November 29, 2020

Best Fitness Tracker of 2020 ($ vs $$$)

– What are the top fivefitness trackers of 2020? I have your lineup, thedeals and the savings.

(gentle bright music) Imagine an awesome fitnesstracker for under 45 bucks.

That's just one of the thingsI'm gonna show you today.

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The top five fitness trackers are all products that I've tested.

I've featured them live onmy Amazon show in the past and right here on YouTube today, we're seeing some really good price drops.

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Let's start at the lower endof the spectrum as we celebrate the top five fitnesstrackers and smartwatches.

Now this is an off-brandand if you look at it, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Looks a lot like the Apple Watch.

Does heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, it gives you your alerts, It has a decent color display and a pretty good battery life.

And if you actually look atthe build, this is a design where it doesn't havethe same high end chrome or titanium or componentsof the Apple Watch, but my goodness does this look similar.

Now the screen's a little bit smaller than the Apple Watch Series 5, but it's got a good charging mechanism.

It'll track your heart rate, your sleep, the app on it is actually alot better than I anticipated and it gives you accurate sleep tracking as well as all of the data that you need, in addition to your call notifications.

If you're sitting for toolong, it will tell you that, it is an alarm clock andwhile it isn't as fluid in terms of the Apple Watch, again, it's less than the tax on theprice of the new Apple Watch, with 14 different sport modes and tracking and they say five day battery life, I think you're gonna get closer to three but not different from the Apple Watch, and of course, that's going off-brand.

That's what happenswhen you buy off-brand.

If you buy on-brand, you'regonna spend a little bit more.

Let's go up in price now, to the Garmin Forerunner.

Now, the Garmin Forerunner isa very interesting smartwatch deal today as a fitness tracker.

This has a list price of 169 and a deal price of 109 atthe time I'm recording this.

We're going to put thisas my number two pick.

This has built in GPS, which means it will acquiresatellites to track how far and how fast you've run and you do not need asmartphone pairing with this.

Let's look at this for a second.

It's a very nice build, but you're getting a very basic display.

It's built nicely though, and this works with both Apple and Android devices if you do wanna connectyour phone for smart alerts, for any type of music automation that you wanna share or texts.

This is 109 right nowand a list price of 170.

At a slightly smaller list price of 159 but a higher price todaybecause the deal isn't as good as the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition.

Now this works with bothApple and Android devices and a lot of people willtell you that the Fitbits were kind of their synonymous association with the fit trackers.

They were not necessarily there first, but they had really good advertising, so a lot of people think that.

The Fitbit Versa Litetwo is an entry product.

Let's look at this for a second.

The Fitbit Versa Lite is the new edition which is on sale right now, and it gives you your activity tracking.

It gives you a color display, unlike the Garmin, that has a little bit more vibrancy to it.

It's not gonna change your world.

It's got a slightly larger screen compared to most other products and it gives you all of the insights to track your data over time.

I will tell you, the Fitbit tracking app is one of the best trend trackers.

It's software, amazing, it'sbuilt to track your fitness, unlike the Apple Watch, which is designed to do all sorts of things.

So this would be my top three pick as the top five smartwatches of 2020.

In the number four spot, Irecommend the Garmin Instinct.

Now, similar to the firstGarmin I showed you, this is a slightly less exciting display, but this is thermal proof, this will work with the GPS, you do not need a smartphone, and this can withstandthe toughest environments.

In fact, if you look at the video that they have on their website, it is military grade built.

Individuals that wantbuiltin training apps, that want something that's rugged, smash proof, water resistantand built to military specs.

This will actually get the job done.

With this, you're compromisinga little bit on the display and it's vibrancy, butyou are getting something that has that global satellite navigation, which means you canposition yourself anywhere and get that data with upto 14 days between charges.

Great device, good sale price right now.

That of course is on mattsdailydeals.

com and incredibly well-rated.

And closing out my toppick list of the top five, and I would rank this asmy favorite, hands down, I'm gonna go to the Samsung Galaxy Watch and don't worry, if thisis out of your price range.

I do have a backup forthis as a runner up.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the few sport smartwatches where you can actually dress it up with a suit if you wanted to.

It's got a beautiful build, look at this.

Really nice, big display, This will work with bothApple and Android devices, unlike the Apple Watch, which is really just anextension of the iPhone, this is working with anything, and it also has the rounded watch.

If you look at the Apple Watch, on the Series 3, you have moreof a pronounced rectangle, on the Series 5, you have something that's slightly a little bit more square.

I took the Apple WatchSeries 3 scuba diving.

It's not turning on properly right now and it's got a lot of sea debris in it.

I wish this held up theway it was supposed to.

I have AppleCare on it, so we're okay.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is amazing, but it's $400 plus, dependingon which model you get.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is 279, at least at the time recording this, beautiful build and it reflectsmany of the same features, and as a runner up, if you simply do not wanna spend 279, for more than a hundred dollars less, I recommend the Garmin vivoactive 3.

Now this takes the blackand white functionality of the prior GarminWatches that I showed you, and it gives you a beautiful color display and it does all of thebuiltin sports app tracking and all of the motivationand in training functions that you would want to propel yourself through marathons, differenttraining routines, yoga, hiking, monitors, elevation, fitness monitoring, and of course, all daystress and sleep tracking for when you sleep.

The social alerts look great on here.

I like a rounded watch.

There's a reason watches were always round before people startedchanging their shapes.

Round works on your wrist, and the Garmin vivoactive3 is not as rugged as the Instinct model that I showed you, but at 167, this has Garmin Pay, so you get that contactlesspay, similar to Apple Pay, and it uses GPS, so you're not dependentupon your smartphone, unless you wanna sync your alerts.

And similar to the prior modelI showed you on the Garmin, you get between 14 and 15 days without needing to refuel your charge.

That's amazing, important to note for anytime you see a 14 day quote, that means you're not usingit in smartwatch mode, you're using it in activity tracking mode.

So it's using two differenttypes of connectivity with either a smartphoneor just satellite.

All of the deals are waiting for you, right now on mattsdailydeals.


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