good, I'm doing good, yeah.

And how are you doing? So you were in the midstof planning a wedding.

– Yeah, we sure were, yeah, um-hm.

Hey, before we start Ihave to tell you something.

– Okay, okay.

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy 20th birthday to Broadway.

com ♪ ♪ To you♪ – Aw, that is so sweet.

Thank you so much.

Yeah, we turned 20 onFriday, May 1st yeah.

– Amazing! – Thank you for payingattention, I love it.

– I saw you guy's tweets about sleeping on the office floor 20 years ago.

And was like, I'm just dyingto know the backstory of this.

– Yeah, true fact.

True fact, Beth and Islept on the office floor.

– Waiting to launch, but I can't believe that you were so prepared with a candle.

I'm very impressed.

– For you guys.

– Knowing her, I'm not surprised.

I'm very honored butshe's that kind of girl.

She's prepared, I love it.

– No one sings happy birthdaybetter, so there we go.

– Thank you so much, we appreciate that.

– You're so welcome, congratulations.

– I'm so excited for you, you're married.

I remember when you met this guy and I remember you were swooning over him when you first met.

– Uh-huh.

– Now you went from swooning to Zooming.

Now you Zoomed.

You Zoomed into a marriage.

– Are you a writer, or something? That was so clever.

Yes, I remember we, youand I were backstage or like in the atriumof the Gershwin doing a photo shoot one time andI just remember being like, (giggling) I met this guy.

– Yeah, I know, it was adorable.

And you kind of knew, youknew this was the guy.

– Yeah, I think we knew pretty early.

Yeah, it was really special and really.

We just, I think bothfelt like we were sort of orchestrated together, which is cool.

– Sure.

– So, one of our pivotalmoments actually happened at the Gershwin stage door.

So we had met, do you want this backstory? – Wait, do I what? – Do you want the backstory of our relationship? – Oh, are you kidding me? I vaguely remember youtelling me something about the stage door, tell me this.

Tell everyone, I love this.

– Okay, so we had met originally in the church lobby in October of 2017.

I went to this church.

I had heard about it from a friend in LA.

I went and who was at the door? This very handsome gentleman named Andrew.

– And you were new to New York, right? – Yeah, I literally, like two months after.

– You were sort of lookingfor a community in the city? – Yeah, totally.

So I was just like, okayyou know, we didn't have a five show weekend so Iwas able to go one night on a Sunday night after a matinee.

I show up, face, you know, still glitter bits everywhere.

– Of course, yeah.

– And yeah we just exchanged hellos and I noticed right offthe bat that he was so kind and genuine with every single person that he interacted with.

It was really, reallyjust obvious right away.

But yeah, it was just hellos really for like three straight weeks and then we moved back intofive show weekends over at the Gershwin.

So I wasn't able to go tothat particular service.

So I was gone for about five months until our schedule changed back in March and I was like, you know, I'mgonna go check it out again.

So, I go and Andrew remembered my name and I happened to remember his name.

And I think he was like, I don't know if I'm ever gonna see this girl ever again but I think he took it as a little bit of a sign that I wanderedback in with my glitter face.

(chuckling) And yeah, so then we juststarted talking a little more.

He was serving on theconnections team there and greeting every week.

So our time in the lobby just increased and finally he was like, how can I get on her radar as more than just the churchgreeter guy, you know? And so.

– Did he say that? Was he sort of like, we'vegotta, this is a thing.

We gotta make this a thing.

– Well, after he told me.

So what happened washe was on his way home.

He was like, how do I ask her out? So, he's on his way homefrom business dinner, wearing a suit.



I had never seen him in a suit.

But he's on his way north, bound in a cab.

The cab was supposed toturn on 55th, it did not.

For some reason, providence, turned on 51st.

Guess what? That's the stage door ofthe Gershwin, guess what? It was literally rightwhen people were lining up after the show.

He says, stop the cab! He gets out, well maybe hedidn't say it that dramatic.

I just like to, you know, add flare.

So he gets outta the cab and he, it literally was likea movie moment for him because he gets out of thecab and the stage door opens and literally in thatsame moment I walked out of the stage door.

And he was like, this was a huge mistake.

Maybe I'm workplace stalkingher, should I go home? But he didn't thank goodness.

He went to the back ofthe line and I saw him and I was like, Andrew? And we shared this really special moment.

He didn't ask me out that night, but it was like definitely that was the momentthat we needed to begin.

So, it was pretty cool.

– I love it, and so you were supposed to get married what, late April? And then.

– Yeah, um-hm, our original– – You were planning a wedding.

– Yes, April 25th we weregonna do the celebration and ceremony and stuff in the countryside of Pennsylvania where I'm from.

But in March, okay soMarch 4th we left New York to go to Israel.

I had some concerts there with an Israeli singer, Isaac Sutton who I performed at 54 Below with.

He is so awesome if you're watching.

Shalom, Isaac.

And so Andrew, we wereon the trip together.

We left on March 4th and wehad heard about Coronavirus but at that point we did not know what we knew weeks from then.

So we left, we got toIsrael, did two concerts, and then quickly found out, you know, the severity of whatwas actually happening.

Their borders were closing, we were like, are we gonna be able to getback to the United States? Everything was just kind of up in the air.

Half of our shows werecanceled but praise, we got back to theUnited States March 15th.

But, we read an article about how courts were beginning to closeand we were like, ugh.

What if we can't leave New York to get to Pennsylvania? So, and we kind of, we had been during this whole dating, relationship waiting to move in together and all of this.

And news was coming of like, okay, everybody's gonna need to quarantine.

And we were like, ah, okaywell how is that gonna work? We don't really wanna quarantine apart but we wanted to waituntil we were married so on March 18th we looked at each other and we're like, should wego get a New York license just in case? So we got, we were wearinghelmets, masks, gloves.

We biked six miles on Citi Bikesdown to the clerk's office.

Paul, I was wearing awhite sweater, thank God because it was actually thatday that we got legally married but we didn't know we were going to.

So anyway, we're going allthe way to the clerk's office.

We get there, we get our license.

We're covered up, you know, whatever.

And then we're like, sookay, so if we get married in New York and our pastorsends in the paperwork will we still be legally, we'll still be legally married, right? If the courts close, we'll still be legal.

They're like, no.

If this office closesyou won't be considered legally married if nobody'shere to process your paperwork.

So, we went to the judgeand we plead our case to ask for the waiver ofthe 24 hours to get married.

We called our parents.

We were like, hey this iswhat we're thinking of doing.

What do you think? And they both were enthusiastically yes.

So, in less than an hour we were married at the clerk's office downtown.

So, that was like the first step.

– I just realized you got married so that you wouldn't haveto live in sin during the Coronavirus lockdown.

– You know what, listen! (chuckling) We were like, but here's the thing.

Legally, so we got legally married.

In the eyes of the state we're married.

But we were like, you know, this is just not how weimagined that everything would sort of unfold.

So we were like, okay let'snot wear our rings yet.

Let's not call eachother husband and wife.

We're legal but let'swait to have a ceremony that is a little more thought out than just a wing it.

So, that's why we chose April 4th so that, you know it made no senseto just keep waiting.

Everybody's in quarantine and stuff.

So, yeah we chose April4th which was such a gift because the weatherturned out to be gorgeous and we had a whole team of people helping us put it together.

– Well happy one monthand one day anniversary.

– Thank you.

– From that one, but I guess actually this was that day.

And you're on your rooftop? Is that what's happening here? – [Amanda] Yes, so this our.

– [Paul] This is art, that's art.

– [Amanda] Yes, I wantto shout out Paintru.


Paint with an RU at the end, dot com.

They make these gorgeous interpretations of your photography and.

– I love it.

– The photo that thiswas based on was taken by our amazing photographerand also a friend of mine, Alexandra Nervin who wasin Annapolis, Maryland while she shot our wedding through Zoom.

And it was a literalmiracle that the connection was good enough for her to.

– I was gonna say, how was the connection? Were you terrified that itwas just gonna be horrible and everyone would miss itand it would be delayed? – We were literally living on a prayer.

We were like, there'sno WiFi on this rooftop.

We have to do phone hotspots.

So we had an iPad withall the guests on it attached to an iPhone hotspot and then we had a laptop with our pastor, John Tyson, shout out.

Also up there with another phone hotspot.

Each of them had a Bluetooth speaker.

It was like this crazy production but we're super grateful for our planner.

Alice Issac Productions, shout out.

All the way from LA who basically directed this thing all the way from the west coast and was on the other endjust coordinating everything.

The day of timeline.

So we truly could not havedone it without our arsenal of friends and those who love us.

So we're so grateful for that.

– So you're gonna have a great story for the rest of your lifeabout why did you have this weird, wacky wedding, I love it.

I mean, it's just.

– I know, it's so crazy.

Our friends actually, the Chens, also shout out if you're listening tothis, they're amazing.

They're in our bridal party and that's one of the reasons we chose tolive in this apartment building is because they live here.

And they had quarantined pretty strictly since the beginning and sothey socially distanced, like helped us out on the rooftop that day and manned all the devices and everything.

So it truly was, ittruly, we just couldn't have done it alone.

My dad actually walked me downthe aisle via FaceTime call.

– Wow, that's amazing.

– And we both walked down, but I'm so grateful that, this time, if anything it has brought a ton of perspective.

There are so many people whoare going through great loss and great trial andgreat unknown, you know.

So I think if anythingwe really just were given that much more perspectiveto just be grateful for every single day and justto have each other right now.

So, yeah.

– So, how's life been since “Wicked?” I mean, do you stillhave some Glinda in you? You're just naturallykind of Glinda, I mean.

Do you still feel connected to her? – Yeah, I mean it's fun tosee the, what's it called? Billboard, or the commercial.

You know, when it has run in Times Square I'm like, oh yeah, Iforgot I did that once.

– Yeah.

– So, you know that floats around and I get messages from people like, we just saw your photo or whatever.

Which is so fun and I think she'll always be apart of me, you know.

I mean, that show's just changed my life.

But it's really cool seeingmy friends do their thing with it too, like withGinna Claire and everything.

It's a real sisterhood, but yeah.

I mean, I think there's apart of her is, you know.

There's a little sparkle that lives on even in my daily life.

But things have been good.

I shot a movie in July with Julia Murney as my tennis partner in the movie.

– Oh, wow.

– I know, Betsy Wolfe is init as well, it was really fun.

So, but yeah, it's been, life's been good.

I've learned a lot.

I even had time to slow down a little bit and have, just give moreattention to my personal life which has been really, really cool, so.

– Awesome, yeah.

It's great that you get to lockdown with your new husbandand focus on each other.

– Thanks, thanks! – Yeah, so tell me what does this guy do? Talk about, what does? First of all, are you changing your name? Is your career, is this still your name? – Yes, so that did not.

(chuckling) – Did we get it wrong, did we write it wrong? – No, no, no it's great.

So, legally I'm gonna take his last name.

We're gonna be the Bells.

Which is so cute, I love that last name.

But, oh speaking of, he's here.

Do you wanna meet him? – Yeah, will he pop in? – Oh my gosh, you handsome.

– Hi, how are you doing, I'm Paul.

I heard about you a long time ago.

– Thank you, oh I know you guys.

I'm grateful for the in depth research that I got to use when Ifirst started dating Amanda from Broadway.


– Did you stalk me on Broadway.

com? – Oh what, you'd watch likeinterviews and get to know? – Oh yeah.

– Get to see what you weregetting involved with, yeah.

And so talk about allyour stage door stalking.

I like that.

– Oh my gosh.

(chuckling) – Hop in.

– Guys, I was afraid.

You only get one shot withan amazing woman like this.

– Aw.

– And I didn't know if I'd be leaving with a date or in the back of a cop car for stalking this woman.

But all's well that ends well, right? – What's it been likegetting all this attention? You guys have been sortof like all over the news with this crazy Zoom wedding.

What's that been like? – It's been really cool, you know.

Amidst everything going on we've had a good dose of perspective, you know, that we had some moments of sadness and disappointment butall things considered we're super blessed to behealthy and have each other and to get to tell that story and hopefully bring alittle joy and shout out the tribe that was behind usthat helped make it happen.

I think it was a really cool experience.

– Yeah, for sure.

– Do you guys have ahoneymoon that you wanna do once all this is over andhave you thought about that? – Funny enough, literally today.

We're supposed to, ifeverything had stayed as it was, we wouldn't be in New York rightnow we'd be on our honeymoon, but I think maybe yeah, in the future.

But when everything is safe, you know.

It's yeah, in the bigperspective of things it's like we're justgrateful to have each other and a roof over our heads, you know so.

– Yeah.

– But eventually, it would be fun.

– Yeah, that's right.

– And what's been the number one thing you've binged together on TV? What's the? – I can tell you what I wished it was.

– What? – I wished it was haircut tutorial videos.

(chuckling) But it was not.

– But look how good it looks.

– This is my work, thisis my quarantine look.

– Wait, you cut that, you did that? That's amazing.

Wait a minute.

– He did most of it.

He did most of the clipper work which was very impressive and thenI just did the edges, but.

– Yeah.

– We for real though, havebeen binging this show.

It only has one season so farand we're very sad about that because we wanna watch more, but it's called “The Chosen.

” If you just Google “The Chosen” TV series.

It's not on Netflix or anything.

It's like it's ownplatform, but oh my gosh.

It is so good.

– So good.

– Yeah, so we love that.

– I think Caitlin likes itbecause she just cheered.

Caitlin do you know “The Chosen?” – Yeah, it's great, highly recommend.

– Yeah.

– It's so well done.

– Hey Caitlin, what are thepeople online asking about? – Definitely, okay so the first question is Leah wants to know how, were you lying to us the entire time abouthaving your fake boyfriend? – Good question, Leah.

Not the entire time.

We started dating in May of 2018.

So, I think “The Bae Series”may have started like three years prior.

I think the first post Idid was like August, 2015.

So y'all for three yearsyou were getting the truth and then we started dating we decided to keep everything offline just to have like, you know just the privacyof that, you know.

But then we were like, we have to announce this via “The Bae Series, ” so.

– Which little did weknow when we recorded “The Bae Series” episodewhere we announced we were engaged was like rightoutside of our apartment.

You know, months before weknew we would live here.

– Yeah, that's so true.

– So we get to look out and see.

– That's so true.

Also, Paul, you asked me what Andrew does.

I want to shout him out.

He has such a heart for renewal for people to have equal opportunity.

He works at Goldman Sachsas the chief of staff of the Urban InvestmentGroup which makes investments in underserved communities, how did I do? – That was great.

– Okay, good.

(chuckling) So that's what you had askedand I wanted to answer it.

– Wait, how much didyou know about Broadway? And about how much? – Uh, not a lot.

That became clear toAmanda on our first date when I had to clarify whatthe difference between a play and a musical were.

(chuckling) You don't know anything, huh? – But that's when I waslike, he's a keeper.

No, he knew more than that.

But it was kind of cool.

We've definitely learned a lot about each other's professions.

– I love it now.

You know, she went outtatown for a weekend.

A couple, maybe a year or so ago, and I had a night to myself.

And what did I do withmy one night to myself? I went to see a show and so.

– By himself.

– I'm totally hooked now, by myself, yeah.

– Wow, by the way thefact that you didn't know plays and musicals, myboyfriend yesterday confessed to me that he thought off-Broadway meant that the entrance was noton the street Broadway.

Which would by the way make “Wicked” one of the longest runningoff-Broadway shows ever.

– That is so clever.

– One day it'll make it, maybe.

– You know what, that's logic, honestly.

(chuckling) – Yeah, we're like minded, me and him.

– Oh my gosh.

That's really funny, okay we have another.

We have a Glinda question for you.

So– – There's always a Glinda question.

– If Glinda was an animal, what animal would she be? – Oh my gosh, that's such a good question.

Enya, hi! Okay, the first one that came to my mind was what I call JessVosk, which is a bunny.

I feel like she can be like quick and like light on her feet, you know.

And she brings people joy.

And maybe she runs away whenshe's scared, sometimes.

– Andrew would you be ableto actually quarantine with Glinda the character? That seems like that'd be a lot.

– That'd be a little much, a little much.

– Hey, she's redeemed.

– The character, the character, oh, oh.

– She has a changed heart.

That is a redeemed woman, okay.

– She is redeemed, that's right.

Maybe not Galinda, maybe just.

– Oh, that's true, Glinda, not Galinda.

That's, look at you, you're such an insider now.

I love it.

– That was good.

(chuckling) – Oh my gosh.

– He's learning.

Okay, I think we can do one last question.

And Samantha Elliot onYouTube wants to know, if you could play a male role on Broadway which one would you want to do? – Oh, that's a good question.

– What would I do? Guys, I used to love themusical, well I still do.

I love the music from “Man of La Mancha.

” – Oh! – “The Impossible Dream.

” Maybe I would.

– You wanna play Don Quixote? – I mean, I don't know, don't quote me on that.

But I just love that song.

Um, what would I play? That's a really good question.

– That is a great question.

– What do you sing in concert? I mean you have to sing “Popular, ” right? That's part of the gig.

– Yeah, yeah I was just thinking that.

When I was in Israel I sang in Hebrew.

I had to learn some Hebrew to “I Could Have Danced All Night, ” I learned those Hebrew lyrics.

But I sing this song called”Daughter of the King” by Jamie Grace.

What, think of something.

Oh, I love the song “Notice Me, Horton.

” – Yeah.

– Um, what else? – I'm trying to think of show tunes.

– “On the Other Side ofthe Tracks” we've got, yeah I changed the lyrics to “Here I Am.

” That's a really good question.

I'm gonna stew on that one.

– Do you have any dream, like number one Broadway dream role? Like a classic musical, or? – That's a really good question.

Um, I mean yes.

I, it's hard becauseGlinda from a young age was like the thing I wanted to do so much and so I, classic Broadway though.

I've always wanted to play, oh gosh, I really wanna play.

I know, well, this isn't like golden age but I really want to play Little Red in a professional iterationof “Into the Woods.

” – Did you do it, you did itlike in school or something? – I did in college but I wanna revisit it.

I just think it would be so fun.

– Yeah, I think you'dbe great in that role.

I'm into that.

– Thanks, thanks.

Yeah, I'm just originate, I'm supposed to be recording this thing, stay tuned.

I'm excited, this newmusical that is about this really inspiring true story of this woman who is still alive and doing amazing thingswith her life today.

I don't know if I'mallowed to say what it is, but it's really beautiful.

So, I'll keep you posted on that.

I need to stew on thisclassic role, though.

I'm sorry, I don't havean immediate answer.

– No, no, that's good.

You know what, LittleRed is a classic role.

“Into the Woods” shouldalways be on Broadway.

That just needs to always be on.

– It's so good.

Hey, how about JessicaVosk as the witch in the? – Oh my god, in the prologue video? – So incredible.

– Yeah, that was awesome.

All right, let's bringback Caitlin, the what? Say it again.

– Sorry, just before we go, real quick.

I know you had mentionedErika with giving Tuesday.

Now, I wanted to say like, oh my gosh, today I signed up for Cameofor my first time ever.

And a portion of the proceeds is going to Two Wings which is a nonprofit that supports survivors of trafficking.

And right now because ofrent, utilities, and food it's just trafficking, they just need all the help that they can get to make sure that the survivors havethe things they need to continue living in their new lives.

So portions of theproceeds is going to that and then also if youjust wanna give directly you can go check out theirsite via my Instagram.

So, yeah I just wanted tosay that before we go since– – Of course, of course.

You can say whatever you want.

We're so excited to see you.

Congratulations, wait show me the ring.

If there's a ring.

– Hey! – There's a ring! – No manicure, I have no manicure but it's stands alone.

– Good job, nice to meet you, Andrew.

Thanks for popping in.

– I love you.

– Yeah, we'll be following you on social.

Hopefully we'll see youin person very soon.

– I know, I can't waitto give you guys hugs.

I hope that all of us can get, see all of each other soon.

– Well you seem healthy and happy so that makes us happy.

It's good to see you.

– You guys are all too, and so good to see you, and thank you.

– Cool, we'll see you soon.

Hey Caitlin, why don't you take us out? – Yeah, thank you guys somuch for tuning in today for another episode of “Liveat Five: Home Edition.

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Be sure to tune in next time we talk to Lauren Patten all about”Jagged Little Pill.


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